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Published: Thursday, Feb. 17 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Time to draft Jimmer!

Bountiful, UT

I am officially DISGUSTED by this season. Keep DWill, Jefferson and Hayward. Rebuild for next year to make some serious noise. Non-salvageable season for anything worthwhile besides a first round dismissal.

samuel h wiscomb
Sun Lakes, AZ

Better D + fewer TO's + more points= more points

Saint George, UT

Anyone surprised when they read this title??

Apparently with coach Sloan, they couldnt start well and with Corbin, they cant finish.
I think statman has the best possible solution, though...

Pleasant Grove, UT

The Jazz just aren't a very good defensive team, & it seems like the entire league knows how to beat them now.

Murray, UT

Tough loss again. They started to look good there for a bit in that fourth quarter.

Again CJ what is your problem man? I am not a fan at all. His shot selection is so so poor. The guy is on an island. WHO GAVE HIM THIS GREEN LIGHT TO SHOOT THE WAY HE DOES???? Guys miss he is human , but good grief in that fourth quarter I was coming unglued watching him continue to chuck them up. 1 for 6. And the one he makes was a layup. Go figure..

Houston, TX

Same Song 3rd Verse.

The starters logged 40 minutes. By the 4th Q they could not play intense D.

The opponents packed the paint. There was not enough 3 point shooting to open it up. GS gambled and doubled inside.

Until AK, Bell and maybe Okur get healthy enough to play effectively this will continue to happen.

It is not a lack of effort or even talent.

This team was poorly designed from the start. There was never enough outside shooting.

Sloan/KOC bet on Okur getting healthy, Hayward shooting, and on Bell and AK staying healthy.

The Jazz a wing who can shoot and 3rd decent big so they can rotate AJ, Millsap and ?. If you add those two pieces the Jazz contend.

With Hayward starting to develop they have 4 okay wings but still lack outside shooting. They do not have the 3rd big.

I am not sure how much longer AK and Bell will be out but this will continue until the Jazz can unpack the paint and give some rest to the 5 starters for a 4Q push.

The players played hard. They played pretty well. They need more resources.

Get a shooter.

Houston, TX

The TOs mostly come from packed paint. The poor D comes from too many minutes.

Bellevue, WA

Can anyone tell me why Milsap is in to finish games? He gives zero.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I know missing shots tonight was frustrating but defense is the biggest problem.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

How do you like coach Williams?

vancouver, wa

About one week to go Come on KOC...let's get some players. If we get much worse we should all leave the Jazz and watch Corbin's son play for West High.

Tokyo, Japan

I think Big Al has a curse...i mean...he only tasted one winning season...and he was a bench player at a time...maybe he is bad luck...lol....we should have chased david west with the boozer TPE...although...David West is a PF...at least...millsap would be coming off the bench...leading the second unit...him coming off the bench is a major boost...has anyone noticed this? the years millsap came off the bench providing a spark...its like having another starting PF...nowadays...who comes off the bench to provide low post scoring? none...low post scoring means high percentage shots...im going to give credit to CJ for having a good game...though the last quarter was not that good...overall he is ok...

Ogden, UT

Maybe the Jazz are trying to become a lottery team?

Lehi, UT

I have been saying all season long long that we need more shooters.


Nobody should be exempt from a trade if it makes us better.

Bring in Kamen to play center, he can rebound.

Shooters are a dime a dozen, take your pick.
We have trade assets, expiring contracts and other options. I hope the Jazz make some moves, or it's going to be a liong season, one I will stop paying to watch.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Let's see.......Three starters out with injuries (Memo, Bell and AK) plus a bench player in Price who plays good against the small Warriors.

4 0f 5 of the starters logging over 40 minutes two nights in a row. Even Phil Jackson would not have won this game.

Other points.......Most of you say that Jerry was one of the best coaches in basketball and he couldn't win with this team and his system. So bring in Corbin, with no head coaching experience and running the same system with the same players. Did any of you think the Jazz were really going to start winning games? On paper the Jazz are worse off now than when they lost 9 of 12 with Jerry.

More....Since CJ has been in the starting lineup, the Jazz have been leading after the first quarter. Shows that AK should come off the bench and CJ should be starting.

More....Memo if healthy should start and Millsap should be a 6th man on this team with AK.

Bell needs to be traded immediately........

CJ kept us in the game in the 3rd quarter and you all complain

Captain L
Provo, UT

Miles: AK needs to start, and CJ needs to start at the 2, Bell is the one that needs to come off the bench.

Rexburg, ID

Their defense just fizzled at the end, they got tired. But man oh man why is it the Suns have like 5 three point shooters, the Warriors have like 4 and the Jazz have 1 every 5 games or so when CJ can hit. It is frustrating they lead they whole game then blow it.

Does anyone really ever expect Okur to come back? I think his career may be done. Better start preparing for it.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

No shooters on this team. Our only consistent shooter is a center whose career may be over.

Not to mention the terrible defense they played in the fourth quarter. Ellis carved the defense up and they shooters didn't chuck up bricks like CJ did.

Bad loss. 5 in a row at home. Never seen that in my lifetime thats for sure.

Santa Ana, CA

CJ Great? Hee hee yeah when the Jazz needed him down the stretch he chucks 3s goes back to old habits when his defense and driving were effective in the 3rd quarter.

CJ was simply maavelous 1-6 in the 4th quarter. Sloan/Corbin decided lets pack the paint and give another career night to Reggie Williams even the legendary Jeremy Lin.

Ellis destroys Watson and friends. He is an all star. The Warriors 3 point basket show in the 2nd half is the story again tonight. The lack of Fesenko being used, Evans doing great 6 points, 6 boards and only 10 minutes.

The Jazz actually played defense in the 3rd Quarter getting a lot of steals. In the 4th, then the Warriors knew the Jazz were not defending 3s especially on the left, so focused on this. It worked and would have worked sooner had they elected to go with it.

So tonight 9th in the West. Dallas next week on Wed.

Still the mass are happy feeling no trades, injured players back will turn the Jazz around happily therafter and to challenge LA or SA for the World Title.

Hee hee

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