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Published: Friday, Feb. 11 2011 12:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Seriously? I find it hard to believe.

Serenity Now
American Fork, UT

I believe him. Sloan's too strong to be pushed out by a player, and Williams too smart to want to be known for having pushed a legend out the door. The two argued about things, and the most recent disagreement may have convinced Sloan it was time to quit...nothing wrong or unhealthy about that. My own belief is that Sloan simply ran out of the energy it took to captain the ship, just like he said.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Wow looks like Ty gets to start his head coaching career with 9 healthy guys. Good luck Ty! We will be cheering for you.

I have to believe that DWill didn't push Sloan out the door. I saw another quote that he would have asked for a trade way before asking for a new coach. I have to believe him about that.

At the same time I think the argument was the straw that broke the camels back. Its' certainly not the first argument Sloan has had with a player, but sadly it was his last.

It's sad the way it happened mid season, but I hope Jerry left on his own terms and has no regrets. After 23 years Jerry has earned the right to do pretty much anything he wants. No one will ever question his dedication.

Sandy, UT

The press always likes to present a good guy and a bad guy.

There are no bad guys in this story.

Sloan always said; "One day or moment I will just decide it is time to go".

"Don't know when or where".

It's not any more difficult than that.

Like Sloan said; "arguing with players is normal every day process".

Thanks Sloan, for all you've done for the Jazz and this State.....

And D-will, we're all behind you and know you're one of the good guys and you had nothing to do with Sloan retiring, it was just his time.

He's 68 years old, has millions in the bank, a younger wife and his Farm. Like Lavell Edwards he wants to do something more with his life.

My only request? Jazz Management... Get the statue done for him, (should have been ready for this moment) and get the guy in Alpine, who does all the NFL hall of Fame busts, to do it.

Lehi, UT

What Williams said is true. No one could force Sloan to leave. This was Jerry's choice. He's old, has been doing this a long time and was sick of the crap and didn't feel like he could help the Jazz win anymore, so he retired. End of story.

The rest is just a media frenzy for a story and to sell papers (figuratively speaking).

Longmont, CO

You've got to believe both Williams and Sloan here. They are both saying the exact same thing.

Sloan is 68 years old, there is a reason why most people retire between 65 & 70. Most people don't have as stressful of a job as being a head coach for an under-performing NBA team too.

Ultimately I think this will be a learning experience for DWill. He is still young, hopefully he comes out of it more mature and focused on what's most important.

Farmington, UT

Hornacek and Corbin will be dynamite together!

Orange County, CA

One thing you can count on from both Jerry and D-Will: honesty. One thing you can count on from the media: spouting intrigue based on innuendo. Williams challenged the sources who say he pushed Jerry out to come forward and he'd confront them (another thing you can count on from D-Will: combativeness). One thing I'm hoping to see is better team chemistry. We'll see if D-Will can be the kind of leader who will pull the team together. The coaching change can reignite and refocus the team, so I'm hoping to see a stellar first quarter and a 20 point win tonight.

Saint George, UT

I don't care whether or not the argument was the reason for Coach Sloan leaving, or not. Whatever happened to "OK Coach, I'll do that?" Overpaid, over pampered, over coddled, selfishness...Gone are the days of "Thanks Coach, I'll work harder. I'll run the play better next time. I appreciate you trying to make me a better player and person."

Lehi, UT

All good things must come to an end. Sloan was good, never great when it came to winning the whole thing, but i think that things happen for a reason and I for one am looking forward to turning the page and letting Greg Miller and Ty Corbin follow a path that was paved before them by Larry Miller and Jerry Sloan. Hard work, dedication, loyalty are the foundations on wich this team was grounded. I am looking forward to see how this team responds to such a big change.


Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Situations are cumulative.

I'm sure that Sloan had much bigger arguments with other players over time.

Then comes the time when you just realize you have enough money.

I have no idea what was said, but I know that both D Will and Sloan wanted to win.

No bad guys here. Just part of the game.

Thanks coach for all you have done.

Good luck Ty.

highland, utah

C-mon D-will

Layton, UT

Sounds it has more to do with Greg Miller's "style" (or lack thereof) than any player. He's not a "chip-off-the-old-block" realist like his father.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nobody, ever, could force Jerry Sloan to do anything. If it wouldn't have been this it would've been an exceptionally bad call, inappropriate media question, heckler, something. I think he's been wavering since the bad end to the '08 reg season.

68 is up there and 23 years is an unreal amount of time. It's not the job itself, it's all the little things that go with it. If Sloan really had a problem with DW he'd've taken a swing at him. Other than that, he lets it all go.

Both have handled this well, no spin or sugarcoating, let's move on. A three game winning streak heading into the break would work wonders.

Good luck, Ty! And pleasepleasplease move CJ into the starting lineup in place of Raja, and give Fes regular shifts.

Nampa, Idaho

@bluto. Amen. Get that Sloan statue in the works. It is at least as deserved as Stockton and Malones were.

As bad as I feel about how this all went down I hope Corbin has great success. Loved him as a player, perfect Sloan player, strapped it up and went to work. I hope this chance works out for him.

As for Dwill, only time will tell. I am still almost positive he is gone after next year. Lets see how he handles the reactions he is going to see from the fans. He will either go hard and play better than ever or he will pull a Lebron and quit on the team. I hope for the first option and I hope I am wrong and he re-ups with the Jazz.

highland, utah

CC, nailed it. Has nothing to do about Dwill running him out or not. The fact is, Sloan is the Coach (Boss) Listen to him, what makes these NBA players yhink they can argue with there coaches in the middle of the game and if you do than you better put skills and talent where your mouth is..

Centerville, UT

I don't know the specifics of how it went down, it doesn't really matter.

It's been said that a team takes on the personality of it's head coach. Well the Utah Jazz's personality much of this season has been old and tired with a little apathy mixed in.

It was time for a change, some new blood, some new ENERGY! Good luck coach Corbin and the Jazz going forward. And good move to get Hornicek on the bench as well.

Houston, TX

If DWill did not run a couple of plays called by Sloan it is most likely because DWill knew they were not going to work (because they had worked all night).

Sloan was famous for stubbornly running plays that were not working and insisting on continuing to try to run them.

At that point DWill (who wants to win) has nothing to lose by calling an audible when he sees an opportunity.

You all are making DWill out as the bad guy here. I know you revere Sloan but you all know he was stubborn to the fault of losing as long as it was his way.

A little more creativity and flexibility would have produced a more wins.

Increasing the pace and giving the PGs more flexibility some of the time should pay dividends.

Persistence can be a virtue. Stubbornness is not.

Houston, TX

Correction (because they had NOT worked all night).

Burley, ID

We have to be idiots to think DWill or any other player (Malone etc) could push out Sloan. It's Jerry Sloan, not Westphal or some other C list coach. I wish it had gone different but yet, if you have listened to Sloan over the years, it's always been a day to day thing. I think there were enough consecutive days that he finally said, "It's time". I even think he caught himself by surprise a bit with it when you go back and look at the Bulls post game interviews.

Ty Corbin is the new coach. I hope it's a spark that turns around the Jazz this season. They are in desperate need of some kind of spark.

I have a tough time thinking someone in LA or NY knows the details better than any local media. Certain people are looking for national headlines kinda like ambulance chasing lawyers. Report facts, do not make up facts.

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