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Published: Thursday, Feb. 10 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Aurora, CO

1.) No. Sloan has had to deal with superstars before that didnt agree with him. He was used to it. Its everywhere in the league, sadly. Everyone inside the organization has said it wasnt the case, those outside say it was...i tend to believe those close to it.

2.) Perhaps it was. But only Sloan knew if he was worn out or not. He's the kind of guy to give it all and wear himself out before budging for others.

3.) I believe so. Corbin is close to the team and the players already know him and his coaching. The familiarity should (hopefully) at least keep them on track.

Houston, TX

It think it is very foolish to believe Williams is capable of getting Sloan fired. They may have disagreed but Sloan disagreed with all of his players at some point in time.

Further, there are no guarantees that DWill would stay with or without Sloan as coach. There has to be more to this than the losing streak. Maybe some trade decision that Sloan disagreed with.

The media are making DWill as scapegoat and they would love to turn him into another Melo type story that keeps them employed for months on end.

Corbin is a decent risk. He may be like Gentry and do better than his mentor. He may make the needed adjustments that Sloan just refused to make.

If the Jazz win all of this nonsense about DWill will simmer down and die.

The Jazz did not collapse when Layden retired and Sloan took over. They will do just as well if not better with Corbin at the helm.

KOC and DWill now have more power and responsibility but that might be a very good thing.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Rock.. When you have concrete evidence, let me know.

Ogden, UT

1) No... Sloan always had players he didn't get along with. It's just part of the business.

2) I think it was time for him to go. The game has changed to much.

3) YES! Sloan was a great coach, very smart when it came to the game of basketball... why not have someone that learned from a hall of fame coach and be able to include his ideas with his. Great move I think.

Why is everyone talking about who's team this is going to be! Williams, Ty Corbin, Millers? I ask why can't it just be a team? Deron I'm sure has good things he'd like to do and I'm just Ty has good idea's also. Let's just mix them into one.

Burley, ID

Jerry just look tired during the last 20 games or so. I think the grind and age finally caught up to him.

Though I would have preferred an exit more befitting his tenure with the Jazz, t was his decision to make. I for one wish him well, along with a long and happy life.

Best wishes Coach Sloan.

Temecula, CA

Coach Sloan has said for years that Williams is different than Stockton in that Williams wants to call plays going up the court. Williams is also the team's captain. He would be the one to stand up to Sloan in the locker room or on the court, and usually I think Williams has done this respectfully and with the team in mind. Lately, with Williams playing more hurt than usual and the team really struggling, both men became very frustrated. Good things often end poorly. Down the stretch, I think Corbin should rest Williams more and play Watson a few more minutes a game. Go Jazz!

tooele, ut

1. They are making that perfectly clear, we will never know if Williams truly was the reason for Sloan to leave. I honestly dont think so, but if he was who would gain anything from splattering it on the news? Something had to happen that made him change his mind about a career of 20+ years over night.
2. It might have been time for him to retire, yes, but who leaves the team midseason? Something is just wrong with the way he went out.
3. I guess when you have to find a coach that quickly, yes it was.

Murray, Ut

The local writers can't be entirely truthful. They get their credentials pulled if they go to far.

Syracuse, UT

D-Will = DIVA!

an he gives up way to often, go back and watch the last 1:10 of wed. nights game. he committed 3 turnovers and blamed his team mates for them.

John C. King
Layton, UT

I think everyone has missed the real reason for Sloan's retirement-Dick Bavetta was an official at Wednesday nights game, and Jerry finally realized, almost 13 years after Bavetta blew those calls in the '98 finals, he couldn't outlast Dick, and gave up.

Question answers-

(1) D WIll didn't fire Jerry. But the current culture of NBA players wore Jerry down. D Will and others say it's about championships, but they take max contracts and cripple their owners ability to build a championship team. For example, has D Will ever made the connection between his 10 million dollar raise and the departure of Ronnie Brewer (which he complained about)? John Stockton looms larger and larger in retirement.
Today's player attitudes are not just why Jerry left, but why there will not be an NBA season in 2011-2012. And without Jerry Sloan, I won't miss it nearly as much.

(2) When Jerry thinks it's time for him to retire-it is.

(3) Ty will do as well as anyone can under the current conditions.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Jerry and Phil just like Stockton to Malone. Thanks Jerry and Phil. I will not miss no timeout When a player is hot take him out. When someone is playing bad leave him in. Time to turn the page. New coach i hope different players attitude. Different line up's more Evans less CJ.

game on
Centerville, UT

Williams is another clone to Boozer, both losers. if it weren't for basketball he'd be pumping gas somewhere. I'll not support the Jazz as long as he's here. If I found out later the Miller boy supported Williams so it would be more his little empirw, I'll not support then ever. Our next generation are a bunch of babies, botht he owners and the players. Neither have contributed a thing!!!!

Centerville, UT

The Jazz are losers because of guys like Williams, guys who can't step up and win, they cry and blame someone else for their losing record or they get a sore foot or finger, just plain losers. Get rid of HIM. Cry baby. Sloan should take him to the wood shade, have a man to man talk, then come back and win a championship, that's the only way Williams will even win, riding someone else's coattail. Hasn't the guts or leadership to win himself. He's a visitor to this city and he's worn out his welcome, he's nothing but an outsider, a want-a-be.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Sloan said many times, he may wake up and say I've had enough and it happened just that fast. I do think he has looked tired and I think he has just got tired of pushing and fighting to try to get these players to play harder and fight to win. I can see an argument with DWill pushing things over the top and helping him just say I've had enough.
Corbin probably is the best man for the job, it will probably be as smooth a transition as one could hope for with Corbin having learned his trade from Sloan. I hope he does make some changes and adjusts things. I know Sloan ruled and things were done his way , so I'm not sure what differences Corbin could have in mind but I hope there are some.
I hope the 3 pt shot is used more and I hope certain players get more playing time.

Hugh G. Hater

So the sloan lovers are now showing their true colors.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

So that I'm not misconscrued...I'm not saying that Sloan shouldn't retire and that changes shouldn't be made... It's the way it has happened...and management is supposed to have been closely but firmly in control. If Sloan had troubles with management then it should have happened differently then it went down yesterday. Management does not appear to be in control. Either management has faith in how a coach deals with the intrical problems with the team and each player or they don't. In order for coaches to concentrate on doing their jobs they need to know that management supports them. Otherwise it's a free for all as to who is in control.


Springville, UT

Corbin should study the way Dave Rose handles his relationship with Jimmer. That's not to say that Jimmer is difficult to deal with. All I intend to say is that Dave Rose is a mastermind in dealing with stars and relationships and winners. He's put BYU on the map nationally and I see this program becoming the Jazz of the NCAA.

south jordan, utah

This is more than Sloan just being tired. What is not being acknowledged is Phil J. backed him by also resigning. Phil has been waiting for Sloans job for years. This is about a spoiled basketball star who doesn't want to be coached, and Sloan had enough. These players think they are bigger than life. T

Lehi, UT

I have mixed feelings about the stories being told.

For Sloan to quit mid-season tells you that he was tired, tired of players not responding and not doing there job, so he felt like he was not doing his job, I get that.

I dont have a problem with Sloan stepping down, I have a problem with the terms of how it all transpired.

I think Deron has lost some fans due to the current rumors. We are all human, we all make mistakes but lets get one thing straight here, no one player is bigger than the game, and I don't care who you are or who you think you are, this Jazz team will be ran as a team.

It is sad to see the direction the league has gone with players thinking that they are bigger than the team they play for.

I would rather root for a team that has team chemistry then a team of 2 or 3 guys with blown up egos that think that they are Gods gift to basketball.

Stay focused Jazz, lets unite and play as a team.

Lets go Jazz!

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Management pretty much Barnie Fife'd or Ensign Parker'd this one. Player's regardless of how good they are or how much they make should never be allowed to second guess or undercut a coach or for that matter be allowed to backdoor themselves behind the coach's back. Jazz Management really blew this one. Sloan's credential's and Hall of Fame induction alone should carry a heck of a lot more weight than any player in the NBA. JAZZ management definitely has egg on it's face. They're going to have to live with it for quite some time. Jerry deserved much better than this. He paid his dues.

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