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Published: Thursday, Feb. 10 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

JBQ, this is not a player or race issue. Sloan decided all by himself that it was time to go. Corbin is the man for the job, regardless of his color. You should be ashamed.

Nevada fan
Washoe Valley, NV

The way this has played out is not good, but the game has changed and Jerry hasn't. When they picked Hayward at the 9Th pick that's was the last straw and not only picked him but started him, got more PT than Fes and he does not really help this team as much Fes. Guaranteed the pick was his call, also he has never went after a quality center he would rather play PF at the center spot. IU got respect for the man but it was time.

Peter Coyotl
West Jordan, UT

Good luck and best wishes. Enjoy the farm. You were the toughest hard-working player I have ever seen. I was fortunate to have seen you play in person at the old Chicago Stadium back in the early 70s.

We will miss you Coach!

Sandy, UT

Let's stop the finger pointing and play basketball. That's what Jerry would do.

Centerville, UT

Well I sure didn't expect it to end like this. I would have liked it to have been on a much more positive note. Jerry was a great coach. I hope this infuses some good things into this Jazz team.

I was at the Bulls game and I sure didn't like the way it ended but I think that was much more the fault of our star point guard then old coach.

Good Luck Jerry and thanks for the hard work.

Temecula, CA

One thing we should all remember about Sloan...he preached staying between your man and the basket, even if you were gonna get creamed with a pair of knees to your sternum. I hope we see now more of Fez, Gordon, and Jeremy...they all can play good D if given the chance...and one day they all will be decent scorers, too.

Houston, TX

There really are only two people who could have made this happen.

Sloan and Greg Miller. Since Greg just resigned Sloan's contract that implies that Sloan quit.

KOC does not have the power to dethrone Sloan. DWill gets the blame but he does not have it either. In fact DWill is less valuable to the Jazz without the Sloan system. He is more replaceable in with a different system.

The truth is the Sloan system (5 different versions) only worked about 1/2 of the time. It was very hard to implement consistently. When it worked well it was a thing of beauty. But it stunk when it did not work.

D'Antoni and Sloan are very similar. Both are very good coaches. Both would rather do it their way than win.

The Jazz were going to miss the playoffs if something did not change.

Sloan consistently made the playoffs but his way also insured that the Jazz could not go farther.

BYU replaced good coaches in a bid to get better. The Jazz can now get better.

Corbin will get replaced if the Jazz do not produce the rest of the year.

Greg is committed to winning.

el dorado hills, ca

All Sloan does is win regardless of his personnel. Its rare to see defensive effort every night in the NBA and Sloan is one of the few coaches ever to control big egos and get that effort most nights. Sacramento got rid of a good coach in Adellman and look at the lowly Kings. I think Utahns maybe took his winning for granted.....Look at the poor Cavaliers, Pistons, and Kings---I get the feeling that Miller, Utah, and Jazz nation might finally see what losing is really like.

Layton, UT

I hope that Corbin takes the Job. I hope that things are not made worse. I hope that each player realizes that they must hold them selves responsible for there actions and can no longer blame it on the system or not knowing the system. Fresh page and time for every player to prove there worth.

Murray, UT

Jerry Sloan resigns?

Any other coach in the NBA would have been sacked YEARS ago with a record like Sloan's. Romanticizing about is 'long illustrious' career is like longing for the good old days when we were guaranteed to catch cholera or scarlet fever.

With a NEW, FRESH coaching staff, perhaps we can look forward to some WINS next season! GO Jazz!!!

God bless you Jerry and enjoy your richly earned retirement. Pity you couldn't be selfless enough to do this 5 years ago. Or even TEN. X-P

Doctor J
Manti, UT

One of the sad days in sports history.

Sloan is an Icon!

One of the greatest coaches in Basketball, and all of sports history!

A true Warrior!

A Great Man!

A Legend!

Deron Williams couldn't pack John Stockton's Lunch bucket nor Chris Paul's, Steve Nash's, Derrick Rose's, Russell Westbrook's, nor Rajon Rondo's among many many others.

Sloan was in Utah for about 30 years and accomplished many significant triumphs...Deron will be gone in a matter of months & his most significant accomplishment in Basketball will be (the kid that was involved in Jerry Sloan's Resignation).

I salute you Jerry Sloan...along with Larry Miller, John Stockton & Karl Malone!

Doctor J
Manti, UT

Jerry Sloan, Larry Miller, John Stockton, Karl Malone and Hot Rod Hundley will always be remembered as Jazz Legends.

one day...
South Jordan, UT

"His most impressive qualities were his leadership and his extraordinary ability to encourage his players to subjugate their individual games for the benefit of the whole"

THAT'S the reason why I always like the Utah Jazz, Classic, Basic, Team play based, and the beautifull pick and roll!!! I'm going to miss that!

And for all those who are in their 20 or under, I'm sorry but you will never understand how's to lose a real an true basketball coach!!!

Best wishes to Jerry and Phill!!!

Led Zeppelin II
Bountiful, UT

Sloan is a legend!
Now that Sloan is gone what is Todd From Santa Ana going to do with his time?
Corbin is going to rock!

Meadow, UT

Hey fans ,two wrongs don't make a right. By booing Dwill,we hurt the overall team.Lets not poke our eyeballs out to spite our face.Sloan has obviously been here a long time,and in my observation of recent games it clearly looked as if more players on the team other than Dwill were not happy with Sloan.i repect Sloan and all he has done for the team,but I thin k it was time for him to move on whether we are worse for it or not.Sometimes you have to take a step back to take some steps forward. Lets support this team and our new coach Corbin.They will need the fans support.Dwill is an emotional player who wants to win badly ,and I think that's what Jazz fans want also.

South Jordan, Utah

I love the Jazz, I have always been a die hard fan, even when the seasons were not so good I still loved watching because Larry Miller, Jerry Salone and Phil Johnson made this such a stand up orginization. I will miss that, if Greg doesn't spend some money on players and learn to manage the way his father did it will be very hard to continue to support my favorite orginization.

South Jordan, Utah

Greg Miller and Kevin O'Connell have done nothing to help out Jerry and his staff. They tie up all their money in AK and trade, Matthews, Brewer, Korver. Unreal

Mc Lean, VA

Tis sad that Larry is not still with us. It is doubtful that this would have taken place on his watch!
Thank you, Jerry, for your dedication and patience and leadership.
Knoxville, TN

Doctor J
Manti, UT

I want to see a Bronze Statue of Jerry Sloan right in front of the Delta Center or whatever they call it now!

He deserves it...and it better be at least 10 feet tall!

Las Vegas, NV

I check the papers every day in hopes that the headline is Utah Basketball Coach Resigns or Utah Basketball Coach Is Fired......but not Jerry Sloan. This should be Jim Boylen the worst coach in the history of the state of Utah. Why oh why did my wish not come true, I guess you have to be more specific than "I hope and pray Utah fires it's basketball coach." I should have said JIM BOYLEN. Ugh! Thanks Jerry Sloan for all the memories, you were a class act! Now come on Chris Hill let's keep the changes coming, FIRE BOYLEN!

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