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Published: Sunday, Feb. 20 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Nephi, UT

If Williams wants to go to the Knicks, the Jazz should trade him for anybody else on the Knicks' roster tomorrow.

Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

Deron would have had about 12 assists if his running mates would have finnished some easy shots.........

Go get um D-Will in the second half don't give any of the nay sayers out there any more reasons to doubt you..........

Put the Jazz on your back and carry them you are the man you have been for the past 4 and 5 years so go get um........

Salt Lake City, UT

I guess he should of been MVP huh?.... NOT!!!!

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Coach "I'll Decide" Williams Didn't use his plan A or plan B to light up the classic. Wonder how come??? I thought he was the one who knew more about winning than mere hall of famer's. Heck I guess since it was only an all star game..."I'll Decided" decided not to be a showboat and save himself for the remainder of the season.

keystone heights, fl.

Since D-illwill wants to go to the knicks, why don't we thwart his wishes (he already got one wish) and send him and a #1 pick to the Pacers for Granger and Collison. Bump illwill!!

Oklahoma Ute
Oklahoma City, OK

D-Will, you rock. Great performance. Hope to see many more in SLC in years to come...

the boonies, mexico

Assists in an all-star game where absolutely no defense is played is a big deal? I watched about 2 or 3 minutes of each half until I got so nauseated I had to quit. What a sham these all star games are. Williams re-tweaks his wrist late in the 4th quarter, and now his whinning will continue. I'm sick of this ink splattered whinner, and now would be a super time to trade him to a real bottom feeding team and not let him do the choosing. I agree with Tomo's comment but would sweeten the pot to get the job done including C.J. and anyone else needed to complete the deal. A.K. better be re-located within days or he is just another loss without compensation in return, because he "is" headed to the Nets through free agency if not traded! Get something done Kevin!

Magna, UT

Looks to me like the "writing's" on the...arm... er the wall here. The Jazz need to get rid of Ill-Will, No-Will, Living-Will, whatever you "Will" call him. I think his poor demeanor started about 2 1/2 years ago, when he made the Olympic roster. Until then, his game had been improving every year. He was more humble and he played with a lot of fire in his belly because everyone doubted him.

However, I firmly believe that that summer of hanging around and being influenced by the likes of "Black Mamba" and "King Traitor," etc., have tainted this kid. They opened his eyes to a different path and he's chosen to go down it. If the Jazz are not careful this franchise will end up just like Cleveland's; in the toilet. The evidence is already there that it is heading that way.

I think that this kid is showing his true colors; slowly but surely, and if the Jazz don't do something to address it, they will get burned just like the Cavs. I hope that the Miller group, etc. and our fans will not be as naieve as they were.

Clearfield, UT

I'm so sick of Utah fans raggin on D-Will. He's super competitive, plays hard, at his best is one of the top 3 point guards in the league, and WINNING IS HIS TOP PRIORITY!!!! Sure, he's slumping a little right now, give the guy a break. Should we just start running every player out of town as soon as they hit a little slump?

Free agents won't ever want to come to Utah when they see so called "fans" turning their backs on a guy who's given his all to the franchise since he's been here.

Wake up everybody.

Las Vegas, NM

There is one area that I agree with Williams...Sloan's gruff persona, while it may have worked for him. He was tired, uncommunicative, and
not as enthused on the side line. I look to Popovich and how he spent time this summer working with his players. I just do not think Sloan would have done that. I wonder how many pizzas he shared with Williams or cappacino's. Maybe a different approach might finally get the Jazz to the promised land.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks, media of Salt Lake and elsewhere. YOU drummed up the connection between Deron William's argument with Jerry Sloan and Sloan's sudden resignation. Now it's seen as the truth by JazzNation. Plus Deron is injured, is in a shooting slump. Fans are ready to run him out of town on a rail! Just like they did with Karl Malone when he wanted to leave his last year to pursue a championship. Despite the 18 years of dedicated service he gave to the franchise. Now fans are willing to get any hack player from a loser team in here just to get rid of D-Will. It's pathetic. Utah fans do not deserve to have a professional team in their state, if we're going to be a bunch of ingrates and fair weather supporters.

Farmington, UT

I have to admit, those who speak so negatively of Sloan and/or D-Will remind me of what the nay-sayers did to the Denver Broncos a few years back. So many Bronco naysayers now say they would have been better off with Shanahan.

Lay off D-Will. He brings his best effort to each and every game. He has done a great job running Sloan's offense, and not some strange derivation of Sloan's offense. He is working hard at improving his defense. He is working very hard to help his teammates work within the offense. He is helping his teammates bring intensity and enjoyment to every game.

Lehi, UT

NEWS FLASH: This team was in trouble before Sloan quit. Dont blame Deron either.

The Jazz know that they made a mistake with not matching Mathews, not bringing Korver back, trading Brewer and Maynor for cap space.

I think they have broke even with replacing Boozer.

Not having the talent in the back court has been a major problem all year long, Bell is not the answer.


Newsflash...D-Will isn't that good! People right now shouldn't refer to him as a superstar. He is maybe the 5th best PG in the league, and it is dumb to pay PGs max dollars anyway. If you're gonna pay a PG max dollars, he had better be in the top two. Combine this with his attitude and body language and bad leadership skills, and I'm confused as to why "Jazz nation" wants him to stick around. I have been watching for the past month and I just thought to myself, "Dang, I have no confidence that any shot he takes is going to go in." I still haven't gotten over throwing the ball at Hayward either.

Las Vegas, NM

I think our cancer's were called Andrei Kirilenko and Carlos Boozer.

Sandy, UT

If Deron is going to go when his current contract expires, then he is going to go. That will be his decision/right at that time. These "what if's" are going to drive everybody (me included) crazy. We can't go back and change anything that has already happened...regrets, yes, but that's it. All of this negativity is not going to help anything. This Jazz team/coaching staff/owners/etc. have their challenges cut out for them. If they lose the fans as well, then what is the point? As long as the efforts are there (with some wins thrown in), what more can be asked of them? They are not trying to lose, I don't believe. Perhaps some moral support will help the situation. I don't know.....

Go Jazzboys in their remaining games! Just do your best, and I will as well.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Losing Dwill would be the worst thing this team could do. He and CJ are the only two legit players on this team along with Millsap off the bench.

AJ is fine if the Jazz add another big. But AJ and Millsap together is a bad news.

Bell needs to come off the bench.

With AK contract gone and trading Memos expiring contract, the Jazz have plenty of room to add a big and another shooter. But they need a legit center who can score and play defense.

Lehi, UT


Al Bundy
murray, ut

D-Will is that good!!! He will probably leave because of all the bad Sloan press? The problem the Jazz have is they don't have enough outside shooters to spread the floor, and we aren't very big. A healthy Memo would help a ton! I may be wrong but wasnt Deron player of the month the first two? Also we as fans need to move past Sloan, he wasn't going to coach forever!

Cheer the players that are there and give the new coach a chance! Jerry,John and Karl are gone!

Captain L
Provo, UT

I would love to see the Jazz be able to trade Okur, but I don't see that as a real possibility. I love AK when he is healthy, he isn't a good shooter but he does so many other things well.
I think we need to give Corbin a chance, he will communicate better with the players, and hopefully they will respond, I have seen good effort the last 2 games, defense is a problem though. We need more size in the middle than AJ and Paul give us. They need to play Fes more.
Ten more games and we should have a better idea of what's going on.

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