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Jimmer Fredette, Cougars tie 3-ball record in win over Air Force

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 9 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Who do we play this Saturday? Anyone good? Oh, now I remember.

Frisco, TX

Rogers has a very bright future!

Lake Elsinore, CA

The real question for Saturday ... will Michelle show to The Jimmer Show?!?

Spanish Fork, UT

I hope Michelle comes and that at half time they honor her with a game ball signed by all of the players with a hug from Jimmer. I hope she's a good enough sport to do that. She'd end up on ESPN.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Live Hard,

Win or lose in Las Vegas; win or lose in the NCAA tournament; whether in the PAC or WCC; no matter the size of opponents' arenas; BYU is in much, much, much, MUCH better shape than the pitiful Runnin' Utes (who are runnin' away from the MWC).

Orem Native
Orem, UT

@Riverton Cougar
Live Hard is a Wyoming fan, which might even be worse than being a Ute fan right now. It's pretty bad when all you can do is besmirch your "rival" (in quotations because Wyoming obsesses about BYU while they're an afterthought for us) for what they might do in the tournament.

Fairfield, CA

@LiveHard, you do realize most of our top RPI came during non-conference? Sure, UNLV and San Diego State have kept it up, but the rest of the MWC could very well drag BYU down. And you really don't think we'll make it out of the first round of the UNLV Invitational? That won't happen. And with the seed we'll get in the Tournament, we'll definitely make it past the first round and should make the Sweet 16. Hopefully we can go farther.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

I am proud to write, "I said it would be a close game and a nail biter" in my post yesterday.

I was worried, but the Cougs weren't. I caught part of the game on the computer but the sound and picture died on me. I couldn't even get KSL on my computer so I missed the final score.

I loved the defensive effort. I laughed when the referees let AFA mug Jimmer. They were ridiculous!

Props to the team and the coaches. Now, on to Saturday. Perhaps Brother Fredette can set a BYU assist record against the University of Utah!

Dave from Taylorsville
Taylorsville, UT

"6,028 fans at Clune Arena, the largest crowd to watch a game here since BYU visited in 2007."

I'm always amused that a Div. 1 school could have such a small arena. 6,028? That's the average number of Marriot Center fans at the concession stand at the middle of the first half of any game.

Team performance and fans showing up. . . that's where it's at. And BYU has done it, in basketball and football. And so have the Utes. . . errrrr, um, well, OK, hooray for the Utes, uh, Runnin' Utes, uh, Red Birds, uh, Red Rocks, uh, PC Non-Native American mascot promoting TUN (Team up North, or Timmid Ute Natives). Come on guys, be proud of who you are! Gators are an endangered species, but you don't see the U of Fla. turning away from their school symbol. But I think THE best example is Fla. St.. Joe Seminole comes out at the beginning of every home football game on a war pony in full Seminole dress and plants a flaming spear in the field. Now that's school AND Native American pride.

Iowa City, IA

Four Cougars score in double-digits yet again, and still, I fully expect comments about how BYU is a one-man show. Here's hoping BYU's upcoming opponents use that same approach in their game plans :)

South Jordan, UT

The ref's were so bad I felt sorry for both teams. I dont think glasses would have helped. they reminded me of the classic three blind mice.

Nampa, ID

I thought air force played pretty good for a while there. But they have absolutely no size under the basket and BYU just man handled them down low all night.

People don't realize how physical of a game Jimmer plays, he just does it on offense. He has a great outside shot, but his bread and butter is putting his shoulder down and driving in to the basket. Thats hard to defend when you got a shoulder in your chest. haha.

I watch the NBA and that is a physical game. If Jimmer thinks Air Force was physical, he's in for a wake up call next season. I though air force was just FAST.

BYU won. Jimmer got his points. Good enough.

Lake Elsinore, CA

Hmmm, since BYU is down on players ... does Michelle have eligibility to suit up Saturday?

Price, Utah

Hey Tom: It must be really boring out there in bankrupt Vallejo. I guess the shipyard hasn't sunk any Nuke Boats at the pier lately for the only other excitement since Two Years before the Mast was written.
Hope the Fountain West can keep the MTN running without two of the best teams. Versus and the CBSC should be dropping the MWC when their contracts are up. We'll be watching BYU play on three national TV channels in HD.

Iowa City, IA

When are the refs going to call off the dogs? The tactics teams are resorting to now against Jimmer are not only desperate but unsportsmanlike.

The refs are swallowing their whistles. No way can a player be the focus of physical defense, grabbing, pushing, hacking, and only go to the line 4 times!

Play tough defense but protect the player too. Refs should make defenses move their feet, not let them throw punches.

Rexburg, ID

The article indicated AF made Jimmer "earn every point" is interesting. Tackling is traditionally left for football, but between slaps, grabs and down right tackling, it's amazing the Mtn.West Conf. uses the same refs for both sports. Must save money.
Then again, how do you stop such a player without a half-court assult & mugging?
Just a thought.

South Jordan, UT

Great game, BYU! It was interesting that not many fouls were called with all the slamming and knocking down players. Saturday is going to be great! We'll be there cheering on Jimmer & Co.

Who is Michelle?

Go Cougars!

West Jordan, UT

I loved the aggression that Jimmer was playing with last night. He's right, they played him VERY physical and he only shot 4 ft. Hmm.

Anyway, Stephen Rogers is awesome. Ive been waiting for his break out game and it couldnt have come at a better time. Once KC and James Anderson come back the Cougars will have a much improved beach with Chuck and Steve making big contributions.

I admit I was a little worried going into last nights game as well. It was nice to see the Cougars run a team out of their own building.

Oh, and good work BYU fans in Colorado! You guys were very much noticed on TV.

Next up: Jim (call a timeout when your team is down by 80 with one second left in the game) Boylin and the Runnin' Utes.

Go Cougars!

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

These MWC final games are important to win, but are meaningless in reality. The MWC teams other than possibly SDSU and UNM are sorry sad sack teams and everyone in the conference knows it. Apparently no one doing the polls thinks so. I can't believe the rankings. BYU has a history of faltering in the games that mean something during the year and at the end of the conference tournament. I hope they can do some business this year and change that trend. Beating the AFA is stricly a joke. The other joke is how the officiating is allowing opponents beat up Jimmer. It's a crime. Blow the whistle you meatballs.


Danish American
Payson, UT

The word has gone out to the refs that opposing teams can mug Jimmer and they don't have to call fouls. The trend started in New Mexico and has continued with every game since. Even though he made 16 free throws in the UNLV game, 4 of those were technical fouls. He should have had twice as many. I do like to have the refs let them play, but this is a little too obvious.

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