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Published: Sunday, Feb. 20 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Clearfield, UT

Sound's like she is saying "hey come on over NO punishment for braking there laws in Utah". Just my take on her junk bill.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

There are some tough questions to be asked of Sen. Robles.
For example, why is it that Mexicans living in the United States have the LOWEST rate of naturalization, something in the low 20% range?
Exactly what part of the American Dream are they seeking here?
Couple that data with the fact that they cling to their native language and the high rate of illegal entry from that one country.
How does that show any loyalty to the USA? And why do you advocate for them?

Syracuse, Utah

Why don't we just have a 2nd Mexican/American War? We beat them last time and so let's do it again? Or we can all pack up and move to Mexico? Kick the crap out of the drug users and gangs then countries ours.

All of us in Mexico and no one in America except Illegals. Then what will they do? Try and go back to Mexico?

Murray, UT

The bill being peddled by this woman is a monument to stupidity and nothing less. "Guest worker" passes for lawbreakers? Are you kidding? Can the guys at point of the mountain who broke other laws apply for them too? Can anyone who doesn't agree with a law get a pass to break the law until they can change it to their liking? Or is it only Queen Luz who can grant a pass to those she thinks deserve to be here?
How many checks from YOUR OWN bank account have you written to cover the costs of illegals Luz? How many are you going to write in the future? I would bet that your altruism doesn't go that far,,, after all you did run for office so you could spend everyone else's money, and those you want to hand it out to don't deserve anything but a one way ticket home to Mexico. Do us all a favor and go back with them.

Bountiful, UT

KSL just commissioned a poll that says 71% of Utahns want a guest worker program.

Ther are two ways to look at this:

If you're sympathetic to the plight of immigrants this explains the movement to declare ours a constitutional republic - the will of the majority can be safely ignored. Whew! (The embarrassing episode of school vouchers being overturned by the people is less likely, with the initiative process being made more difficult by our wise and benevolent leaders.)

If you're anti-immigrant, maybe this is a sign that our educational system has passed a threshold in decline and deserves better funding. Or, with a constitutional republic with the power elite selected by a small minority, maybe public misunderstanding of immigration policy is really not a big deal. Keep 'em stupid AND unempowered! What are they going to do - vote for a Democrat? LOL. Only Gentiles and gays and Mexicans do that!

smarty pants
Herriman, UT

The law is the law. She needs to be loyal to the United States and the Constitution. What she is trying to do it's to reward the bad conduct and that's just not fair to those who are here legally. Immigration it's just a big business for many circles, one of them politics. She is a smart lady with preparation but to be honest I don't think that's the way to do something good. Utah has been helping for years the illegal immigrants, especially the LDS members. People kept coming and now we have this big problem. The time has come to start putting things in order. The illegal knew that they were not doing things right hoping nobody was going to get them in the future. I know there are little children involved, but people need to be responsible for their actions and decisions and assume the consequences of those bad decisions in the past.

Led Zeppelin II
Bountiful, UT

Not a single politician has a worthy answer. Sandstroms bill is controversal and unconstitutional. Robles the same. Arizona is even worse.
The Constitution is being torn to shreads on every issue. Big Government is the real problem. Dont blame illegals. If people want to come here and work hard and become Americans they should be able to. This is the American way.
No one should be allowed to depend on government whether they are illegal or born here.
And all criminals should pay.

Provo, UT

Led Zeppelin II, they don't want to be Americans, read Robles article again, they just want to take American jobs. They have no right to do that.

Nothing is unconstitutional about Sandstroms bill. All the blocked parts of Arizona's bill are removed. I challenge anyone to show where his is unconstitutional.

West Jordan, UT

Here's my proposal:

The federal government should open up a guest worker program that is much easier, faster, and cheaper for people to apply for from their native land, but unavailable for anyone living in the US illegally. Sponsorship by an American citizen or company who wishes to employ an immigrant legally would put these people on a fast track to obtaining the guest worker permit. Speaking English could also speed up their permit.

At the same time increase penalties for employing illegals and pass bills like Sandstrom's that make it harder for illegals to stay here.

The result would be a mass exodus of illegals back to their home countries with their families intact so that they could apply for the easy to get guest worker permit. Then they will return legally, out of the shadows to pay income tax and get health insurance through the employer and respectable wages.

No citizenship with voting rights for them, just the ability to work here legally.

This would be in keeping with the Utah Compact which doesn't even mention illegal immigration and encourages just and reasonable laws. It also recognizes federal responsibility for this.

Murray, Ut

MC, those guest worker programs already exist. They are the H-1a visa (agriculture) H-1B (non agriculture).

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

So what point are those dumb t-shirts suppose to make?

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Aside from cheap labor, what benefit do they bring to the USA? Seriously, our immigration policy as it stands is calculated to import needy high school drop-outs from third world countries.
And the reforms they talk about promise more of the same at accelerated rates.
Am I missing something here?

fair ground
Salt Lake City, Utah

@Middle of the Road: The caption and you assumption that The Coalition of Utah Progressives support the Robles/Mero bill is wrong. In fact they were arguing with her in this photo about the false hope and unconstitutionality of her proposal.
This photo is from the Summer when she first introduced her unconstitutional bill and way before all of the current "modifications" that CUP is still opposed to.
@ Attentive: make them, as we did.

Willard, UT

Just how many hurddles do our political leaders have to jump every 4 years to be re elected? This is un suitable to ask hard working people that are working for nothing already.

South Jordan, UT

No winner in this debate or in this action. Many illegals own homes and the jobs that many of don't want to do in our society. It may cut costs as well. Prices will rise. Most illegals simply want an opportunity even though they did break the law. I just laid off a person we found out was illegal. I felt horrible because she is human but I'm not willing to go to jail.


There is not a job an American won't do if paid a fair wage.


"The bill they say, crafted by a new American who understands the Latino community, is perfectly in tune with what immigrants want: not citizenship, but the opportunity to work and live without fear."

Immigrants from other countries want citizenship. They are cheated out of it by those here just to work.

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