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Published: Friday, Feb. 11 2011 1:00 p.m. MST

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Woods Cross, UT

I am NOT a Jazz fan (due to Malone's whining). However, if Hornacek becomes a coach and eventually the head coach, I will become one.

Farmington, UT

Awesome! Horny is the man!

highland, utah

Ty??? I love the guy but I really thought that once Jsloan left, we'd see Horny replace him. Step up Horny, we need you to keep this franchise together..

one day...
South Jordan, UT

Tyrone and Jeff...I like it!!! new blood under the same system!!! it looks good!!! GO JAZZ

Oahu, HI

I was/am a fan of Hornacek from back in the time I used to be a Sports Fan,(before obtaining a life), he is an outstanding person, and I have always liked him.

I wish them all well, why not.

Louisville, CO

PLEASE! I won't cancel my NBA Package if Jeff and Ty are coaching.

South Jordan, UT

Does anybody think Matt Harpring would make a good coach? Or has his time with Boler turned him into too much of a clown?

Nampa, Idaho

Make this happen Corbin!! Hornacek would be an awesome addition to the staff.

Florissant, MO

It of course is sad to see Sloan leave, well, I really don't see the games,now that I am out of Utah. But it would be awesome to have Horney on the staff, maybe I would find the games once in a while. He is a good leader, because he would be willing to assist, one of the most respectable players out there.

American Fork, UT

I was hoping for Horny, John, and Karl as the new coaching staff.

Utah Girl
Vernal, UT

That would be a GREAT combination. I hope they can make it happen. Have always admired Hornacek. Good luck!

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

I heard David Locke interview Deron Williams yesterday. He asked Deron point blank about the pathtetic lies ESPN reporters produced: 1. Did you say Sloan goes or you won't re-sign in 2012?

Deron said no. He admitted the conflict and the incident the other night but he said those are normal with any coach player interaction. He said he has seen worse interactions with Sloan and other players.

All that being said I think it was the proverbial straw and the cumulative effect.

Sloan probably got sick of Derons insubordination on a regular basis and even more than that I think Sloan HATES losing.

This team has too many players that clearly are more accepting of losing than doing the work to start winning.

The results speak for themselves. You are your record.

Sloan realized these insubordinate softies are not going to win a championship this year so likely said what am I working this hard for?

Sloan gave Deron all kinds of leash with respect to play calling but evidently that was not enough. Deron even had to ignore Sloan on the few plays he did call anymore.

Ty has his work cut out for him.

Provo, UT

There might still be a light at the end of the tunnel-Jeff, Jeff, Jeff!!!

West Jordan, UT

PLEASE sign Hornacek to the coaching staff as a full-time assistant! Then get Harpring on staff as well to teach these guys some toughness.

West Jordan, UT

Greg, Kevin and Randy:

MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Hornacek had a long and productive career in the NBA because of his basketball IQ, not because he was a great (or even good) athlete. Not only will Hornacek bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Jazz coaching staff, he will also bring a small remnant of the glory years of Jazz basketball that finally came to an end yesterday.

Enid, OK

I've always respected Jeff Hornacek. Tough, gritty player. A true "Jerry Sloan" type.

Plus, I always admired the fact that he'd send a hidden message to his wife and kids that he loved them, during the game. Remember how he always used to brush his hand on the side of his face when he was at the free-throw line? That was his signal to his wife and kids. I always thought that showed wisdom about perspective and what REALLY mattered.

Would love to see Hornacek hired as a Jazz assistant.

Roosevelt, UT

Hello what planet are these fans from?

Get Ostertag back becuase he was a great .....big person?

Hornacek was a good fit for the Jazz system as a player but I would not get Karl back to be the GM.

Having watched the Jazz scoring percentage diminish and confidence as shooter plummet while he has been shooting coach you have to ask yourself why would anybody want him in their b-ball organization?

I think Corbin is reaching out to him to maintain some semblance of order and balance during the transition. Corbin is supposed to have a good basketball mind, I hope he does not take Hornacek on just because he is a familiar face.

Hornacek had skills shooting the ball, any others have yet to surface.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hornacek is a coach's son, grew up around the game, wants to be an assistant, and maybe a coach, someday. Would you rather have someone who's just another recycled coach from a losing team? There's plenty of those guys out there, and none would help the Jazz very much, if at all.

Harpring would be nice to have in a consultant role, use him during training camps and off-times to teach the young bigs how to play off the ball.

And Corbin will surprise the doubters, he hasn't been getting interviews to coach other teams for nothing, over the past several years.

Kaysville, UT

I didn't realize Jeff Hornacek had two coaches fired in mid season. He always seemed like such a nice guy. Certainly not the type of player that would go around firing coaches. He didn't have anything to do with having Jerry Sloan fired did he?

Pleasant Grove, UT

I've been thinking all year that I'd almost rather see Harpring coach than broadcast. That being said--it's Corbin's team now & I'm sure he'll make some intelligent decisions about his coaching staff. Matt has said he's not ready to take on the challenges of coaching yet. But he reminds me more of a Jerry Sloan type player & person than anybody else I can think of. Malone would already be back in the organization if he was ever going to be; same with Stockton. I'd like to see the Jazz reach outside the realm of Jazz basketball & bring in at least one more person to add to the coaching staff. Did anyone else wonder what happened a few weeks ago behind the scenes that started this whole downward spiral? I'm curious about that but I'm more excited for them to just step up & move on.

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