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Published: Saturday, Feb. 19 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Ogden, UT

I know this is going to make a lot of people mad, but Coach Sloan is only a MEDIOCRE players coach.

Inadvertently, Jerry would find a way to lose a significant number of games, and for sure the big ones, with the Kobes, Jameses, Anthonys, Durrants, Shaqs, even the Jordans.

He even found a way to do it with Stockton and Malone! Those two would have had multiple rings with the Jacksons, Rileys, Popovics, and several other truly outstanding NBA coaches.

The problem is, Jerry Sloan ALWAYS has to be in charge of making all the decisions. He can't delegate; he has to control. Jordan would have driven him mad!

When he gets excellent players, yes, like DWil, and lots of others, he can't handle them. The truth is, Stockton was unique, but face it, he was not as physically gifted as Deron nor several other point guards in the league.

Sloan only kept Malone marginally under control and that was because of Stockton. Jerry says they MADE HIM not vice-versa. And he's absolutely right!

If the Utah Jazz is be an NBA Champion, the coaching style of necessity has to change. End of story.

Saint George, UT

with sloan gone and williams gone nobody will want to come to utah only a matter of time before franchise may move started down once larry miller died and greg took over i like the jazz alot but this could play out 5 or 6 years down the road hope the break will give the team a chance to relax and come back and regroup and make the playoffs go jazz

Enterprise, UT

How did williams win two wrestling championships and play basketball at the same time? In Utah the two sports are at the same season.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I think if D-Will did not force Sloan out. And Sloan wants what is best for the Jazz. Then why does he not come out and say, look i left because i gave all i had and had no more to give so i left. It had nothing to do with D-Will. It would help all involved.

Ogden, UT

@ footballmanic | 10:12 a.m. Feb. 20, 2011

Uh, duh! He didn't wrestle and play b-ball in Utah!

Santa Monica, CA

Yarrlydarb--careful. You begin to sound like the Jr. Jazz coach who finally figures out that the way to victories lies in red velvet cupcakes! For everyone! Including the refs! I'll agree, there were a lot of players who couldn't or wouldn't play for Jerry Sloan---but look what happened when you found a few who could. Now we'll see who will play for Coach Dwon't. Probably lots of players. Free wheeling--make it up as you go along--care about defense when you feel like it--pretend to listen to the figurehead during time outs, but remember--it's really Dwon'ts team (KOC and the Millers said so)---should be lot's of fun. And tons of wins and banners all along the way.

Well---(sigh)--we'll see.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

As long as Corbin continues to give CJ his deserved minutes (35 a game) the Jazz will start winning games again. However Corbin needs to start him at the 2 position and bring bell of the bench.

CJ will average over 20 a game with the minutes and a coach who can call plays for him.

Bell can relax on the bench and play 15 - 20 minutes a game and move CJ to the 3 position when AK needs a break.

With Dwill and CJ both averaging over 20 a game, it will completley open up the middle for Millsap and AJ to do the same.

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

For all of you fans that think D-Will is going to be a Jazz player much longer you can forget it. It's on hoopshype today that he has made comments out in La La land the past few days of joining Stoudemire in N.Y. after next season. If I were the Jazz he would be gone this year and preferably before the trade deadline so as to get a PG for the future and give him some experience in the system this year. There alot of PG available especially with D-Will in the mix in a trade and I would pull the trigger on one this year. Look to the future with the new staff Jazz, and see about trading C.J., A.K., and Memo while at it. This year is all about developing but losing 2 or 3 of the players this year we need to get a jump and get players ready for next year.

Ogden, UT

@ bgl | 12:21 p.m. Feb. 20, 2011
Santa Monica, CA

Hey bgl, say something with substance, not cutesy comments.

You think he could have coached, say, Jordan?!

Not on your life.

Jackson did, and how many championships did the Bulls win?!

He had Shaq and Kobe, and guess what, more championships!

Facts stand alone, cutesy, red, velvet cupcakes don't.

Bottom line: Jerry in 23 years never won the big ones!

Enid, OK

Article quote from Deron Williams: "It was frustrating because I felt like I know I wasn't the reason Coach Sloan decided to step down," Williams said. "If Coach Sloan calls a play, I'm going to run it."

Well then, Deron, why DIDN'T you run it?

I like you, amigo, but the fact is Coach Sloan called a play and you didn't run it but called your own.


Syracuse, UT

In order for Miles to average 20 points a game, he'd have to average a lot more minutes than 35 and jack up 15 or 20 more shots.
Williams wrestled as a child.

Syracuse, UT

In 1993, as an eight-year-old, he won the 67 lb. weight class Texas State championship. Four years later in 1997, he won the twelve-year-old 116 lb. weight class championship

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

While it is true that Salt Lake City may be a little too clean and tame and boring for the kind of lifestyle that today's hoopsters lead, and if winning was more important than an L.A. or New York pay scale that most selfish players want, with the right "lunchbox" professionalism as promoted by a Coach Sloan, the Jazz could still be a dominating force.

Finding dedicated soldiers is the trick. They are so few and far between. Most players have been polluted with fame, fortune and excesses. Here's an Allstar team that would have been thrilled to play in Utah and for Jerry Sloan:

Point Guard- John Stockton
Shooting Guard- Joe Dumars
Small Forward- Larry Bird
Power Forward- Karl Malone
Center- Bill Russell

These tough as nails players (just like Sloan) gave everything they had to win regardless of the money, the city or the coach. I'd take these guys any day of the week. They understood the game and respected the NBA more than their vain ambitions.

Too bad we have to watch a bunch of self serving, Prima donna punks instead of the old guard of yesteryear.

Sloan will be sorely missed.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Miles: I see your now agreeing that CJ needs to be at the 2 position, not the 3.
With Corbins positive attitude towards CJ, and more minutes maybe, hopefully, CJ will improve and become consistent. The Jazz need it and if AK can stay healthy I think the Jazz can get on a winning streak.
AJ has been showing signs of improving lately and if CJ improves and AK stays healthy I have some hope.
Time will tell but I'm willing to give Corbin some time to make adjustments.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I think the new CBA will address players leaving to big markets and teaming up of star players to try to win championships. I hope they have a hard cap and maybe a franchise tag for at least one player, maybe 2.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Yardly...: I agree that a change of coaching is probably a good thing at this time.
Coaching makes a big difference and Sloan's style has been very successful but I'm ready for a change, I hope Corbin isn't too enamored with Sloans style that he won't make changes. Changes need to be made.
Coaches can make or break a player and can have a major impact on their development or lack there of.

Dick of the NW
Bainbridge Island, Washington

When D-Will becomes a free agent he will do what he wants to do after the 2012 season. The Jazz has to make the best basketball decisions for the TEAM. If there were just a way the Jazz could get the Jimmer so he could learn from D-Will. What a combo at the guards. Not a one and two guard but just guards like very old school. GO JAZZ!

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Steve Jensen
Herriman, UT

ESPN Does have Deron going to the Knoick in 2012....hopefully he stays. It is interesting how Jazz fans are such 'Dooms Day' fans. We as Jazz fans have been spoiled. There is NO proof that Deron made Jerry leave. Jerry has had disagreements his several dozen players over the years - Star, starter and role players. Odds are it wasn't Deron. Most likely its Kevin O'Conner trading and not re-signing the players that Jerry wants - at least that is what my inside scources have implied. Jerry didn't think that he could win with the players that he had, and he was right - they aren't winning.
The thing is - O'Conner needs to go and won't be gone anytime soon; and Greg Miller is cheap and nothing like Larry.

Springville, UT

Yep, yep, yep. ESPN Radio today was talking all about Deron to NY next year to play with Stoudamire and Anthony if they get their deals.

Anyone surprised?

Ogden, UT

See ya DW! Good luck and good riddance...

What a spoiled boy...

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