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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 15 2011 1:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Why not sign someone to a 10-day? Jazz fans deserve something to get excited about. Bring back Jeffers and pick up a decent big man.

Even if they dont' get a second 10-day, I'll still like pretending that they are good.

Sandy, UT

This is goofy, They 13 players which of 4 are hurt, WHY? don't they sign someone?

does the "Flexability" that spoke of at the begining of the season worked out?

Ivins, UT

Brace yourselves fans...for another loss, and another...and another....things can only get better in time. Do not loose hope. Give coach some time to work things out.

Springville, UT

Even some of the "healthy" players are a little banged up right now. (D-Will and Millsap) It's looking like it will be a dog fight for the eighth seed with Portland and Memphis breathing down their necks right now. At this point, I'd say give more minutes to Hayward, Evans and Fes to see where they will fit in the team's long-term plans. I'm also not opposed to them giving some guys a shot on a 10 day contract like Gaines and Jeffers last year.

West Jordan, UT

Its going to be an ugly game. The Jazz will get run out of town by Phoenix.

Rexburg, ID

We just need to look at the positive of this which is we will finally be able to develop our younger players. Fes really needs good minutes consistently along with hayward. The Jazz have enough talent to do well while bringing these guys along. It may not always be pretty but it will be worth it in the long run. GO JAZZ!!

Sandy, UT

I think these last two games (tonight and tomorrow night) are simply the storm before the calm. The off days over this weekend's All-Star Fiasco will help our guys get healed (relatively) and get their heads wrapped around the current change circumstances. I think/hope they are 100% behind Coach Corbin and will want to give him their best during the second half of the season and show they are worth (???) their millions. One can dream...

Go Jazzboys tonight. Just do your best with what you've got.

Lehi, UT

Why not start Fesenko tonight? He can slow down "side show Bob"! I expect the Jazz to win tonight, I highly doubt Big Al will shoot as poorly as he did last game. The Jazz are hungry, we need this win badly.


Hailey, ID

Well this should be interesting. With the players giving about 70% effort over the last month, that equals 6.3 players.
Where is the trade talk.
Come on KOC show a backbone and make a move. Or will he just let the chips we have right now in the trade game turn to nothing as always.

Salt Lake City, UT

Short handed? Deron Williams doesn't need anyone else. Especially not a coach. Why he can win all by himself.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

CJ will score 40 tonight. Dwill 35. Jazz win by 10

Chuck Nunn
Logan, UT

Fesenko needs to have more minutes and touches on the ball than he did Friday. Marcin Gortat scored all his points against players other than Fesenko, and he didn't play at all when R-Lo was in the game. The kid has to play more. They don't have to turn the whole game over to him, but he has to be allowed to play a big role off the bench.

Ivins, UT

Deno 22

Does Fez really have it in him to be a super star???
Some of that must be bred into him. He does not seem to be a natural. Maybe it takes a Malone to know a Malone? In the meantime, he gives marginal effort. He looks lost most of the time. Karl, what do you say????

Saint George, UT

Can we trade KOC for someone that has never seen a basketball.

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