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Published: Sunday, Feb. 20 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Illegal, legal, unconstitutional, constitutional. It really doesn't matter. These are human beings that we are talking about. Human beings whose living conditions are so deplorable that they are willing to be "illegal" in an attempt to escape it. It is sad, to me, that when they come here, that despite the treatment they get here, it is better than where they were.

The solution to their problems in their home country is muchh more complicated than many would think. A lot of the issues comes from the illegal acts of Americans and their insatiable demand for drugs. We bear some responsibility here.

What kind of conditions would make you do something illegal? Don't say you would never do anything illegal. All of us would, given the right conditions.

Whether or not Sen Robles bill will pass or not and whether or not it is constitutional or not is besides the point. It has sparked some creativity and thought of those in our country trying to solve a very complex problem. I don't know if this is the answer or not, but maybe it is one step cloer to finding it.

Alan D
Kearns, UT

When I go to Mexico, Canada or just about any other country in the world, I am asked for my papers and if I intend to work I must register with the government AND POSSIBLY purchase a work permit.
Why should THIS country not do the same?
I understand that we all sympathize with the plight of people from impoverished nations, but this is a nation of laws. If we want to make life better for some of the people in Mexico, let's streamline the immigration process.

Salt Lake City, UT

Senator Robles represents a possible positive future if the naysayers will reflect for just a moment. Walls and immigration restrictions have never worked. We need to educate, exchange and see how mutually supportative economies can help us grow out of quick sand of fear and loathing. Just as Luz realized her daughter could have been caught in the fatal traffic of illegal immigration the critics need to think of how they or theirs might be similiarity drowned but for the accident birth. Be at peace and work to make the whole world a better place.

Kaysville, UT

Duh - just maybe the reason the federal government does not want a lot of guest workers and a lot of visas is because the people of this country do not want a lot of guest workers and visas.

Salt Lake City, UT

Where can I buy a t-shirt with "I AM legal." emblazoned across the front of it?

SLC, Utah


"Deseret News can find a dozen reasons to reject a post in opposition to the article [and others]..."

I can relate to that. The DNews will reject perfectly logical and informative comments that they don't agree with, including any the are critical of minorities such as Hispanics, Muslims, and the like. No cussing. No demeaning. Just facts and opinions. I guess DNews monitors believe that criticizing minorities who are bent on either taking over this country or killing Americans is considered abusive, offensive, off-topic, or unrepresentative.

Clearfield, UT

There is no legal way for poor impoverished people to immigrate from Mexico and you if say otherwise you are being dishonest. My wife and son immigrated from Russia. $20,000.00 and that was without an atty assistance. As long as their is economic disparity betweeen the United States and Mexico we will have problems. Go Senator Rubles. You are a decent human being, unlike many others on here. I have lived here my entire life and there has always been predjudice and bigotry against hispanic people. It will never change, it is rooted in our culture.

Hyrum, Ut

Where's Stockton ??? you nailed it.

"I really really liked two parts of this bill. First that they need to pass a criminal background check."

Let's see Mr. M____ Are you here legally?
Please take Mr. M____ into custody.

I'm for this bill

SLC, Utah

"The bill they say... is perfectly in tune with what immigrants want: not citizenship, but the opportunity to work and live without fear." - Article

That's right. They don't want citizenship. What they want is to take jobs that American citizens need. As has been noted many times on this website, America has millions of unemployed and don't need their help. Foreigners (legal or otherwise) come here and take jobs that we don't have for them. They need to go home and ask to come back when we need them.

"About half have come from Latin America." - Article

It's interesting to not that Spaniards from Spain took over all of South and Central America. Now they want to take over North America.

"Whites are the minority." - Article

Which is what appears to be the stated goal of Hispanic immigrants for the US.

"Is this really what America is about: racial profiling?" - Article

Not so. America is all about the rule of law. We don't appreciate laws breakers who sneak into our country and try to take over.

SLC, Utah

"Why does the DN push this on us?" - jim

Good point. We should expect that the DN, to be fair and balanced, will print an anti-immigrant article in the near future. Don't hold your breath.

Miss Piggie
SLC, Utah

"Where can I buy a t-shirt with "I AM legal." emblazoned across the front of it?" - attentive 11:53 a.m.

Better still, get a T-shirt with your birth certificate printed on it. May send a message to a certain politician residing in Washington, D.C.

Murray, Ut

There are ways for the poor to come here legally. If they want citizenship, and according to the article, many don't, they can apply for the lottery with the rest of the world, or apply using their family as sponsors. Almost half the green cards given out are to family members.

If the article is correct and they just want work, then accept American jobs belong to Americans in this country. In hard times very few will be needed except in agriculture.

All of the people complaining about wanting citizenship, and now they tell us they just want the jobs. If those here on green cards that have no intention of being citizens were kicked out, we would have some extra for those who want citizenship.

Speak English - USA
West Jordan, UT

I canceled my print subscription to the Des News about 3-4 weeks ago because of articles like this. Keep up the great work Des News, you are reporting well for the minority opinions in Utah.

P.S. Get illegals out of our state!

Ventura, Ca

The article's title, "Luz Maintains Her Voice", is pretty apt. This "voice" that cries for any and all forms of amnesty was not in place when she ran for office. Nope. As seen on her website (Robles for Senator), she didn't mention one word of her true agenda. Instead, her platforms were education, health care and the environment. Can anyone tell me what bills she has produced have any direct effects on THOSE ISSUES????
If not, this politician deceived the voters to get elected and simply focused on her real agenda.
We need to keep that in mind come reelection.

Illegals need to be returned to the countries of their birth, and if Luz is so interested in their welfare over ours, perhaps she can go return with them and work for them there.

Provo, UT

Pam Perlich talks about people taking time as citizens to assimilate. Robles says they are here for jobs, not citizenship.

With high unemployment people here just for jobs is intolerable.

Salt Lake City, UT

I need some help. I keep reading about the illegal alliens now demanding their rights. I seen it in the Tribune this morning which is a sad newspaper, I would like to know if anyone can explain to me what are the rights of a person entering into our country illegal. They come here demanding medical help, free education as well obtaining various benefits for children also illegal or born in the USA from illegal parents. They flaunt there being illegal and in many cases even say they have falsified creditionals and we do nothing. They should not be here unless they are going through the process of becoming a American citizen through the proper requiements. Why do we have such a hard time defining the problem when they are breaking the law. Why do we condone this? If we challenge the illegal issue we are racists. They are criminals and should be treated as such. Our churches and many officals are supporting the people who break our laws. Sad when churches support illegal activity. Compassion should be shown to the American citizens footing the illegal costs through paying our taxes, job loss and most important the school negative impact.

Clearfield, UT

7 pages of propaganda are not enough to drown out, in my ears, the pleas and cries of those slaves who are victims of Human Trafficking which is masquerading as Illegal Immigration.

For those of us who are of "THE [REAL] WORLD", we will [NEVER] let the innocent cries and pleas of those who are suffering at the hands of pimps and human traffickers go unnoticed or ignored any longer.

I just pray more ethical progressives will start to hear the same pleading and cries from those modern day slaves who are suffering torture even as we embolden the pimps and human handlers through our arguing about "illegal immigration".

I am only one, and yet I am one and I will spend every day speaking out against the evil of Human Trafficking until every tear has been dried and every heartache of the innocent soothed (every perpetrator brought to justice) until they live with the peace and safety their Heavenly Father desires for them.

Sandy, UT

Wait... lets see

Cop: Mr. M are you a criminal

Mr. M No

Cop: Yes you are, you were here illegally
(as in Illegal Immigrant)
Mr. M: Crap

Charged 1,000 dollars (or pesos)
Sent back to Mexico
if they cross the border they will sent to California, where they are welcome

Welcome to Rod Country

I will be the governor in 2036

Utah will be beter, not illegal immigrants!

Mary E Petty
Sandy, UT

Senator Robles is a modern day American Patriot for her efforts and leadership to establish good law for Utah workers with SB 60. Thank you for joining with the Sutherland Institute and the Utah Compact to create this farsighted and innovative law.

You are like the heroes in American History who creatively fought against bad law: Samuel Adams (1773 Boston Tea Party vs. Stamp Act)and Thomas Jefferson (1776 Declaration of Independence vs the Crown) and Vermont (1777 outlawed slavery within her boundaries), keep it up,Luz, Paul Mero, the Sutherland Institute, and Utah Compact!

People of good-will want Utah worker-law to be good law that is reasonable and practical, reflects Utah's unique understanding of immigrants, states rights and humanitarianism, and promotes public safety, freedom, and economic prosperity. We don't have to wait for the federal government to establish good law in Utah for our workers. Through the adoption of SB 60, Utah can lead the way in the US immigration debate about what constitutes good worker law and is in the best interests of our state and nation

SB 60 and the Utah Compact are the right solution for Utah's needs in 2011.

Kearns, UT

So how did Robles get elected anyway? She is also in favor of breaking the Constitution. Why is that? In fact there are several legislatures and Senators that shove the Constitution in the background. Utah's politicians are supposed to support the citizens and the Constitution. What is happening. We are starting to look like Chicago.

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