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Published: Monday, Feb. 21 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Santa Ana, CA

It is beyond sickening and disgusting. Now that Melo has been traded, the Jazz will feel even more no need to make a move at improving this team. That is because Denver now just has a bunch of bodies and will likely miss the playoffs altogether.

The Jazz will likely make it by default giving credence to the "stand pat philosophy".

Many of the players in recent weeks talked about on here and on blogs that I have mentioned tonight are all being rumored for trades within hours of the Melo Deal.

Battier, Prince, Joel P. Rip etc.....

All are rumored headed elsewhere while O Connor feels like Corbin said just to wait for the 3 injured to come back and the Jazz will be "cured".

Anyone fall for this I feel sorry for.

Murray, UT

Memo might need to retire or something...although I was surprised at his conditioning after he came back from that ankle...he looked like he'd worked hard at it.

Can't believe so many thought DWill was actually going to the Knicks....pshhh

People will believe anything the news will tell them

Houston, TX

DWill is not going to NY with Billups there.

If the Jazz make a move it would have to be with AK or Millsap. An AK trade could help if they got back a better player for less money and some salary relief (not likely).

Trading Millsap makes little sense at this point. Try to get both Millsap and AJ to play well at the same time for at least another year.

Okur is an expiring then and AK no longer soaks up 17 mill.

It makes sense to not rock things much at this point with the new CBA/lock out coming up next year.

Gather the cash and get ready to build around the key players you want to keep in 2011-12.

Steal a shooter with a TE if you are bold enough to do it! You don't need a big expensive name. You just need a solid outside shooter like Korver/Mathews.

Tokyo, Japan

everyone essentially got better except denver...and we arent doing anything with the TPEs that we have...just an upgrade on the 2 spot...and a 7 footer to man the C...why not trade with 76ers...for Hawes and their shooting guard...meeks...

navotas, philippines

nobody out there worth trading for. the jazz should just tank the season. rest Deron, AK, Memo and Bell. Give tons of playing time to Hayward, Evans, Fesenko and Watson and CJ. see where they are at in terms of skills and work attitude. give Jefferson tons of looks to get better attuned to the jazz plays. this season is lost. prepare for next year. maybe we can even get a top 10 draft choice if we lose enough games. everything's better than what we have now.

Salt Lake City, UT

They really paid A.K. 17 plus mil a year?.. I still have trouble believing this.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Let's just leave it up to Coach "I'll Decide" Williams to make the rest of the season come out clean and go from there with the results. He needs to prove his leadership abilities as team captain supposedly haven't changed throughout all of this. So let's see how it goes.

Roosevelt, UT

sad to hear Corbin thought better of the games after a film review...they should have let him look at the scoreboard..made me ill. Three games that should be gimme's and they went away.

Bugoff your skills must be evident as a babysitter because you mentioned getting Korver back as a shooter. Do you remember when he played for the Jazz and he lost the ball both times he tried to dribble?

When the Jazz got to the playoffs he went 0 for 122. He became a glorified passer and would not shoot if there was the least bit of pressure. One good move the Jazz made was waving at him when he left.

If Jerry were here the Jazz would make some move so they could possibly compete this season. With feel good Corbin they may just leave him with this band so he can get comfortable...too bad for the fans.

two months ago the Jazz should have traded Ronnie Price and AK for Melo. If only for one season the Jazz would have outscored nearly all of their opponents.

If the JAzz were going to keep a high salary I wish it were Melo's.

vancouver, wa

Message to KOC: Trade, trade, trade!

Cedar Hills, UT

I love how in the all the pictures no one even looks the happy to be making millions of dollars to play basketball. At least my man Hornaceck looks happy.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@KK You're absolutely right...must be the reality that Sloan is really gone...and isn't ever going to come back. Sort of that... too late now afterthought...but wishing it were all just a bad dream.

And as for a good friend like Hornacek...somebody's gotta try and find a way to put a positive spin on this shipwreck just to try and keep things afloat. KOC actually made a smart move to bring him on board

It is what it is...so it's up to them to pull it together.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

The Jazz will not be trading anyone unless some crazy team wants Memo.

AK's expiring contract is worth too much to Utah next year.

Other than that, no one on this team makes over 5 million except Dwill, AJ and Millsap. They are not going anywhere any time soon.......

The Jazz need to grow up, start playing basketball and earn their keep. The starting lineup should be:


Bench should be:


Millsap starting with AJ is the biggest blunder in NBA history. Millsap is not a starter unless he has a 7' 2" guy in the middle. Millsap and AJ together is bad, really bad.

Bell needs to be limited to 20 minutes and Evans needs to see 12 minutes a game with the starters. 6 minutes in first and third quarters, then bring in AK or Millsap.

Corbin needs to use his bench unlike Jerry.

Farmington, UT

Battier is a guy I have always thought would be a great fit for the Jazz. Solid shooter, outstanding defender, hustler, makes players around him better.

Tooele, UT

The Jazz will somewhat turn it around after the break, but they luck out with the Nuggets trading Melo for the lower bid. Plus with Gay out for 4 weeks in Memphis, they might start to fall off.

Saint Louis, MO

The next four games should tell a lot. They are looking at 0-4. If that be so, then the season would be dead and gone. They are not going to beat either Dallas or Boston. Indiana and Detroit on the road are iffy. The team is at a crossroads. The only very good player is D Will and unfortunately he knows it. AK and Memo are through even though I love them both. Fez needs a good coach and now that "ship has sailed". There is only mediocrity left and now no "little engine that could" mentality. Just cold, dark reality.

Provo, UT

Looks like all we can hope for is losses by other teams. Sadly, the Jazz are not one of the eight best teams in the Western Conference.

(Please prove me wrong!!!)

Las Vegas, NM

I think they need to pick out a good fishing spot. Williams will be packing for New York. With Sloan and Williams gone we are close to an NBA development league team. How can the NBA continue to allow the stars leave the small markets and expect the fans in those markets to remain loyal?

Houston, TX

Dear Doug I don't baby sit.

Perhaps I did not make it clear enough.

I said a shooter LIKE Korver/Mathews, NOT trade for Korver/Mathews. Korver is solid at CHI and not going anywhere. I am also well aware of Korver's defensive liabilities.

The Jazz need someone who can bust a zone/paint pack. At the moment all they have is CJ. AK, Bell and DWILL are dinged. Bell does not replace Korver/Mathews.

Further, Melo was NEVER available for trade to the Jazz. AK was mentioned in a convoluted trade that would have sent him to DEN and Diaw not Melo to the Jazz.

On other matters Battier is pretty much over the hill.

This team is capable of about a 4th seed IF they get healthy and play well.

There are 3 principles that must happen.

1. Efficiency-Higher shooting percentage and low TOs.
2. Decent Defense/Rebounding
3. Pace/game management/energy

The lack of outside shooting/packed paint affects all 3.

The short bench and lack of health affect all 3.

Adding a shooter makes sense especially if Memo is out and AK/Bell are injury prone.

Money is a problem.

Farmington, UT

The best thing for the NBA is to enforce the Franchise Tag so fans can pay to watch basketball and not drama. I feel for Nuggets fans and yes "Sokol" I am with you, you wont find me watching the NBA anymore if all the superstars go to NY, LA, Dallas, and Boston. They'll lose a lot of fans...

Santa Ana, CA

Bugoff that is why I pressed to get Troy Murphy, believe it or not the guy can shoot he is lifetime 15 ppg throw out this year so far.

They cannot finish higher than 5th. You really think they can make up 5 games on Oklahoma City?

No way

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