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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 22 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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concerned jazz fan
Park City, UT

25 games left,
we need to win at least 20 games,
a long shot to win the first round though

Santa Ana, CA

While the rest of the league ponders moves to get financial relied or to improve rosters, the Jazz management continues to believe in the same principles.

Standing Pat

Doing nothing

Expecting the fans to back it

Going nowhere

navotas, philippines

the strong teams are now trading left and right. the rich are getting richer. the jazz? well, we await the return of injured players. lol. same players we've seen through the month-long skid from a west top 4 team to a team falling down hard from the standings. and corbin keep mouthing off those words "work hard", "trust each other", "we'll be ok". my goodness. aren't those the same words sloan kept telling this jazz team? and nobody listened to him. what makes ty believe those words will win games? this jazz team is done. tank the season and rest the injured. play the rookies and scrubs more. and hopefully we'll get a top 10 pick. that's the only thing to look for since there seem to be no plan by the management to acquire good players before the trading ends.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Putting Bell and AK back in the starting lineup is foolish. Did Corbin not notice while the two of them were out, the Jazz held the lead after the first quarter in all those games?

Slow starts were the major problem in most of the recent loses. Why keep Jerry's line-up? Corbin this is your team now. Do something different for a change. Stop being Jerry's clone.

Sit Millsap or AK, Start Fes. Sit Bell, start CJ. Play Ak at the 4 some. Play CJ at the 2. Use Watson and Dwill together. Mix it up. Haven't you noticed your team is bad right now

Houston, TX

Starting AK and Bell will probably not hurt if they play well.

The bigger questions are how well will they play and how many minutes will they play?

The Jazz have essentially DWill, AJ, Millsap, AK, Bell, CJ, Watson and Hayward to spread minutes among. IF AK can handle, it he is the 3rd big.

Fes and Elson are not offensive players and will get little playing time.

Bell and Hayward are the primary SGs with some DWill at SG (Watson at PG).

CJ will get his minutes primarily at SF as AK has to back up Millsap.

The whole team has to step up on D. That has been a key problem for 2 months. Corbin has the offense running a little better. The D has to improve.

If they can lock down in the 4th Q they can start winning.

If starting AK and Bell does not work Corbin can and should shuffle. Starts are important but finishing is crucial.

If DWill gets healed up the team should play better. His offense is South. His D is a step slow. That effects the team.

One more bad loss and a salary dump could happen?

Salt Lake City, UT

Why do Jazz fans even worry about wins or playoff seedings?.. I have always wondered this, What they need is a big ole billboard advertising the Jazz and somewhere along lines of saying "Hey Were Gonna Lose Anyway's"

Ogden, Utah

In regards to the bubble.....POP!

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

So Corbin plans to start the same slow starters that Jerry did. lol.

Hugh G. Hater

Best post ever, Todd.

Corbin is only doing the best with what he has been given.

Salt Lake City, UT

My prediction- if the Jazz get the 2nd seed and the Lakers get the 7th... the Jazz will upset the Lakers.

Call me crazy, but I believe!

The Jazz will be in the second round, unless they face the Spurs in the first.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Since BYU has already swept Utah I've been thinking about taking the remaining support that I was giving the Jazz and switch it over to supporting the Utes. At least they are winning...even if only by 2 points. Coach "I'll Decide" Williams has truly inspired me to a new level of thinking. Probably a better slim chance of running into Jerry in the Huntsman Center anyways.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

How much is O'Connell making?

Who does he answer to?

What has this man done to our Utah Jazz?

vancouver, wa

Same team...Same results. Come on KOC: Trade, Trade, Trade.

La Jolla, CA

"While the rest of the league ponders moves to get financial relied or to improve rosters"

"the strong teams are now trading left and right. the rich are getting richer"

What league are you guys watching? Don't the Jazz have like 5 new players this year? What moves are Boston, Miami, Chicago, LA, San Antonio, Dallas, etc making? Seems to me the only teams that are making moves are WEAK teams i.e. New York, Minnesota, Nets.....The Jazz have already reshaped their roster, the results of that will not be known in the first year, give it some time...Boston is the only team in recent history to blow up its team and win year one...Relax!

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

"Utah Jazz on the 'bubble' for playoff seeding"


Road Kill in the first round....if they even get there.

Houston, TX

IF the Jazz make the playoffs, right now I do not like their chances against SA LA or DAL and they do not play OKC particularly well.

This team has a lot of problems. It has weaknesses that can and are being exploited.

I would support TODD in demanding a trade if I thought there were a particular trade that would actually solve the problems.

I do not think one trade will do it. I also want to see the details of the new CBA before taking on a lot of long term salary.

Assuming the Jazz do make the playoffs they should buy a 1st round pick. They have to start getting decent cheap players via the draft.

The Sloan approach of projects has to go. That has killed the Jazz over the last 6 years or so.

Get enough talent and get players who actually fit their roles. Sloan invested in a lot of tweeners. That provides versatility and miss matches. But you also need key players who are ideal for their roles.

The Jazz need a decent 3rd big and a shooting/defending SG. Hayward helps.

Player selection/drafting is a big problem for the Jazz.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

Maybe best to miss playoffs,get a higher pick and concentrate on shipping off some of the dead weight this summer.Keep Williams Millsap and AJ,give Evans and Hayward a shot,send the rest a-packing.This is really not a contender as is,time to rebuild,Kakashi,what do you think?

Salt Lake City, UT

This just in. New Jersey reporting DWill to the Nets for Favors and Harris.

Tokyo, Japan

@ Houdini

i agree...but if they are going to rebuild...they should bring in new guys in the management...its not that im giving up on them...its just that as the team plays right now...they wouldnt last the first round...this year...or even next year...i sure hope KOC gets to use the TPEs he has left...and bring in some help at SG and C...

Houston, TX

IF the Jazz are so good at dumpster diving and finding talent in the 2nd round why are they so bad at finding talent in the 1st round where there is a lot more talent?

They have to be using a different set of criteria for the 1st round selections.

It can't be the scouts or even KOC. Both seem to routinely spot latent 2nd round/undrafted talent.

The Jazz have DWill and Hayward to show for their 1st round picks. Both were very high picks.

Millsap, CJ, Fes, Evans, Price and Mathews were all 2nd round or undrafted.

Millsap was a great college rebounder and that transfers. The only question about him was developing his shooting. CJ after 6 years is a 6th man. Mathews got away and only got a chance due to injury.

How well would the Jazz be doing if they had not squandered all of those 1st round picks?

Use the same selection criteria in the first round (as in the 2nd) and get more talent.

This is not the Sloan School of Basketball Development. Get more talent to start with.

There is (more) plenty of talent in the late 1st round.

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