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Published: Thursday, Feb. 10 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Meridian, ID

so its leaking that dwill and sloan didnt get along .. i met dwill one time and he acts like he is royalty .. (sorry dude all you can do is put a ball in a hole)... well i always thought we should have taken cris paul .. he is looking like he was the class guy .. not williams..the jazz just made a huge mistake(if this was in any way them choosing dwill over sloan or not backing sloan) williams is not blake griffn or k. durant,there are literally on only 5 or 6 players who i you would choose over sloan .. and thats only bc sloan would retire in a few years anyway regardless .. williams definately isnt one of them i would have traded him in a heartbeat and gotten sloan the right type of players that wanted to play hard..point guard is the easiest position in the nba to replace. and i cant stop fantasizing about all the players we could have aquired in a trade for dwill..

Santa Ana, CA

Hee hee...Zeppelin and Houdini, I will be as always fair and critical as need be. Life does not end, the Jazz will go on and maybe prosper with new leadership. This now really puts the pressure on o Connor. He is the loser in all of this. Now he will have to not rely on Sloan, Corbin may have his own mind. O' Connor may be forced to be creative and do something to try and improve the Jazz this offseason. Now with this turmoil, even less likely any deal will be done. That is the one negative in this, but would not have happened anyway.

San Mateo, CA

Quite interesting comments here.
I for one, loved sloan's way...and at my level play the same. picks on offense and hard D as much as I can.. jazz will never be the same.
As someone mentioned, dissing d-will over this will ensure he will move elsewhere very soon. One has to support their team as long as they play hard, win or lose!
Having said that, I give it about 10% d-will will stay on. If jazz show promise this yr, end up 4,5th and get to west semi's, maybe.
lastly, here's my take on what happened.
I doubt d-will whined or anything like that. I think, they always disagreed on offense, maybe since a few years....against the bulls, willaims forced the issue by ignoring coach and calling his own play and probably defied coach in front of other players at the half..
knowing sloan..once that happened and he realized mgmt was not going to back him on any suspensions..he walked away!
Jazz fans should be thankful that fate put stockton and sloan together in Utah.. anybody else.. I doubt Sloan would have lasted 23 yrs!

the Mailman
Melbourne, Victoria

@ Dr J

Dont be afraid of change. The sun will still come up tomorrow and who knows, the new Jazz coach may end up with more titles than your man Jerry - he certainly can't end up with less.

Some people are in it to win, and others are happy just to compete and make up the numbers. The Jazz have fallen into the later category now for far too long. At least this change gives some of us fans who set the bar a bit higher reason for hope..

And oh yeah. I've always had massive respect for D-Will and nothing has changed. Speculate all you want but none of us know why Sloan decided to pack it in.

From Utah
Kaysville, UT

I hate to see Sloan go. I got to know the Jazz in the 80s with Stockton, Malone, Sloan, Larry Miller and many others (including Corbon). The Jazz were often and underdog. There was magic going 7 games against the Lakers. Sloan is the last of My Jazz. I wish Corbon the best. But the Jazz is just another big business now. Players are a market commodity. I guess coaches are too. What I hate most is the Sloan's last game wasn't a W (or can we chalk that coaching up to know-it-all Williams?), and that there is a cloud and so much bitterness about him now. Jerry Sloan is a great guy, the kind of guy I'd be honored to hang with any time anywhere.

Best wishes, Jerry,


Taylorsville, UT

As retirees, my husband and I know what it feels like when it is time to leave. You just get tired of the rat race and the rats in the race.

Yes, we didn't have jobs in the spotlight nor did we have to deal with famous athletes. But when that time came, we knew and we left.

When everyone was speculating upon the "whys," Jerry just said it was time. We admire this. Sometime you just decide and then to. The stuff is what it is and doesn't need to be explained to anyone.

Thanks, Jerry, for all your hard work through the years, your loyalty, your integrity. It was a class act. And you left in the same way.

It's Been Fun
South Jordan, Utah

Wonderful. Just wonderful...My Jazz are falling apart. Larry Miller is upstairs looking down at all this drama and saying, "What are you idiots doing?!" What's going to happen to us now?

Meridian, ID

dwill was becoming a cancer we needed to trade him .. every one of these trades was possible i checked on espn's trade machine .. we needed to support the most proven and winninest coaches in nba history and do a quick rebuild.. we are never gonna win with dwill anyway..or koc for that matter

D will for ... steph curry , Ekbe Udoh, and (andres biedrins..

d will for .. aaron brooks,kevin martin,and j. hill

d will for .. nene hilario , ty lawson. aron afflalo

dwill for.. D. Favors, devin harris, anthony marrow

dwill 4..j prizbila,a miller,n batum,rudy fernandez

dwil 4.. r. sessions,jj hickson,a parker,d gibson

dwill 4.. rodny stucky,ben gordon, greg monroe

dwill 4..luke ridnour,wesly jhonson,michal beasly

dwil 4..gerald wallace,s. livingston,dj augustin

dwill w..michal dunleavy,deron collison,brandon rush

SoCal Roger
Costa Mesa, CA

Some say that Jerry Sloan was old guard, old school, and outdated.

I am very sad to see Jerry leave. I saw the news conference live yesterday. I could see the emotion in Jerry's eyes that it was very painful for him to leave the game that he has put his whole heart and soul.

I would hope that the people of Utah and most specifically the people of Salt Lake City realize that many of principles that Jerry hoped to instill into all of the players that he coached were timeless principles not old guard, old school or outdated.

I am going to miss Jerry, I am going to miss his determination to win, to work ethic, and most of all his love of the game.

I wish all of the luck and happiness to Jerry and his family.

  • 10:46 a.m. Feb. 11, 2011
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The Atheist
Provo, UT

Sloan has been a class act from the beginning to the end.

It takes a great human being to recognize when he just doesn't have the energy anymore, and to step aside so as not to be a hindrance to the team.

He will always be one of the greatest coaches in the game. That is why he is in the top 5 winningest coaches, and is in the Hall of Fame.

Thanks for the memories, Jerry. We love you more than you can know.

  • 11:08 a.m. Feb. 11, 2011
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Fort Worth, Texas

For all you player haters, DWill wasn't the problem it was father time.

I agree with John Stockton, a fighter like Salon would not quit because of a player. My gosh the man coached while his wife was dying with cancer because he loved the game. I just don't see that same passion on the sideline. For example, I can't recall when was the last time Salon was called for technical.

John Stockton:

We had our share [of rocky relationships]. I think that goes with the territory sometimes, [with] point guards and coaches. Youre kind of an extension of your coach, and youre going to have disagreements and battles. I dont know if thats the root cause of all this. I would hope not. I think that if Jerry resigns, nobodys going to run him out, I dont care who it is. I think its just a sign that it was time, hes fought a lot of battles. Maybe he doesnt want to argue with his point guard or anybody else any more. And I think hes earned that.

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