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Published: Thursday, Feb. 10 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Trade D-Will....he has turned into Allen Iverson~

The B.I.V.
Centerville, UT

Out with the old, in with the new, I say. Sure we might lose for a few years, and we might not, but hopefully we're done with the maddeningly grinding mediocrity year after year! Anything is better than that...

Sandy, UT

good job D-Will hope your happy. Now you can go screw the team over the rest of the season and get what you want. go pull a lebron James in 2012 and win your championship. great job just great(sarcasm)

Mark Benson
St George, UT

Casey*The*Decoy the definition of a 'Coach' IS to make the decisions. What don't you get? Are you KOC's brother or what?

Eagle Mountain, UT

Jerry is right up there with John Stockton in toughness, class and principle. Good Luck Jerry and good luck Phil. It may be that it is time for something new but I am sad it happened this way. Jerry deserved to go out on his terms and I guess, in a way, he did if the rumors are true about the clashes with Williams and the Management siding with Williams. I never have liked atletes that put themselves before the team, don't listen to their coaches and think they are bigger than the game. Deron will likely be gone after next year if not before. That will be his big thank you to Jazz brass for siding with him.

Santa Clara, UT

Much love jerry! Much love!

Saint Louis, MO

Admiral Hyman Rickover once stated that "we are all doomed to ultimate failure". With hopes for "fair winds" to Coach Sloan. So what else is new in the modern world. He had trouble with a "cottled star" and management backed the star. O'C will now name a "black coach" to work with a black player who is not really black. Ty Corbin is a great guy from DePaul. However, is that really the problem? Was it a racial sensitivity issue or just a "spoiled brat" who already has his bags packed wanting more and more? Bill Russell could not coach overpaid black players and Corbin won't be able to either.

Layton, ut

Can anyone explain to me what "toughness" Jerry has brought to this team? No defense? Anyone seen Sloan yell at a player lately and call them out? Jerry is S O F T SOFT. And for y'all calling D-will out, you don't get it. Just because Jerry has 10000 million wins and 0 championships doesn't mean he knows better than D-Will. Williams is entitled to his own opinion and it is perfectly ok to voice opinions contrary to the coach. So you can all get off williams back and start recognizing that just cause Sloan was a decent coach in the Stockton and Malone era doesn't mean jack about him now. Loved the change.

Concord, CA

Thanks for the memories coach! Best of luck to Jerry. Dwill is out of here as soon as he can and the Jazz will move to Seattle or San Diego.

Mark Benson
St George, UT

Reed23, question, DWill is a player, one of 12, Jerry is the Head Coach. You have obviously never played OR Coached, I have, both. You don't get it.

Santa Ana, CA

DWIL had the guts to challenge and was tired of the same ol thing. I respect DWIL more than I ever have to challenge the way this franchise has been falling apart. You better make moves and get players, or you will lose DWIl and then you will really complain

Tokyo, Japan

this is a sad one for me...he is the only coach i respected in the NBA...there aint a lot of coach like him...its very sad to see him go like this...he didnt even finished the season...

Murray, UT

Re: Reed23

We do not get it? You do not get it. Your same arguement. Just because Deron Williams was good at the beginning of the season or past seasons does not mean jack about him now. Because lately he has been horrible.

You obviously have been missing these masterpieces he has been painting the last month or so. And you know what ? It is not his playing bad that really bugs me. It is his attitude. Oh everyone time out Deron Williams does not like to lose. Please

The only good thing at least in my opinion is the signing of corbin. I hope he lays into these guys. Sure seems like he has the energy watching him jump all over the bench..

Las Vegas, NM

Its time for Williams, Mr. Turnover, to leave...I am sick of the organization pandering to this grumpy,
cry baby.

Idaho Falls, ID

There is a time for all things to come to the end. It was time 6 years ago. Is there still time to send Williams packing too?
There is a coach in Logan that can coach big guys.
Just some random thoughts.

Enid, OK


Not good.





sandy, ut

D will most go coach killer

Enid, OK

In the future, if we are a CONSISTENT playoff-bound team like Coach Sloan had virtually EVERY year, I'll be shocked.

Sad. Terribly, terribly sad.

Coach Sloan deserved better than this.....

Tokyo, Japan

i sure hope this means an overhaul change...i hope koc gets replaced...i hope the entire team gets traded for multiple first round draft picks...and get those players who are coming off the books...and rebuild...if you are going to replace a legacy...make sure you leaven no trace of it...sucks jerry has to leave...i think his system works...he only has mediocre players at his disposal...heck...during the stockton and malone era...other than hornacek...everyone else was mediocre...and they still went to the finals twice...the rockets...who have 3 hall of famers...got eliminated game 6 by stockton's three...Jordan's bulls who has pippen rodman harper and kukoc is a far better team than what we have...but we took them to game 6 on our second trip to the finals...and in recent years...he managed to get us a trip to the western conference finals...players are just students of the game...coaches are the teachers...i sure hope they blow this team up...and start rebuilding...

Mount Beauty, VIC

This is a sad day in Jazz history, but maybe this might kick start something.

Trades now need to be completed - a fresh start

Ty Corbin, does not have long see what could happen this season , or we blow part of the team and build for the future - which might cost us DWill

Who knows what the new collective agreement holds for all parties!
As for Jerry Sloan & Phil Johnson - Thank you for all your years of service - it was appreciated

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