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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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springfield, il

After reading all the nasty comments, I'm glad Deron is rid of all you ungrateful, fairweather friends. Let me see, how many titles did the Jazz win under 23 years of the great Jerry Sloan (who QUIT on his team), Stockton and Malone? Zip, zero, zilch, nada, none!! Your losing ways are now guaranteed. I haven't read one single word about the charitable work Deron did in Utah through his Point of Hope Foundation. Deron is a caring, giving person, a better person than most of you can ever hope to be. I am disgusted by the Jazz so-called fanbase, and I am no longer a Jazz fan. The Jazz are now guaranteed continued mediocrity. Enjoy Harris and Favors. It's just a typical pathetic non-impact Jazz trade.

I am now a New Jersey Nets fan. Good riddance to the Jazz. And if you people want to know what a bad attitude is, just look in you mirrors. Your reflection will reveal to you the epitome of a bad attitude and, moreover, you will see what a real loser looks like.

Orem, UT

Jazz just became the leading contender to win the CBA Title. That's the only Title you will see in Utah

Las Vegas, NM

They needed to change this team...but what is their fascination with that 'always injured' Kirilenko..and that other Euro stiff Okur?

Murray, UT

Re: ohplease Who cares what others think? There is not even 200 comments on this board. There are millions of people in Utah. Why would you stop being a fan of something because of what a few of us say? You would only being selling yourself short of something that you loved right? Not good for you my friend.

You are right though lets both look in the mirror.

Meridian, ID

@ Bugoff this will be a very fast rebuild .. tell me the last time we had an athlete like favors... why do you think Evans gets playing time ... its by default .. he is the only athlete on the team with a 7 ft wingspan..now we have favors who is a shotblocker 7ft wingspan athlete.. we can pick up a shooting guard next year (nick young)maybe. and make moves with picks and cap space we are accually going to get better waaaaaay faster by trading dwill then by keeping him .. we cant attract free agents so we have to build thru the draft..
not by making the 1st rd of the playoffs and losing and getting krik snyders and pavlovics in the draft.

Springville, UT

When we look back at the sports stories from this year Jimmer will be a much bigger story than the loss of DWill and Jerry Sloan.

I think everyone will want to get Jimmer-fied again and again and very few people will remember this trade.

Saint Louis, MO

Nice maneuver. The "cancer" is gone. Miles has to go also. I hear that will be done tomorrow with AK. Sad but true. Had to be done for Corbin to control the clubhouse. Go Jazz!

Las Vegas, NM

Jimmer = Adam Morrison the 2nd.

I wonder if Corbin knew anything about this? So, if they got rid of Williams and Sloan is still gone;then I believe Utah Jazz sportswriters have not gotten to the bottom of Sloan's departure. They could have told him to wait until they were finished trading Williams. Am I right?

Meridian, ID

@ohplease ..i met derron williams in idaho for a preseason open practices and had front row seats and was able to go onto the court afterwards with all the larry miller employes and derron williams was by far the most conceted person i have witnessed .. my friend asked him if i could get a picture with him and he blew it off with some rude gesture.. and there were only about 5 people who were even trying to get his autograph so its not like he was overwelmed... sorry dude all you do is put a ball in a hole and thats the only thing you can do .. so i dont want to hear about what a great chairitable guy he was .. he thought he was much better then he really was and knew he could never lift this franchise the way stockton did as a leader..so like lequit james he is going to a future superteam...so he doesnt have to carry a team

Longmont, CO

I like Deron, he'll make good things happen in NJ. However, this was a good move by the Jazz front office. The team did not have the assets to get the roster to compete for a championship. This move will give them a very strong core in 3-4 years. They could have a team made up of 5-6 lottery picks, which will be a substantial talent upgrade over our current roster.

Ship AK, then resign him as a free agent for much less money. Send him on a 3-4 month vacation to somewhere warm.

Okur is available, but I don't think there is much of a market for him with his injuries. Utah is probably better off hanging on to him.

Layton, UT

A typical small market approach. Running for cover as opposed to building a championship team. The Jazz are done for this season. Hopefully this will pan out in the future. Its tough/frustrating to be a Jazz fan sometimes.

Good luck D-Will!!!!

Mike W
Syracuse, UT

Great move by the Jazz... home run! Williams couldn't get this team past LA or the Spurs, and we've been regressing for 3 years with his great "leadership" in the locker room. We get a PG who is cheaper and nearly as good, a GREAT potential player in 19 year old Favors, and not one, but TWO lottery picks (2011 for sure, 2012 probably).

Williams wasn't coming back, Jazz didn't wait, and got a king's ransom from New Jersey who was desperate after the Anthony move to NY. Good luck Deron with that supporting cast!

American Fork, UT

With the tenth pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Utah Jazz select James T. Fredette from Brigham Young University.

With the 34th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Utah Jazz select Jackson Emery from Brigham Young University.

Get Cougar fans in those seats!

The Jazz won't win much, but they will be interesting.

springfield, il

Bye, y'all! This ex-Jazz fan is now heading to the Nets' message boards where the fans are very excited to have landed DWill.

Sloan, Stockton, Malone. 23 years, 0 rings. Sloan: 23 years, never COY.

Jazz chances of making playoffs this year: 0%

Sandy, UT

Sorry ohplease, but regardless you were leaving as a fan. You are from Illinois and a DWill fan - not a Jazz fan. I loved DWill and at times thought he was better than Stockton - but the last few months he has seemed like he didn't really care. A change of scenery should be good for him. Hopefully we start playing with heart again.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

oh please:
you have enough to worry about with Rahm and o coming from Illinois. Do us a favor and worry about your own problems and leave the Jazz alone. Glad you are a nets fan.

Murray, UT

Re: Ohplease


Old Scarecrow
Brigham City, UT

Come on, ohplease in Illinois. I've seen how the fans in other cities turn negative against their former heroes when they leave. Deron is a good guy as NBA players go, and he gave it his best shot in Utah, and bought into Sloan's way for several years. But the Jazz couldn't get enough of the right players to get it done. Not Deron's fault. The article said that "nobody saw this coming!" Not true. With Deron being the only really valuable asset the Jazz had, AND he being free to leave in another year or so, leaving the Jazz empty-handed, AND with New Jersey having struck out again in free agency and they had all that cap room, etc., this was an opportunity that O'Connor couldn't have missed. This deal was almost certainly put together in the last couple of days. A solid move by the Jazz where business sense finally overcame the team's intrinsic sense of loyalty. And Coog fans, Jimmer isn't the answer. It's be really fun to have Fredette on the Jazz, but be realistic.

Springville, UT

I think that this clears the way for Jimmer to play on the Jazz. He'd be a great fit in several respects. First of all, the fans would be familiar with his game (many of the fans are already rooting for him). Second, he can let it rain and the Jazz need a long range sharp shooter (that hasn't been in place since Korver left). Third, he's going to be a star. Fourth, who doesn't want to get Jimmer-fied?

Houston, TX


I am not sure they are even through trading. AK or Millsap could go before tomorrow. Millsap is expendable in a rebuilding year with Favors coming on board. Millsap has a cheap desirable contract so Utah should keep him but who knows what will be offered.

AK still has value both as a player and as an expiring contract. He may get dumped for salary purposes and then come back next year?

Millers saved 9 mill on the DWill trade. It was a salary dump as much as a building move. 3 mill in cash, 3 mill in salary and 3 mill in lux tax. Smart economic move.

Greg/KOC are now going to build a team they really want. Sloan is no longer calling the shots.

Favors is the PF of the future and AJ is a decent C/PF. If Millsap goes they get a bigger C for him. If AK goes they get an SF/SG.

They get younger and cheaper. That has to happen under the new CBA. However, Millsap is reasonable and AK will be next year.

They may even trade AK/Millsap for picks and salary dump.

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