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Published: Saturday, Feb. 12 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Houston, TX

"I ain't going to call his name. He knows who he is."

Who is Malone talking about?

WestValleyCity, Utah

Right on Big Man Karl'
Such a great person!
Who is Karl taking about is of His
Former ex coach Utah Jazz(Mr. Jerry Sloan)

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

GoodGuyGary: I think he means Charles Barkley.

Love this story. Malone said on ESPN that he would love to be a coach on the Jazz team. The offense in the second half looked terrible. Is Phoenix that good of a defensive team? I don't think so.

Malone isn't well spoken but he means what he says and I admire him for his passion and work ethic.

Murray, UT

I'm a fan of Malone.

D-Will should study tape on his own. Old school > New school...etc.

Mount Beauty, VIC


Fajardo, PR

I grew up watching the old Stockton-Malone duo (sighs....those were the days) and whenever I hear Malone speak I do so with respect and admiration. I agree with the Mailman 110% on this one. I think we can all agree that Coach Sloan would NEVER just step down the way he did. In the 23 years that he coached here two of the utmost principles that he demanded from his players was: always have a strong work ethic and a never give up mentality. So I think we can all agree here that Sloan's sudden resignation in the middle of the season seemed so uncharacteristic for a person who always had a finished what you started mentality. If he was going to resign why didn't he wait until after the end of the season? Malone is right, the Jazz brass definitely know more about the issue than what they are leading on and are claiming that he wasn't pushed out not even in the slightest bit.

Fajardo, PR

D-will may not have directly caused Sloan to leave but it was obvious that he wasn't against it either. If he really held Sloan in such high esteem then why wasn't he upset when he was informed of his departure? Or at the very least walk up to management and say that he was against the decision, that he was going to stand beside his Coach 110%. So maybe he never said he wanted Sloan to leave but deep down maybe that's what he really wanted.

Ogden, UT

Barkley I'm assuming.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Karl is still a great interview. Some of us are "often wrong but never in doubt."

I loved Coach Sloan and I don't know squat about coaching NBA players, but I do know that using the best available resources -- old school or new -- is the key to winning.

Sloan won a bunch of games with relatively limited talent -- although Karl Malone and John Stockton were two of the best to ever play the game.

Brian Utley
Freedom, IN

Isn't it great to have had the privilege of the presence of Mr. Malone in our community for so many years. He is a man a great integrity and insight. I for one miss that he is not here any more than he is. His absence is a great loss.

Springville, UT

He's talking about Charles Barkley.

I like that Malone came out in defense of his coach. I've lost a lot of respect for the players on this team if it's true that they were just too lazy or arrogant to run the difficult, but successful system that Sloan ran. We're in more trouble than just having lost a coach in that sense.

Louisville, CO

Thank you Karl!

Ann Arbor, MI

Times have changed...sad really.

Malone and Stockton had the opportunity to act like Dwill - but chose not to.

Not ripping on Dwill but in the "day" you accepted your situation and were appreciative of what you had.

The NBA business model is broken - at least as far as fans are concerned.

Thanks for the memories Sloan.

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

Once again the Mailman delivers!

Stockton to Malone
Salt Lake City, UT

it's not barkely, he speaks his mind as much as Malone, he may be wrong sometimes but Malone and barekly are buddies. I think It's someone on espn, their NBA analysis isnt half as good as tnt's. Maybe Jalen Rose or John Berry. it seems like Malone would have the least respect for Berry, but I didn't hear the comments.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Loyal friends like Karl have Jerry's back. I know the importance of true friends, it is priceless when you have them.

Nice touch Karl for your brotherhood and classy constitution of integrity and your example of backing up a friend.

side note:

People there is no such percentage of 110 % it is impossible to give more then all you have, I know it is a clever catch phrase, so I am just sayin.

Poly Cougar Nation

Orem, UT

Players today are spoiled babies that are paid for more than what they're worth, can't handle a coach getting on them, and just want attention like a Hollywood bimbo. And if they're not babies they're thugs who can hardly spell their own name. There are very few players like John Stockton who knew how to keep his head out of the clouds, had values and knew how to listen and be coached. It's the college game for me now.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Well D Will stuck with the offense for the first half. In the second half he went back to his own playbook. I have some serious concerns about Derons attitude and his coachability. It's looking like he thinks he's alot smarter than any of the coaches. Maybe he should grab a tape of the game and go home and watch it.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

It may be Tim "Pretty Boy" Legler, that missed two weeks with a hangnail.

Legler was to "Pretty" for the Jazz's bump and grind style in the 90's.

Fuaamotu, Tonga

Karl obviously has the inside track on the realities of the situation. I have listened to many of the interviews and to Greg Miller when he announced a whole list of people who "didn't push Coach Sloan out." My tought is that he protests his innocence too much to be beliveable. As previously stated, Jerry Sloan has never walked out on anything. He has given all he is to everything he has done. I can't imagine this is all his idea. He is trying to save face for the organization that he has given his life to.


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