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Published: Friday, Feb. 11 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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West Jordan, UT

hmmmmmm, guess it wasn't all Jerry Sloan's fault, was it?

Provo, UT

That's a bite

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Finally CJ gets his minutes and he brings his A game. Corbin I love you!!! Now if the other players would step it up!!

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

No AK No Win.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

New coach.

Same bad pick and roll defense.
Same poor execution by Deron/team down the stretch.
Same bad defensive rebounding.
Same free-wheeling/breaking off plays.
Same Deron walking the ball up the floor in 2nd half stagnating the offense.
Same jacking up bad shots with nobody in rebounding position.

Same result.

Sloan ejected because he saw what these players were doing and he saw they were determined to keep doing it.

Who will all the Sloan-haters have to blame now?

As those of us with a brain knew all along--the players are the ones on the floor playing the game.

When the players did what Sloan told them to do and ran the system they won an average 63% of their games for almost 23 years.

The almost always won on their homecourt. Now Deron wants his independence and look where it has gotten the team.

Coaching carousel and lottery here we come.

Poor Corbin is all I have to say.

Santa Ana, CA

Except this team has been playing horribly for 6 weeks. They quit, they gave up. I do not understand this group. Corbin did everything he could. He scolded AJ when Lopez and Gorcat do what they wanted. Fes should have been in there though during the 3rd and those uncontested drives to the rim would not have happened. Gordon played well. CJ you are joking? Miles. He is someone I would love to send packing fast. After his early baskets, he did so well, Ty pulled him from the game going 3 point happy again and being a non factor in the 2nd half.

DWIL did not help his cause tonight period. He got frustrated and started walking the ball up. The Suns were nothing special, Even though Phoenix did not shoot well from 3s, by the 4th quarter, the assignments were forgotten. Shooters left open,. No pick and roll defense. On and On. The time off could not get here soon enough.

Roosevelt, UT

Deron... Deron...

Malone says you are not telling the truth and he is just about as big in Utah as you think you are.

Seems that you might have undone a lot of good things you did up to last week.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jazz will burn through 3 head coaches in the next 5 years.

Lindon, UT

I think a lack of stamina may be at the core of the Jazz' problems. Sloan had preached they needed to hit the gym, but it is evident they have not done it much. They receive (not earn) their pay but don't want to do what is necessary to get better and keep their stamina up (or as Jerry would say, their energy). Let's get rid of the primadonas and get someone who wants to really play. I would rather have players with less talent who over- achieve, than very talented players who don't do what is necessary to reach their potential.

vancouver, wa

News Flash! Great second half effort from the Jazz leads them to an exciting win over Su..... Sorry, I must hav been dreaming.

When is trade deadline?

The Final Word
Alpine, UT

re: Miles

Miles played well...for a half. Then he repeatedly jacked up airballs and played no defense and never drove to the basket hardly at all.

Inconsistent? Yup, its CJ!!!

Sneaky Jimmy
Oak Town, CA

The Cavs ended their streak tonight and the Jazz started one. This is a team without any direction. What 's with the between the legs backward passes? Sloan would have jerked these nit-wits fast. I only can hope that Corbin learned from the master and puts a stop to the showboating.

Murray, UT

OK, they lost their coach 24 hours ago, do you guys REALLY expect a change within that timeframe?

AK was playing really well today and that's the key reason the Jazz sucked in the 2nd half because he was out.

I'd like to see Karl Malone be an assistant coach...that would be fun.

This season is lost, but next season if you have Karl, Stock, and Horny helping with coaching...that'll be a fun season...kind of a stretch for that to happen though...

oh ye confederacy of dunces
Flushing, NY

What a mess. This team is dying on the vine and is a perfect example of the prima donna my way or the highway attitude that permeates today's NBA player.
Utah teams are always tough...not this one. And especially not without Jerry. The Jazz just lost about 90% of their backbone with Sloan leaving.
The morale is the worst I have ever seen on any Jazz team. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Sandy, UT

No AK in the 2nd half hurt and it would have been nice if Jefferson would have showed up on either the offensive OR defensive side of the court tonight. Looks like they forgot to show up in the 2nd half, did we send out the scout/CBA team in the 2nd half by mistake?

Houston, TX

Hayward shot the ball and scored well. That is a major step forward IF he will keep doing it. He is going to have to play major minutes with so many SG/SFs out.

The Jazz committed a lot of fouls and that was the margin of victory.

This team is pretty injury depleted. It will take Corbin some practice time to START to fix the problems.

KOC may be wise to get a SG/SF if AK, Bell, and Price are going to be out for a while. A 10 day may not hurt.

At least that will allow some practice.

West Jordan, Ut

Poor Corbin, now he has to deal with this group of underachieving and overpaid babies that KOC has assembled. True Jazz fans always new that Jerry wasn't the problem it was the guys KOC was funneling to him that were the root of issue. Well Kevin, now you and only you are left to blame for this disaster. I wonder how long you keep your job.

Ogden, UT

3 words... play Evans more. Might as well have the rookies play more these days, seems they are the only ones that want to give the effort out there.

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

I wonder if Corbin will let them wear headbands, as far as protective gear goes its underrated. mayhem to the dome has been taken on square by corbins regime and the modern age is here, dwill would look more old school in a headband but i can see malone kicking dwills face in, i don't care what happens with the headbands but i don't have a problem with them, if u want to wear a freaking headband who should tell you no. but i would like to see better effort from dwill who was the first to lay over for the suns, i wouldn't let malone coach his rants would be legendary though.

Kaysville, UT

Any leader of any organization needs internal champions who embrace your philosophy and approach to leading. Jerry Sloan has not had this champion since Matt Harpring retired. Deron is a great court leader; Boozer was short-term; nobody takes Andrei seriously; CJ is a kid; Raja is Raja; Milsap is a follower; I commend Jerry Sloan for trying his best to push the team along for the past two years without an internal champion (player) who would do battle with him. Nobody pushed him out - but, as a leader, you can only swim upstream for so long until you realize "you're done" - it won't work! Nobody is at fault in the Jerry Sloan resignation. Players today play for the short-term - Jerry needed an internal champion to play "his way"... he and Phil don't have it in this group of players. Thank you Jerry Sloan for your leadership and example and, most of all, for sticking by your word and principles.

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