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Published: Monday, Feb. 14 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ann Arbor, MI

I thought the latest frontier was being a missionary...even though he isn't?

Wow, the guys busy.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

Interesting article. I'm not so interested in how it pertains to Jimmer particularly, as I'm not a BYU fan and I've only watched a couple of their games, but the discussion points on college refereeing in general was insightful. Thanks!

Lindon, UT

There's a well researched study from 2009 that confirmed the home team theory, but to me, that was the least interesting conclusion. Search for
"Fewer fouls called on home team" and you'll find it.

South Jordan, UT

"Do officiating crews decide before a game how it will be called? Do officials react to a player's stardom? If a player becomes whiny, do officials tell themselves it's going to be hard for the guy to get a call or two until he knocks it off?

The answer is yes, to all, according to a veteran college official I (Dick Harmon) spoke with on Monday while researching to understand the dynamics of officiating and their approach to games and star players."

Having attended and watched all the games that BYU has played, we would agree that the officiating changes with Jimmer in the game. He has been mugged, slapped, knocked down flat, and no call has been made. Talk about unfair....when you see moments later that our players tap another player and draw the foul.

It is very obvious that the referees are not being totally fair to the physical pushing and shoving to Jimmer. He is an outstanding player and has had to surmount not only the full court rotation press, but also the injustice of poor refereeing.

We just ask that referees be fair in their calls. Anyone would get frustrated!

Go Courgars!

Arlington, VA

ESPN's take on the MWC officiating:

"there can be no argument that Fredette is getting the stuffing knocked out of him on a nightly basis, and this past week in particular, the whistle was swallowed more often than not.

It appears that Fredette's brilliance and as a scorer and ease in finding different ways to score is leading officials to make him have to work even harder than lesser players to earn the whistle."


MWC officials need to stop officiating the physical play against Fredette like it's a rugby match, or a great season for the MWC could turn into a national disgrace.

As much as Craig Thompson hates BYU, he needs to be smart enough to realize that the eyes of the nation are watching and this could turn really ugly for the MWC in a hurry if it's not promptly and forcefully addressed.

If Fredette goes down with a serious injury because the MWC fails to address this volatile situation properly, the conference can kiss goodbye all of the good will they've built up over the years.

Overton, NV

I understand the idea that games are getting tougher the second time around. But some of the fouls on Jimmer have been borderline flagrant. And there have been some of the so-called "air borne" fouls on Jimmer that haven't been called at all.

If the officials don't put an end to it soon, it wouldn't surprise me to see Jimmer get hurt. And that's something that no real fan wants to see.

Orem, UT

The reason the NBA protects it's stars is because they're the bread and butter of the league.

The MWC needs to be smart enough to protect its stars, especially if they're not getting the same calls an average player would get.

Just because Jimmer is nearly impossible to guard one-on-one, doesn't mean that MWC officials should be swallowing their whistles on physical play just to give opponents a chance.

It's better to turn the game into a free-throw shooting contest than to risk a player being seriously injured just because he's better than any other player on the court.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

Enough is enough.

The physical play on Jimmer is starting to get down right dirty and bordering on flagrant.

I know that Craig Thompson is going out of his way to make life difficult for teams leaving his precious conference (see TCU/BSU game site switcheroo), and especially BYU, but it's time he pulled his head out and realized that this could turn into a public relations nightmare for him and the MWC if officials don't start calling the very obvious fouls on Jimmer.

Craig Thompson and the MWC are responsible for the officiating and have an obligation to ensure the fairness of the officiating, but more importantly, the SAFETY of the student athletes.

A directive to all MWC officials should be sent immediately to address physical play, not only against Jimmer, but throughout the league.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

All the officials have to do is try tocall the game according to the rules.If you watch games around the country there is a big difference in officiating. They all (supposedly) are using the same rule book.I know it is a difficult job but when they decide they are going to change how they make calls becaues of one player or it's a big game, or tournament time, then they get into trouble.If they are consistent in how they call a game good players will adjust. But when they change because of a player or circumstance that's when players,coaches and fans get upset.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

If ESPN sees it, it's pretty obvious.

Mapleton, Utah

My only thought on this subject is that, in general, Referee's do not like to call fouls on the opposing team when the player with the ball looks like he is 'out of control'.

That is a problem with The Jimmer. His drives are so athletic and so dance like and sometimes even so unbelievable, that the Ref's sometimes treat it as 'out of control' when it isn't.

And that is the other side of the problem...Sometimes The Jimmer appears out of control because he was knocked around by the first defender, further knocked around by the second defender and then off balance and out of sorts by the time the 3rd defender bumps him underneath the basket. Thus, the infamous 'no call'.

He is hard to ref, no doubt, but as a fan, all I ever want from an official is to call it both ways. Stop with calling the stupid ticky tack fouls on Jackson, when Jimmer is getting hammered and there is no call.

Palo Alto, CA

That MWC promotional video with players helping helping each other out looks kind of lame when the MWC allows players to be mugged like Jimmer is being mugged lately.

Physical play is one thing, but this is way over the top!

Lubbock, TX

Let's just remember the MWC coalition to hinder BYUs progress, soon it'll all be over and then the MWC won't have anyone to hate.

Alpine, UT

PlanetBYU has an interesting take on the whole Jimmer mugging controversy.

The MWC really needs to address this before a once-in-a-generation type player suffers a serious injury because the officials are afraid to call a foul.

Come On
Salt Lake City, UT

Jimmer always has always complained about no calls. It's happened every single game since the beginning of the season. He looks at the coaches, then the referees, or the other way around every time he doesn't get a call. I think almost every player who drives to the basket gets fouled almost every play. They aren't gonna call every single one, no matter who you are. I'm sure if you ask post guys they think they should get more calls too! They get hacked non stop.

Orem, UT

The fact that Jimmer knows how to draw contact shouldn't be a liability. That is part of his basketball IQ and skill.

What I hate is when, say, Brandon Davies, is called for some ticky-tacky foul, then Fredette is bumped or mugged at the other end and no call is made.

Is officiating a tough job? Yes, but trying to play Basketball when the officials are inconsistent during the game is far more difficult.

Finally, I don't go to games to watch the officials, I go to watch the players compete on a fair and equal playing field. When I think that field is skewed, either by the superiority of one team over another, of because the officials haven't a clue, then it no longer becomes entertaining, and becomes an exercise in mediocrity; mainly because the players or officials do not meet the level of competition.

Ernesto de Bajo
Albuquerque, NM

To the dudes that want to put it on Craig Thompson:

I am no fan of Thompson but do you seriously believe that he is telling referees to call games in a way that punishes teams that are leaving the conference?

Payson, UTAH

I asked for someone to do some real research on this issue and tell us the truth about these non-calls and the double standard.

This was a nice first try.

I want to know if the officials have decided ahead of the game to ignore fouls committed against jimmer that they would call against other players. Simply put - is there a double standard against Jimmer?

This article does not clearly answer that question. It dances around it.

Please show a current MWC referee the tapes of the games with the non-calls and stare him the eyes and ask him if they were not fouls and if the tape does not prove that their is a double standard against Jimmer.

Next question after they admit the double standard is - why does it exist?

Payson, UTAH

Please do a follow up on this topic very soon. The issue will still be there after the next game. Maybe you have time to line up an a official and watch the game on tape together. Also look at the game against UTAH and Air Force. Home and away!

Solomon the Wise
Alpine, UT

"Jimmer always has always complained about no calls."

Nothing could be further from the truth, but you're welcome to your clueless rant.

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