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Published: Monday, Feb. 21 2011 7:00 a.m. MST

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Taft, CA

Who cares what the New York Times prints---or anything Frank Rich has to say.

Roosevelt, UT

I am not sure why this article is in the paper. Mitt is a talking head just like Beck and Palin but he is fighting for his political life right now. He is behind Palin in national polls though so he has to be frustrated.

The article does point out the GOP does little to lead or try to lead the country, other than Obama bashing and the country is sick of that.

Does the GOP have a way to put people to work and create more jobs? Bob Bennett and Orrin Hatch say they don't. Mitt says they do.

Does the GOP really want to cut the spending? The biggest percentage of the budget is spent on the military and yet not one of the budget proposals by Dems or GOP will addres that. Instead they want to take from the older part of the population. Attack medicare. Now that is brave.

If this article is critical of Mitt that is good as Mitt has yet to contribute meaningful ideas to put workers back to work, balance a budget or to do anything other than bash Obama.

Stand up, lead out, be a man.

Omaha, NE

Amazing how BYU-Utah sports get over 100 comments just by warming up and Poor Mitt gets no one to come to his defense. but then, outisde of LDS members who supports him?

Eugene, OR

So we're not even pretending to be unbiased and even-handed anymore, are we? This "article" reads like a thirteen year-old girl trying to defend Justin Bieber. Why isn't this on the Opinion page?

brookings, SD

To Flatlander: you got that right. Er, correct. This commentary page always has had more fluff than meat and rice. We could have an invasion of Florida by well-tentacled Martiansm, and BYU having a recruit caught speeding in Orem. The recruit story will be 1,356 comments by noon, and the destruction of Miami will have 6. 5 of the 6 comments will be in favor of the Martians! It is just the nature of the crowd.

As to Mitt's problems? He's got a few. Will he earn the nomination? No. Try to buy it? Yes. Who will stop him? Himself, errors, and the southern radicals of the GOP. His good work in Mass. on health care will
become an albatross around his neck to those who do not understand the value and need of universal health care. Universal health care saves our society money and gives us everyone pulling the wagon, so to speak. But it will go for naught.

Salt Lake City, UT

Note that the NY Times "article" was written by a columnist. It is actually an opinion piece, as is the Deseret News article, which should be in the opinion page. There it would have the same credibility as all the other right-wing editorials it prints. But, if it is supposed to be news, it shouldn't be an opinion piece if the DN is really a newspaper.

Oh, I guess I forgot that the DN has changed it as perations and now just wants to be a Church News Sheet.

Payson, UT

Go Donald Trump! 2012

Holladay, UT

Mitt doesn't have a chance. His efforts in health care reform as governor inspired Obamacare. Conservatives will never give him a pass for that.

Mitt should throw in the towel and give Huntsman a chance, who has a much better shot. Huntsman truly has a chance at being the future of the Republican party once people see a more moderate leader will be better.

West Jordan, UT

What most commenters here missed is that the NY Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp. holdings. He also owns Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and other media outlets that are influential in GOP circles.

The NY Post piece is likely the first salvo in Murdoch's efforts to make sure that Mitt doesn't get the GOP nomination. Murdoch would rather have one of his employees (Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, or Mike Huckabee) as the nominee because he would have so much more influence when his employee is running than if Mandate Mitt gets the nomination.

This should be a warning to Utah Republicans letting them know that the Corporate backers of the GOP (Murdoch, the Koch Brothers, etc...) will not let Mitt get the nomination.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It is easy to see who the left fears most as a potential Republican presidential nominee. Just look at who they are trashing the hardest.

The New York Times has proven over the last few years that their opinions are wrong, and their reporting is often little more than opinion.

As others have stated, this belongs in the Opinion section, not "news."

Sandy, UT

Horribly written article. It is as bad as the Times and Post for the very reason that though attacking their lack of evidence, it fails to provide that evidence in support of its argument. F for a grade on all three. More importantly, a F for the conservative movement which is starting to become irrelevant to the majority of Americans. Much like the liberals of the 1970's who got so caught up in their "causes" they failed to be able to appeal to moderate Americans who lean somewhat to the right on issues, but on the left on others. Face it, the American public will grow sick of the rhetoric by 2012 and the lack of governance and that is what is scary. We maintain the status quo with no real governance or handling of the issues we face such as making hard decisions on what to reduce, what to change. People at all levels care more for their radical beliefs than solving problems. Until we start solving real problems our country will suffer.

Pleasant Grove, UT

There has yet to be created, a machine that would measure my indifference to this story.

Provo, UT

I can't take a republican contender seriously until they are libeled in the New York Times. Their unabashed attempts to defend Obama's failures at all costs have made the NY Times increasinly kafkaesque.

Attack Mitt's career? And how exactly, without government subsidies or criminal acts, does a failure amass a fortune in business? Anyone who has tried to run a business knows that the market is cruely responsive. To what, exactly, are we supposed to attribute Mitt's fortune and reputation in corporate America? Luck? Bailouts?

At least Mitt had a job before he ran for the presidency. I, for one, want a president who doesn't feel entitled to the weath I produce and doesn't spend my money like a Louis XIV.

Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

NY Times = bad?
NY Post (Fox News/Rupert Murdoch) = shhhh!

You're all between The Mitt and a hard spot. You love Mitt because of his religion, but you're stymied by the far-right's bashing of him via the NY Post.

Glendora, CA

Yawn. No surprise. What do you expect from the Rainbow Image Maker Machinery of the Leftist news agencies?

Phoenix, AZ

Those who think it is just politics are fooling themselves. In the minds of many citizens there is reason for voters to doubt Mitt Romney as suitable to be president of the United States because of his believes and devotion to Mormon religious doctrine and questionable Book of Mormon reality that voters fear may indicated he is too emotional and not sufficiently intellecetually independent for such high office.

Salt Lake City, UT

"In typical Post fashion," the writer says. Is this article supposed to be news, an editorial, or an excerpt from some guy's blog? If it's news, it's very unprofessional.

salt lake city, utah

Doug10 @8:01 - You are ignorant of reality. Defense accounts for less than 20% of the budget. Social security, medicare, medicaid, welfare & unemployment account for more than 60% of the budget.

Bronx, NY

So you are all going to just ignore the fact already pointed out to you that the post is actually owned by a dye in the wool far right republican and try to claim its all just liberals new bias? By the way I also agree with the posters this forth grade opinion piece belongs on the opinion page or better yet pinned to the shirt of the child that wrote it so their parents can see what they did at school today.

Somewhere in Time, UT

They obviously see Romney as a big threat.

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