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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Mapleton, UT

It is good he gone, he was a 'cancer' in the locker room and the Jazz can build for the future. They should be able to make a couple picks next year and improve the team. It was obvious with Williams the team was going no where.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

I wonder if ohplease is related to miles?

Draft dumbie
Farmington, UT

On an intellectual level, I understand that the Jazz needed to make the trade, because Deron had been unwilling to commit to re-sign up to this point in time, and the Jazz did not want to be placed in the situation that Denver, Cleveland, Toronto or Phoenix found themselves in (or that the Jazz found themselves in with Carlos Boozer at the end of last season).

However, on an emotional level, I feel really sad, almost like I had a family member die. Deron Williams was the one Jazz player that I really enjoyed watching, and now I won't get a chance to watch him play very often. I don't think there are many Jazz fans who didn't really love Deron Williams.

springfield, il

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Jazz get blown out by Mavs. More blowouts to come. Stay tuned.

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Pocatello, ID

I get and understand the trade but Jazz are just a bunch of average players with an unproven rookie coach. The writing is on the wall.
I know many people are happy with the trade but this team is not looking to compete for anything for three years specially with Heyward and Favors combining for 5 points a game this year. No team competes for playoffs let alone championships without at least a couple of stars. Look at the top teams in the league right now and they all have a minimum of two stars with really good role players. Jazz have a couple of role players and no stars.
The time has finally come to drop the season tickets and spend that money on a cruise with the wife. At least I get good memories with that and not an expensive nighlty dissapointment.

Las Vegas, Nevada

My favorite is when people on the forums talk about "he was a cancer," etc. It's really funny the level of intellect here.

Meridian, ID

i was the only one on here screaaaaming not to let wesley mathews go and now im telling all of you .. let it be heard here and now .. letting dwill go for that trade was brilliant .. again when is the last time a pg won a championship as the best player on his team .. this is best move the jazz have ever made ... good job koc finally..pg is deepest position at all levels..college high school and nba..we can now build the only way a small market team can and thats with depth drafting and dynamic players


Coach Corbin sais, "He's a great player and he's a good teammate for the guys."

That pretty much says what I think of Williams - better player than teammate.

Hopefully the Jazz draft well with the picks they got in the trade.

Meridian, ID

If we get perry jones and kire irving from duke it is officially ova you gotta pull it off koc we are on our way baby!!!two lottery picks and we are back.. kyrie irving is twice the athlete as dwill will ever be...

Houston, TX

Under Sloan there was "continuity".

Greg is now calling the shots. If a player does not produce Greg is not likely to put up with it. He is not afraid of change. He has finally taken control of this team.

It was not DWill's team (ever). It is not now AJs or Corbin's or even KOC's.

Greg has come out and will make bold decisive moves. He may be wrong sometimes but he will fix the weaknesses.

The Jazz as an organization are still pretty loyal but they are going to be more results oriented.

They also are going to focus on younger cheaper players. The Sloan days of expensive VET bias is gone. VETs are fine but don't over pay them.

Do your job or get moved.

AJ,AK and Millsap are playing well. Adding Favors into that mix is a formidable front line.

Hayward has to shoot. Evans becomes an SF. A good shooting SG is now crucial and an upgrade in D is essential.

If the Jazz tank they get to keep their pick for this year?

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

The future looks a whole lot better as wellas brighter already. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see that the outcome of sitting around and waiting for "I'll Decide's Contract to expire was only going to amount to a free one way ticket out of Salt Lake for Williams anyways. He didn't have anything to lose and really no incentive to have to sustain an all out regime to perform. Once someone who isn't happy where they're at realizes the the impact of that self realization, then attitude definitely becomes an issue. I finally think that KOC at the incredulus unintended and after-the-fact loss of a much more critical team asset suddenly realized that his star PG was fast becoming a fading liability. It suddenly became a BFO moment for him. KOC got slapped in the face with... the repercussion of a very "Blinding Flash Obvious" moment. The "Seats" were determined to have their say... and they have. Fortunately KOC had the sense to not drag this out any further... but to try and minimize the collateral damage. For all intents and purpose this is no longer title hunt for 2011.

Tokyo, Japan


i've been pulling for kyrie irving...that dude is awesome...if we get more lottery picks for next years draft...we might get harrison barnes and kyrie irving...make it happen two lottery picks + Favors + Jefferson + Millsap + Hayward...its like what happened with OKC when they got Durant Jeff Green on the same year...then russel westbrook on the next... hope the same thing happens to us...but still props to d-will for being classy when he left...im still a fan of his...and would definitely watch nets games...

Meridian, ID

@Kakashi... exactly right couldnt have said it better myself.. someone who is thinking like me your a smart man...

Cedar Hills, UT

I respect Dwill for his honesty. He was incredible to watch. Obviously this year was different and the Jazz got a great deal out of this. DWill will get a standing ovation from me when he comes back to Utah.

South Weber, UT

I see nothing but an upside to this trade. In my opinion, we would have lost Deron anyway and the move brought in money, players, and draft picks.I look at OKC .. they had to change and go with a whole new team and they are doing very well now. KOC did his job and is a very good manager in a tough position. Patience is time well spent and the fans of the Jazz just have to be patient as they rebuild the future.Favors is only 19 and could develop into a good player as the coaches work with him, including Hornececk getting him a mi-range jump shot like he did with Millsap.The Jazz didn't have a first round pick and now they could be in the lottery again this year. KOC and the scouting staff found Millsap @ #47 and Mathews wasn't even drafted, so I think the future is bright as the new players and rookies get playing time and develop team-work among the group. 3 years from now should be enough time to have a solid team that works well with each other.
Just give them time.

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

Once again Jazz fans contradict themselves and make themselves look foolish. This time in the online poll questions asked by the DesNews. I find it hard to make sense of 52% of those polled say the Williams trade was a good thing and 60% of the same people polled say they regret to see Williams go. Which is it? You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

@jcrotty 25
You praise Kevin O'Connor in one post and blast the majority of his draft picks in another. Of course you called for the NOW better players the Jazz could have drafted and passed on. Prove it! Oh that's right you can't. As far as the Stevenson trade is concerened for me it was the straw that broke the camel's back and showed the world that O'Connor is a horrible GM. Add it to all the blunders you called him on and how can you praise him even if you like this trade. I think the Jazz got more than fair value for Williams just don't think it was the right move at this juncture.

Meridian, ID

@ me myself and i .. yep i do blast koc for all the horrible picks he has made in the past so what and i still dont like him as a gm .. but he did make the right move for once so i still will give him the credit he deserves for finally making a bold move .. maybe he has learned from his mistakes..we shall see in june this year and next if he can finish it off with some nice picks..

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Forced decisions are not necessarily good decisions. But as the situation developed and was heading in a more southerly direction at least we can credit KOC with salvaging a crew. Maybe a shipwrecked crew... but at least a crew with a couple of lifeboats and some preservers. They can't very well continue to pursue the objective they started with...so turn around and head back to shore and rebuild. there is no other choice to live with.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

When Stockton and Malone retired/left it was over for the Jazz. The league has evolved into players or owners looking out for themselves. All the mid to small market teams which other than Boston, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles is all the rest of the franchises in the league have no shot, and will continue to be the training ground for new phenoms and other pretenders coming into the league, who will end up moving around as time goes on. All of this moving scenario aggrevates the have not franchise fans and is leading to a lot of bellyaching. The same holds true with all the other professional leagues. So live with it, pay the $20 to $1,000 plus per ducat and purchase all the other dewdads at your local outlet and praise the Lord we live in America; the Land of the Free.

Go Jazz.

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