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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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the truth
Holladay, UT

RE: carabaoU | 4:48 p.m

IT took like 15 years of playing together for the team reach the finals,

and even then the NEVER one best two teams,

if there was no jordon ( and when jordon was out the league they still couldn't win)

then indian would won the champioship,

sorry folks the jazz were never one of the best two teams ( that would be chicago and indiana)

and not even have bestteam in west (the west was WAAAY down and better teams like the lakers and surs were still young),

and one of those years they made it to finals was pure luck on a last second 3 pointer.

The jazz never had players you need to win champioship, NOR a system to use those layers,

they were always lacking greatness in the 2 and 3,

the best they ever did was when they had horny with his bad knees.

NO. any honest jazz fan would recognize under slaon they never were good enough and system held them back.

now now that sloan regime is over the jazz can now get players you need and implement a system that actually uses them, and win a championship.

Enid, OK

So management dumped him because they 'thought' they'd lose him in the future?

Would Larry Miller have done that?

I doubt it.

What ever happened to trying to treat someone so well that it becomes a desirable place to stay?

In terms of stiupidity this seems to me this ranks only slightly below letting things get to the point where Jerry said he'd had enough.

Enid, OK

Management didn't even have the decency (or the guts?) to tell Williams face to face he was being traded and he finds out about it by watching TV?!?!?!!?

Neither Larry Millor OR Jerry Sloan would have treated even the lowest player on the team that way!

Oh, Jazz, I've lost lot and LOTS of respect for you now.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Anybody else want to bring Jerry back?

Al Bundy
murray, ut

This is about D-will and the Jazz not Jimmer! He wont be able to get his shot off at the next level!!! The MWC is a long way from the NBA!!! He will be a role player and need to get passes out of double teams, I agree if he is open he will do well. Plus he will get torched on D!

Cedar Hills, UT

Darin was the best point guard in the NBA along with Rose of Chicago. Darin was a player the Jazz could only dream of landing and so they trade him for a bunch on garbage. This entire franchise is dead in the water. Expect the Jazz to follow the Cavs in futility for years to come. What a sorry collapse of an entire organization. First Miller passes, then Sloan retires by force and now Darin is traded. Oh boy, expect the bag-heads and boo-birds to start appearing in the stands as the losses pile up. Nothing left to watch or care about with the Jazz.

Meridian, ID

Dont dog on jimmer .. how many playas can rise up from anywhere anytime any angle in transition off screens how does anyone guard that doesnt matter who you are .. has nice pop in his legs is crafty and is fearless..makes touch shots .. im not saying draft him in the lottery but if we are late lottery ya gotta consider it.. plus white guys are more likely to stay in slc and be loyal even if he does thrive at the nba level and would become a wanted commodity ..so im not going to bet against him but i havent made up my mind on where he is safe to draft yet.. it would depend on who's still on the board..

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