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Published: Sunday, Feb. 20 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Murray, UT

No mention about Robles working for the country of Mexico trying to influence immigration laws in the US while head of the Utah Office of Ethnic Affairs?

Pam Perlich is always good for a quote ignoring the law breaking. People are resentful of the law breaking, not immigration. Come here legally under the law, and there is not a problem.

Chattanooga, TN

So, a Hispanic has a suggestion for keeping all Hispanics here? Wow, how novel. No amnesty of any kind, and that includes special cards that allow them to stay because they decided the US will be Hispanic.

Murray, Ut

A mention about her working for the government of Mexico to influence US immigration, should be included in any story. It is part of her history, and helps explain some of her motivations.

Albuquerque, NM

Deseret News can find a dozen reasons to reject a post in opposition to the article, but the opposition merely grows angry. Denying freedom of speech to selected opinions is a very ugly censorship.

Illegal aliens are ... illegal. They are not allowed to vote, and they should not be represented by any but the immigration lawyer that attempts to mitigate their problems. I think we call that ... aiding and abetting Luz. Try representing Americans instead.

Middle of the Road
Home Town USA, UT

Ms. Robles has a huge conflict of interest here. Thank goodness she cannot "legally" run for president!
To quote the article about Robles:

"She is giving immigrants false hope, they say, because the bill is unconstitutional. Legally, they argue, the federal government cannot give a state the power to allow undocumented immigrants to work."

The Coalition of Progressives, sounds like the Nancy Pelosi group who ramrodded the Obamacare through and shoved down our throats ignoring that it was also, 'unconstitutional.'

Vernal, UT

Why doesn't Robles look at getting existing Federal programs more efficient, if her goal is to somehow make it easier for foreigners to work in Utah? Instead she wants to create some new bureaucracy? If, and only if, businesses were to cover all of the costs associated with illegals in Utah, it might be valid to have such a program. And if the businesses covered the costs of all of the unemployment that resulted. But, until that happens, no sanctuary.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

Why does the DN push this on us?

Cedar City, UT

I have friends from many cultures and i have a love of different cultures, but the people that are pushing to change the immigration laws in the United States, should be working to change the laws in their home country, where all their citizens would be FREE to govern themselves.

Roosevelt, UT

I admire Robles for being there for her people, but working outside the law is still illegal in this country.

the groundswell in Utah is against letting the illegal people reside here. The cost is great to the state as far as education dollars, medical dollars, administration dollars.

Yet the illegals care not for the state or the cost over runs or the breaking of laws, instead they insist they do not have to abide the country's immigration laws. Many of them fill the prison system so they do not choose to abide other laws. Their background and education are not a good fit for this country.

They seek to impose themselves on the state asking for legal people to leave them alone and overlook their illegal activities and lifestyles.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

This non-story is a waste of paper, time, and ink.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

I really really liked two parts of this bill. First that they need to pass a criminal background check. I couldn't agree more. This is my favorite area of discussion on this matter. I can just see all those illegal immigrant/illegal criminals lining up to do that. Will it be done in a multiple choice or True False format and... will they need a conceal and carry permit for their illegal guns that many of them will have...or... will they be allowed to check them at the door???

Secondly, I do agree whole heartedly that they must learn to speak English first. So how much are their home countries paying towards the bill for us to teach them English??? Just so I know how many one dollar bills that I'm going to have to put in a cookie jar ahead of time. And will you be taking the supplies for this project from our grade school children or from our secondary students??? Like everything in this issue...will those supplies be going in and out through the back doors or will someone up front be there keeping track.

Well that's somewhere to start...Right???

Sandy, UT

NOT the answers we need to curtail an invasion that's grinding this nation to a fine powder of third-world performance and universal poverty. You want to be "charitable" and "compassionate?" Go to the other countries with VOLUNTARY resources, and help them create a decent habitat there. Importing all their weaknesses and problems here won't solve anything for anyone in the long run. There's a lot of silly sound off going on . . . but there's also a time for intelligent and definitive action. People like Stephen Sandstrom are trying to make progress; people like Robles obviously never will.

Saint George, UT

"The truth is Luz has an image problem with the Latino community," said Tony Yapias of Proyecto Latino de Utah. "She's become a part of the system and she's forgotten who she is all for political gain."

Luz is in a pickle, for sure. She came in the "right" way, is a U.S. citizen, and took an oath to uphold the law when she took office. Add to that her working for the Mexican government to ease immigration problems and she has a real conflict.

I had to laugh at the statements that illegals have limited access to health care. Gee, so do some real U.S. citizens.

Legislators, PLEASE stop making Utah a magnet for illegals. If you stop building it, they will go AWAY.

Ferron, Utah

Funny the rest of the world has come to realize diversity does not work . . . . yet American left-wing liberals and progressives (read communists) keep pushing it. Why is it that people like Lobles and her left-wing, liberal, and progressive cohorts can't understand that these people are breaking the law and are criminals even though legislators, like Robles, have swore to uphold the law and the constitution?

Salt Lake City, UT

Keep it up Sen. Robles!!! I'm so glad that someone creative and compassionate like her is working on the immigration issue.

To the Deseret News (and Elizabeth Stuart in particular), thank you for shedding light on the legislative backdrop surrounding surrounding Robles apropose bill. I sincerely hope it passes, if for no other reason than to show the Federal Government that there are comprehensive solutions available if they would just be open to consideration.

Salt Lake City, UT

Luz Robles. You rock! Thanks for not buying into silly taglines like "amnesty" (as if that were a bad word).

You've got a good head on your shoulders with the inventiveness of your immigration bill. It's the right balance of enforcement and dare I say it, "compassion" (as if that were a bad word, too).

Even if it doesn't stand up to Federal legal muster, it's a way to show the Federal Government that there are answers, if they could just be a little more creative.

I hope the bill passes!

Orleans, IN

A despicable example is the Sanctuary State of California that is still suffering from a $24 Billion dollar treasury loss and still being monetarily ransacked by illegal aliens education, health care, public programs and overcrowded prisons. Join the TEA Party as they are fighting for smaller government and less taxes extorted from your wages.Already a million plus Taxpayer's have investigated truthful illegal alien welfare costs, population statistics and your chance to fax for free the leadership in Washington at NumbersUSA pro-sovereignty organization. NumbersUSA and hundreds of grass-roots groups and associations will never accept another amnesty, any defacto amnesty such as the Dream Act or any method to legitimize the minor or odious criminals who snubbed our laws. More and more American citizens are being victimized by illegal aliens, thanks to a half finished fence.

Farmington, UT

So she believes we are resorting to "racial profiling" to address our illegal immigrant problem. Can I just point out, that anytime any of us are pulled over by the authorities, even if we just have our license plate light burned out, our identities are compared to a warrant database. It is not a big stretch to also assess citizenship among the criminal concerns. Or should I cry "racial profiling" every time my identity is compared to a warrant database??

Senator Robles is not looking beyond her own images. There is a much bigger world that she is ignoring.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Jay Tee...That reminds me...
And oh yes Mrs. Robles how do you find the time for such glorified and devisive work... especially when one of your collegues like Mr. Sandstrom and others are spending such valuable time on a really much more important matter. You see it's really important right now for them to protect the rights of another even more important minority group. I'm sorry but immigration issues will just have to take a back seat to the rights of few elite student athletes, their parents, coaches and a few Lawyers.

It seems, that an organization known as the Utah High School Activities Association... which was created to oversee and to regulate all High School activities, for the nonsensible purpose of ensuring the welfare for all Utah High school age students...and not just an elite few has come under fire from the legislature. How dare this oranization put this elite minority group in a position where they can't pick and choose to go and build their athletic careers any where they want to at taxpayers expense. After all High School is about sports not Academics. That would be so Unamerican. bring on the litigation.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

The position of the Deseret News on illegal aliens is a sign of the apocalypse.
Just imagine what we are seeing here; a traditional organ of the GOP in the reddest state in the country pitching de facto amnesty for illegals.
It can only mean that Mormons have elites as well.

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