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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Roy, UT

Well??? Good for the Jazz, CLEAR THE AIR sort of speak and get 2 Number 1's and some cash and players! He makes to much money anyway!

Houston, TX

This move saved money (9 Mill). The key question is does the Jazz really need a max salary PG?

It has always been the most important position in the Sloan system but DWill could shoot not just pass and run a team.

This gives Harris a chance to step up and regain his DAL form. But if the Jazz have Favors and AJ at the PF positions (the current Sloan flex has 2 PFs and 2 wings). Do the Jazz really need a scoring PG?

They appear to need wings who can shoot. That and the defense are the next obvious moves.

How fast will KOC/Miller adjust AK/Bell/CJ/Hayward? AK/Hayward rebound. CJ shoots. Bell is a generalist like AK (both are a bit old).

None of them are ideal.

Sometimes the Jazz do run a more traditional look with a true C. Do they want to try to get one and change the dominant approach? If they do then they need even more outside shooting.

The Jazz will rebuild the team to fit Corbin/KOCs vision of what it is supposed to be.

I do not think Miller will put up with over paying to lose.

Roosevelt, UT

Deron was a great player but when Boozer left Deron's number was up. He promised to make Jefferson and allstar but has not been able to teach him the pick and roll yet.

Lately he played like he had already given up, that might not be the case but he could never hold his head up in Utah again after he and Sloan had a BIG fight and 90 minutes later Jerry resigned.

Hopefully Deron you can find some peace at your new team and your career will continue to grow for you but chance are...it won't

Moab, UT

RE: ohplease | 3:56 p.m. Feb. 23, 2011
Springfield, Il

Stockton, Malone, Sloan = 2 straight NBA championship games (losing to Jordan's Bulls).

DWill = 0 NBA championship games.

Your logic is illogical. I would much rather have old-school than DWill DWon't.

Saint George, UT

I must apologize to Jazz Management. They have shown that the inmates don't get to run the prison. Lets cut Corbin and the new people a little slack. The team wasn't going anywhere as it was.

West Jordan, UT

OK, Zoobies, I think it's time you faced reality and realized this is NOT about your boy Jimmer. This is about the Jazz not about the Y. Wake up and realize that Jimmer is not going to "save" the Jazz franchise. Get real for once.

Meridian, ID

i hear the media talking about the value of a superstar and how the superstar always wins in a trade but what i think they are missing is that our superstar is a point guard so remind me the last time a superstar won a championship as the clear cut best player on his team.. neeeeever..and i only have to say clear cut bc of magic jhonson but we all know he had 2 other all stars with him.. so other then magic there are none..

Captain L
Provo, UT

I like the move, it seems to be a smart move, DWill is good but he was showing signs of having an attitude problem and wasn't the leader we needed him to be.
We have alot of young talent to go forward with, Favors could be a stud, Hayward is very talented, Evans has potential but I think he will need to prove he can play the 3 spot. CJ is still young and KOC still thinks of him as a player that is one of the core players for the future. He now has to step up and become more of a leader and a go to guy on this team, it may take some time, let's hope he can and will.
The two possible lottery pick could end up adding talent to this team, so the future looks good.
I wish they could move AK before the deadline and get a talented 3 or a center & possibly draft picks and then sign AK next year for half what he is making now.

Fairview, UT

Wow, it will be very interesting to see how things work out now. Can the the team win with all these changes? Who knows? Good team chemistry is so essential at this level and it usually takes a lot of time to get everything right. As I said, it will be fascinating to see how it all plays out. It is too bad all these changes had to happen now instead of in the off season.

Meridian, ID

@ bugoff ,i really dont want to lose millsap he seems to have a clutch gene in him i remember he beat boise state in college with a jordan fade from three and he seems to step up in big games in the playoffs but as far as moving cj miles and Ak feel free.. try to get cris kaman somehow would be nice.. and a sg fo sho..

Provo, UT

Anyway we could have included Boris Diaw in the deal as well?

springfield, il

In his interview, Deron was much more gracious and thankful to the fans of Utah than they have been to him. That is the essence of the man that JazzNation has scapegoated and thrown under the bus.

concerned jazz fan
Park City, UT

this trade is big gamble again, just like when we let Matthews go and gamble on Bell who is still struggling finding his shooting..I just hope this gamble made by Kevin will have a positive result.. I hate to see D-Will go but I think this trade will help both parties to "move on" after D-Will's name was drag on the departure of coach Sloan, which I think that rumor is proven true because of this trade..I'm still optimistic about our chances making the playoffs, if we ended in 8th place, that will be nice match up against the Spurs, Harris versus Parker, that will be fun to watch!

the boonies, mexico

Almost a "complete" new start. No more sucking up to anyone anymore This will free up our new coach , big Al, Hayward,Fess, Evans and others. Now all the players can clean the do it my way or else slate. Just 2 years ago Harris was an all-star and lord knows how good Favors can be. 3 mil and 2 #1's how can anyone not like this deal?

What's up
Layton, UT

Loser like Boozer

Tom Smith
Sandy, UT

You don't tug on Superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger
and you DON't mess around with the Head Coach.

Williams has been around long enough to know better.

Tokyo, Japan

wow...i think i said this a few weeks ago...they pulled it off...the package deal that was meant for melo...went to us...two future first round draft picks...favors and harris...they are going to blow the team up...I think this is partly the reason why Jerry retired...i think o'connor told Jerry that they would trade deron...and jerry dont want any part of it...so he retired...just a hunch though....

Murray, UT

Re:Ohplease I thought you were leaving?

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Guess the Deeecision really wasn't up to you after all was it Coach D???

The Seats have Spoken!!!

springfield, il

Nah, I'm going to stick around and watch the Jazz lose to the Mavericks. Go, Mavs!!!

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