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Published: Saturday, Feb. 12 2011 1:00 a.m. MST

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Orem, UT

Actually this hasn't been a rivalry for a few years now.

My how times have changed.

Two teams heading in opposite directions.

Payson, UT

1 game a year will leave the rivalry going for the foreseeable future and I hope to see some memorable moments.

Hope foster steps up his game today to keep it close.

Springville, UT

Hope Jimmer gets his 50 today! So long Utes, enjoy obscurity in the PAC-10.2

Never mind your inane comments about BYU going to the WCC. We've heard them before.

You are about to be Jimmered.

Iowa City, IA

The only team saying the rivalry has waned are only those looking for an excuse for losing so much. That just a cop our for we can't beat these guys even when we use rivalry hatred to get us going.

I guarantee the players are up for this game today.

Ann Arbor, MI

Two teams heading in opposite directions,

90 cougar,

yes, one heading to the storied "Conference of Champions" and the other to the...the.. I'm sorry, I forgot the name.

help me out, it's that conference that sporadically televises games at 11:30 at night...you know in those high school gyms...

Sorry I can't remember the name. But, hey, congratulations.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Today's rout will be one to remember. Christmas in February.

Lehi, UT

You'd think the writer would know the difference between the Huntsman Center and the Marriot Center. Doubt it'll make much difference to the outcome. I see this as a Cougar feasting on a hapless Ute. Think we are getting pie after the game. Jimmer gets 40+. Cosmo entertains. Boylen gets some more excuses. Dr Hill moves a step closer to finding a new coach (but I think he should hold the course, Cougars like Boylen at Utah.

Rexburg, ID

I am disapointed in BYU moving to the WCC. All the years getting "appropriate facilities" sure takes a major step backwards by going to the "gyms" I've seen lately on TV in the WCC. The MWC has finally some great venues.

Utan & PAC 12 is a lateral move, BYU's is down....I guess we'll have to wait and see, but the AD @ BYU will have to produce some real magic to make this credible..... Sort of feels like Egypt getting "Independence.?" Not sure what we got....

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA

Jimmer and the Fredettes will make it 9 of the last 10 for BYU as the Cougars close out their shared conference era with the Utes.

Syracuse, UT

The big difference with two teams going in different directions, hedgehog, is that it doesn't matter what conference you go to in bball. If you win, you win and get to go to March madness, no matter what conference you are in or no conference at all! Even if you are in the "conference of chumps", you have to win game to get to the big dance. The diff here is that the running utes will NOT win games and therefore will not go the the BIG DANCE.

In football you will have to win the majority of your games to go to a bowl game and I do not see the u winning even 6 games per year.

But good luck anyway with at least saying you belong to a AQ conference, even though you never go anywhere.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

And of course the lost little misplaced hedgehog sitting alone... lost in the tree's on the edge of the Great Black Swamp has played his usual unchanged melody of woe...and still... there is "No JOY" in Ann Arbor. Your wake up call Hedgie is in Sept when the PAC throws out their old doormats and replace them with Welcome utey and Colorado ones... Yours of course will be at the conference back door. Feast with the Champions...usually means your the main course. Want to place an order of San Diego style curly fries on tonights game???


Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Bye bye MWC, and hello to the big stage of Independence ! The Coug's are going national and the potential is awesome. Independence is the proverbial " Your Ship has Come In " and perhaps " Not looking a Gift Horses in the mouth " is fitting as well.

The BYU ESPN contract and the 6 million LDS fans around this country will prove to bring in some coin. That is terrific. I know there are transplant UofU people scattered about who jump around and stomp there feet in place, begging for attention sorry utes you will claim no new notoriety.

Now with that said, the utes do have a nice NCAA Sanctioned southern division to play in, in there new PAC 12 conference. Which could play out nicely in 2011. Oh well will the utes be-able to take advantage of this, we shall see ?

The BYU Independent Party Train is in the station lets get on board.

Oh yeah, why do any of you BYU faithful respond to the likes of hedge & CB whats up with that anyway ? Jealousy and envy ne'er annoy, these two are lame and simple minded hacks.

POLY Cougar Nation.

Lehi, UT

While shopping this morning I actually saw a little stuffed Valentine Hedgehog. Hedgie, if you would like I will send him to you, so you may have something to comfort you while all your silly predictions fly out the window!

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Big Hapa

Why??? Because their totally off the Wall logic is entertaining. Especially Hedgie's...and Chrissy's predictions are sure bets in an opposite world. She some how has crossed over into this one without realizing that she no longer exists in her parallel universe.

Got to give them credit though...they love misery. So they'll enjoy tonights thrashing of the Utes


Ann Arbor, MI

"If you win, you win and get to go to March madness,"

Eddie, I agree with you to an extent. If a lower conference team wins 90-95% of there games they get a chance at the NCAA tournement.

However, these type of teams get little to no regular season coverage (typically). From the all important "exposure" angle it will be all or nothing for the kewgs both in basketball and football.

Not sure if the tds faithfull are mentally prepaired for what awaites them.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

There are sure a lot of BYU trolls on here dogging on Utah (no surprise there I guess). For all you supposed B-Ball superiority BYU fan (remember in the 90s your team stunk) the series is pretty close to even (unlike Football where Utah owns you by 20 games). Maybe your B-Ball team can someday come close to matching Utah's NCAA Tournament Record (Many final 4s, Elite 8s , NCAA Runner Up and NCAA Championship); until then I wouldn't be so prideful as your team post season record is pathetic at best. Enjoy this year because that is all you have and then next year be sure to enjoy the obscurity of the WCC little brother.

Bottom Line
Draper, UT


This is an honest question. If the Utes couldn't win a title in the lowly MWC how will they fare in the conf of champions. BYU currently wins 1/2 of all MWC titles and Utah wins 1/10th.

Solomon the Wise
Alpine, UT


Two teams headed in opposite directions.

One to big conference bottom dweller.

One to national prominence.

Utah's new conference affiliation won't bring the Runnin' Utes back to life.

And BYU's new conference affiliation will simply mean more exposure and better television coverage for the nationally respected program Dave Rose is building at BYU.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Bye bye MWC, and hello to the big stage of Independence ! The Coug's are going national and the potential is awesome. Independence is the proverbial " Your Ship has Come In " and perhaps " Not looking a Gift Horses in the mouth " is fitting as well"

Big Happa,

You realize byu is not independent in basketball don't you? Nope, because of a lack of leverage and clout they were FORCED to downgrade from the MWC to the WAC and finally to the cellar.

I forgot the conference name (SWAC?) but I do know that from a national prespective it's completely of the radar when it comes to respect.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Rock of the Marne
Yepper... those 20 games way back when. But it just wasn't fair that you uteys hauled in all that manure and spread it on our side of the pasture. We kept expecting to get a drink of milk during those games That's why we kept carrying that old Oak bucket around. Too bad your last 50 years weren't as good as your first 50.

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