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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 15 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Draper, UT

Your headline is the most encouraging news I've read all year about the Utah basketball program. There is hope if we say goodbye to Jim before he totally destroys the 11th [formerly] best basketball program in the country. My family will not be going to the Huntsman tonight to watch 3 and 8 Utah play 2 and 9 Wyoming in a boring, pass the ball around, pretend basketball game. I think I have to mow the lawn or go to the dentist. However, I think we do have one first in the country this year - Utah has to be the ONLY school where the women's gymnastics team more than doubles the fans of the men's basketball team. Unbelievable. Make the change now before we get drilled in the PAC-12.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

The Rock Monster has spoken . . . er, written!

The big problem for Chris Hill is the economics. The numbers say, "Make the change."

For Utah, however, part of their reputation requires them to be able to hold onto and to support a coach. Giacoletti and Boylen both won conference championships. To dismiss them both within two years shouts, "Hey! Anybody who comes here better get a long-term guaranteed contract, because we will terminate the agreement if you have two successive tough years."

So, the problem gets tougher for Hill and the Utes. The reality is that the Utah fans are fickle and won't support a team that struggles.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Utes should hold off on that ticket price increase if they want to attract a fan base. Perhaps they should be giving free tickets away to school children for good reading performance. They need to do something to actually put bodies in those seats.

That used to not be a problem.

Consider if the football team has a few bad years. How soon will the program lose its current fan base? Think about how many people left early during the TCU game, and you can see the Utes could be in trouble very quickly if they can't stay competitive.

Harwich, MA

Of course he won't be back.
The school won't take a team of this skill set to the Pac 12 just to be the weekly doormat.
I imagine coach Boylen is a fine man and a nice guy but it's time for he and the school to move on.

Sloppy J
St. Louis, MO

The Marriott Center's been "less than half-empty" all year, Rock Monster, but the TUN's arena has not. I think you meant "less than half-full" or "more than half-empty." My middle-school English teacher is beaming with pride right now.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I say that Utah should give him more time. To be fair, he should get another ten years at least to work on the program. I like the direction he is taking the team and he deserves some time to see how far he can take them.

south jordan, utah

I lost faith in Boylen after the Arizona loss in the NCAA Tournament 2 years ago. It wasn't the loss itself that concerned me but rather how we looked totally unprepared for that Arizona team. Boylen seems to be a great guy and I would have liked to see him succeed but it just isn't happening. It's time for Utah to cut it's losses and go in a different direction.

West Jordan, UT

This article is dicouraging. I was really HOPING Jim Boylen was the future.

But in all honesty...

I think at this point its very obvious that Boylen is NOT your guy. Hill should have let him go to moment he realized that.

Heres what I don't understand.. If Chris Hills intentions are to let Boylen go, why wouldnt he just him go immediately to start the rebuilding process now? At least the team would have a chance to enter the pac12 on a positive note with a new coach who has a few games under his belt.

Chris Hill is smart. Im wondering if the utes WILL see a new coach next year. Its all very perplexing.

Ann Arbor, MI

Sports junkie,

Hill will wait until July 1st to can Boylen. Based on the contract the Utes could save as much as 500K if they wait.

Ogden, UT

Why would Stew want that mess at his age??

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

It would be extremely bad PR for Utah, to raise ticket prices for an inferior product. Putting a new label(PAC 12) on the product, doesn't mean it's worth more money.

Nowadays, announced attendance (paid attendance), is much greater than actual attendance, which means that a lot of Utah fans who have tickets aren't even bothering to show up.

Raising ticket prices may be the final straw for some of those fans who may simply stop buying season tickets until they see a better product being put on the floor.

The question for Hill is, how far can he afford to see attendance drop before he pulls the plug on Boylen.

Centerville, UT

I admire Jim's passion for the game and his devotion to the program. Yes, he has only gone 1-7 against BYU while his predecessor went 3-3. His predessor had a year with the best college player in the country while BYU had a down year. (That accounted for two of the three victories, the other was an upset at the HC in 2006).

The defense has been better under Boylen. No question about that.

But the offense has not improved at all. There is no dead-eye shooter. There is no post up threat. The fact that we are in the 300's in assists per game speaks volumes about the offense.

springville, UT

Give the guy a chance. He has this program right on the edge of turning it around. Besides which alum is going to step up to the plate and pay the millions in a buyout. With the mess of not getting one single dime from the pac 12 for two years, its not like the u can afford to fire him. Patience is what is needed with boiling right now.

Salt Lake City, UT

Like Gary Crowton at BYU, some coaches just are great assistant coaches, but they just aren't qualified to be head coaches.

That seems to be Boylen's problem. He's fine coaching a particular position, big men I heard in the NBA, but he doesn't know how to put a system together that incorporates the skill sets of an entire team.

Utah is one of the worst in the country in assists and turnovers, which is direct result of a sloppy, undisciplined offense.

Boylen will take the money and run back to the Big Ten or the NBA as an assistant, which is where he should have stayed all along.

West Jordan, UT


Thanks for the info. Makes sense.

This is a crucial time for utah basketball. Another bad season with another bad coach and recruiting will take another step (or two) back.

Chris Hill needs to put a lot of thought into his next hire. So far his track record for hiring bball coaches isnt all that impressive.

Ann Arbor, MI

Kewgs sound really worried about a coaching change at Utah. Their subconcious is telling them that their fifteen minutes of fame are just about up.

Enjoy your cute little jimer story - come the second week of March it's all over.

Salt Lake City, Utah

What's in a name? (My Name) Everything.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hill might be able save 500K by waiting until July 1st to let Boylen go, but, would there still be a decent coach available by then?

Most Coaching changes will be starting in early April, which means the Utes would be two months behind the rest of the country if they way until July 1st.

Would Hill take the chance of starting his search for a new coach without first telling Boylen that he was being fired? That's not something Hill would be able to keep from leaking out.

Salem, UT

I don't get all the talk about Utah going to a superior basketball conference in the Pac-12. Last I have seen the MWC is much better. Utah and Boylen will do better in an inferior Pac-12 basketball conference. Keep him!

Big J
Bountiful, UT

Here is the bottom line. Looking at Utah's schedule this year, I would expect this team to be at least 18-10. This would include sweeps by BYU, SDSU, and UNLV. Those losses should all be less than 10 points. In other words, the game was decided in the final minutes. A split with NMS. Road losses to UT State, Michigan, and Butler.

That would be a team making progress maybe stealling a game from the big three. But clearly that is not our team.

Go Utes!

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