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Published: Thursday, Feb. 10 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Resolute Voice
Salt Lake City, UT

Greg Miller has zero credibility on this issue. He forced Jerry out when he ignored the coach in favor of a player who is not loyal to the franchise and has constantly whined. Miller's opening statement says it all. He reinforced an idea that did not need strengthening unless there was truth to the reports that Jerry was less valuable than a diva.

Good luck to Corbin I wish him well. Do not upset your players or you will be out as well. Greg Miller has made that clear with his actions and his hollow words.

Salt Lake City, UT

Now if we can just get DWILL to quit and join his ultraego Allen Iverson in obscurity~!

Who needs practice?

Who needs a game plan or aa coach ?

When you are as good as DWill and Iverson...they are the best ever, legends in their own minds~~

Eagle Mountain, UT

Jerry quits because management sided with a star athlete over him. Watch as that star athlete leaves the Jazz after next year(or before) as a nice "THANK YOU" for their support. I am really surprised that the Millers let this go down this way. I wouldn't blame Jerry if he left Utah today and never came back. Letting spoiled millionaire athletes dictate to the teams coach and leaders lead to the demise of that team. Maybe it was time for something like this and maybe not but they way it happened stinks.

Provo, UT

I loved Jerry's hard-nosed blue collar style of basketball. It stressed execution and team defense. In a small market like Utah that has been a magical combination for alot of years. We will miss you Jerry. Thank you for many, many years of great memories and for building a culture and tradition of winning with class. Bring your John Deere to Utah and hang with us. We will always think of you as a native son!

Maple Valley, WA

Congrats to Tyrone Corbin: Everyone has to start somewhere and he has paid his dues to the Organization much like Via S. Blogs on the coaching changes at BYU.The Jazz are about Family and I'am sure they asked for and received Jerry Sloan's opinion as to the hiring of Ty. There is not a better person with insight to what it take to be successful then Jerry Sloan. Jerry Thanks for your years of service you'll be missed but never forgotten.

West Jordan, Ut

I for one will not be sitting in my seson ticket seats for a while until I can cool down. To hear that gutless wonder Greg M. Talk about loyalty and then send the most loyal guys packing. WOW what a joke!!! DWILL is gone next year! His name will never hang in the rafters like Sloan and Johnson. You chose wrong Greg and you know it!!!!

We the People
Sandy, UT

After seeing the reaction of the Millers and Sloan, I have no doubt that Sloan was forced out because the team values DWill's opinion more than Sloan's opinion.

I do not blame Dwill's frustrations, though; the Jazz management simply does not care enough to surround him with enough talent.

Charlottesville, VA

Maybe Mubarak will follow his example.

Boise Bill
Meridian, ID

Thanks for all you've done Jerry. You will be sorely missed.

Hey DWill- sometimes you don't know what you've got till it's gone.

Holladay, UT

I just can't cheer for a D-Will led Jazz for too long. While I don't agree with some of Sloan's style, who can argue with his ethic?

We'll wait to be Jazz fans again when we get some players who care more than about themselves.

For now, we'll cheer for the Celtics.

Ogden, UT


The Millers can now save tons of money by letting the punk D Williams be staring guard and coach. He obviously knows more about winning than Sloan...

This will eventually effect the entire league... punk players running rabid over the coaches.

I must admit, though, the resulting NBA implosion will be a joy to observe!!

West Jordan, UT

Poor Larry must be looking on in disgust. Larry would have NEVER allowed this to go down this way!! How quickly his house crumbles after he is gone. This is a sad, sad day for Jazz fans.

LP Fan!
Alpine, UT

This is too bad... i know things are going downhill for the jazz but in my eyes things will just go down steeper. that is such a loss and things will be so hard to start back up when something like this happens. hopefully ty can pick things up. but after something like this i dont think it is going to happen. thank you jerry for all that you have done. you will always be in our hearts. and best of luck to ty. i just think it is too late to pic things up and things will just go down from here

Lifelong Democrat
Salt Lake City, Utah

Nice Deron, I hope you're happy. Andrei how about earning the $17 million and play with pain for once? Memo ditto. Greg Miller is no Larry!

Clearfield, UT

Afraid this is the first of many moves by Greg Miller that will ultimately mean the Jazz leave the state. Greg will drive the franchise into the ground. Larry could deal with Jerry's ego because Larry knew who he was. Greg always felt threatened by Jerry, given his own insecurities.

Sad day for Utah sports fans.

Nampa, Idaho

Thanks Coach Sloan for everything, for loyalty and integrity.

Hope everyone is happy with the last year and half we have DivaWilliams for. Gurantee he leaves faster than Raja did when he signed with the Suns.

Holladay, UT

It's about time.

Sloan and hi9 system, and his horrible game time coaching, and lack of ability to strategize other than tinker with lineups has held back the jazz from winning a championship for 23 years.

History has shown you win championships with great or superstar SGs and SFs,

not PGs and PFs, PFs have no abilty to handle the ball and create offense. (and the 5 can't rebound_or_score fromthe 3_point line)

now all the jazz need is get rid of the draft mistake named dwill.

and rebuild the right way,

Slaon was_great if you want to_win_some regular season games,

but he couldn't win a champioship, not even with two of the supposedly greatest players playing_the prime positions of his system,

you_win championships with players who can handle the ball, shoot and create and make things happen.

everything else is a supporting position,
and you_don't win chamionships with supporting players no matter how good they are.

Hopefully corbin is just filling_in to the end of the season, then the jazz can get a real coach, who wants the best players on his team and not just players that fit his go-nowhere system, and_can_actually_coach_and_stategize

Salt Lake City, UT

Greg fought with Larry much like DWill does with Jerry....not surprised Greg didn't learn anything...its telling of the difference between Greg and his father Larry!

Larry would have told DWill to pack his bags.....

whereas Jerry told Greg he was not his father...

Kanab, UT

Larry H. must be rolling in his grave. He leaves his son in charge and look what happens. If he was still around we would still have Jerry.
Thanks for all the good years Coach. I grew up watching you and you are part of some of my fondist childhood memories. I have never know another Jazz coach good luck Coach Corbin. Lets get this team on track.

Santa Ana, CA

Great day as the Jazz move forward, now Kevin needs to be next...If people do not like it and threaten to leave, no worries I will take them in Anaheim

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