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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 9 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

I am sure that BYU fans will be much moe polite on Saturday, but maybe twice as loud. I would love to see 50 from Jimmer an a 44 point victory from the cougars.

Fort Worth, Texas

"Our quality of opponents have been very good, but I don't know why we're not making free throws. I don't know why we're not making layups and open shots,"
-- Boylen

I'm confused, shouldn't the man you gets paid nearly a million dollars to coach this team figure out why his teams can't shoot?

Last year we shot 42% this year 43%.

Enough is enough, not only is Utah losing but we are getting embarrassed. Wasn't this team picked to finish 5th? At least play like an average team and not a cupcake. We have the talent we have a clueless coach.

I agree with SDSU... "You are fiiired!"

West Jordan, UT

"We never could quite settle down," said Utah coach Jim Boylen. Isn't it the coaches job to settle down his team? Once again Boylen takes no responsibility for his teams loss.
Isn't is great that each game Boylens team sets a new record! Most lopsided loss, first loss to Air Force in years, first time utah has lost both home and away games with MOST teams, ect.
And he is still the coach! FIRE BOYLEN!
Games remaining...7

Just a little something to think about...A lot of comments on this board seem to think we should get Stew for the coach. Do you really think he is pac 10 material? I think Utah really needs to find someone better. If we are going to try to compete in the Pac, we need someone with experiance there.
Besides, if Dr Hill wants to save face, he better find a big name coach that will come to utah and shock us all!

West Jordan, UT

More records...The largest ever margin of victory by SDSU against the utes.

Largest margin of defeat for the Utes this season (at SDSU

Draper, UT

Another record for the Utes - most excuses by a clueless coach - no one else comes close

Salt Lake City, UT

So who is going to pay for the new "big name" coach and pay off the remaining years of Boylen's contract?

For the next 2 - 3 years until Utah becomes a fully vested member, the money is very tight.

Finally, not sure the Stew would come to Utah. Utah has turned into a football school. It would appear that basketball is not top dog anymore.

I guess one telling tale is the half filled arena on game day. Without the other half's revenue it is even harder to run the program let alone double pay the old and new coach.

Maybe every one should work hard to sell out Hunstman for the remaining games and try to get the powers to be to put the extra bucks in the "new coach" fund.

Syracuse, UT

@alternate...Maybe passing the hat at games and in the parking lot and around campus would help. Then again maybe not.

It is a hard thing to bring a program back to the top. It starts with a GREAT coach. I think that Stew is great, but I really think that he would not take the job. Ute fans have been spoiled and if you brought in a "Top Named" coach, the team would have to win, win, win within a couple of years or they would be calling for him head also, especially in the pac-12.

It is my opinion that Ute BB will bottom out and stay there for at least the next 5 to 8 years.

Sorry, but I would really like to see them tear up the pac 12, but I just don't think it will happen given their current standing. Recruiting is really going to be a bust.

Murray, UT

February 24th is approaching! That is the day back in 1962 that Billy McGill poured 60 points on BYU in a Utah win at the Smith Fieldhouse in Provo. There was no 3 pt shot back then. Obviously no one on this Ute team is going to do what McGill did. I just hope Jimmer doesn't go off for 60 on the Utes.

UoU 1991
Park City, UT

"I don't know why. I just keep evaluating and keep working at it."

The Utes have talent and they have players who are coachable. So, you figure it out coach.

What's the missing ingredient?

Albany, NY

Are you kidding me? Is that not exactly what he said after the UNLV game? That my guys had not played in that arena before? Is that also what he will say this saturday after the by crushes us? That does not cut it! Stop with the excuses! The players we have are not very good to begin with and they are getting horrible coaching from our army of coaches. Incredible how bad this had become. I am surprised that he didn't blame the 3-game skid in Hawai'i on the fact that none of his players had seen a beach before.

Cedar Hills, UT

Boylen is on his way out. I would not be surprised if he doesn't even show up in Provo.

The addition to the football stadium can wait, the U needs to replace Boylen now.

The loss to AF at home was the kickerin my eyes. You could tell from how they handled the start of the SD game, that they had given up at that point and got smashed in the mouth.

Get the funds (Huntsman)and buy him out. He has given up and his team has given up.

Boise, ID

I totally agree with Skippy that Utah needs a big time coach. I bet Pat Riley or Phil Jackson would jump at the chance. I think they should also consider stealing coaches from Duke, Texas, Kentucky or Louisville. A big time program like Utah will have their pick of coaches as soon as they get into the Pac 12.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Five of the Utes in the playing group, he noted, had never played at Viejas Arena before,..."

Gee coach, I wonder how PAC 12 arenas your guys haven't played in?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Every dog has it's day--this just isn't Utah BB's day. Patience grasshopper patience.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

Boylen has no answers because he has no idea how to coach D1 basketball.

He should resign and try to refine his skill at the high school level.

I'm tired of Utah taking risks on unproven or first time head coaches. If you're going to take a chance, then at least take a chance on a guy who has been with the program and been around good coaches - Tommy Connor or Jeff Judkins. I would bet that they wouldn't have to pay either of those guys huge contracts to get them back to the U. Connor was an assistant under Majerus for years and has done a good job at Westminster.

It would be great if we could bring in more of a big name - but if not, I would rather give those guys a chance than someone with no ties to the school.

Bottom line is something has to be done. The program used to make money and can again - just need to put a winning team on the floor.

St.George, Utah

I really feel for you Utes. I was a Ute fan back in the day, and in some ways I still am (football). Hopefully you can get a better coach. Stew is ours at least until 2015.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

There is Not a long list of shortcomings. There is One shortcoming and a Long list of excuses.
The shortcoming is obviously the coach.
The time is Now to change coaches, Not at the end of the season.
I spoke with Dr. Hill on the phone and told him that Jim Harrick is ready and available, but I don't think Dr. Hill was listening.

Mt Laurel, NJ

utah will never win games until they start recruiting and signing the best in-state players. get a coach who understands that, embraces the missionary program, and disciplines the players.

Surfers Paradise, AU

"We got off to such a bad start and then guys got tentative and a little bit reluctant," Boylen explained. "I thought we reacted to the crowd."

What will happen when you have a 22,000 person crowd you're playing against? Things could be tough on Saturday guys.

jersey: According to chris b, wilary, otis, and hedgehog, you already have the athletes because of the Pac12. Good enough athletes to beat BYU anyway right?

Saint George, UT

I've never heard of a coach that cried so many times, "I don't know why!" What's his fat salary for? He hasn't a clue that he doesn't command the respect of the team or fans. Contrary to some of you out there, I don't think hiring a big-name-coach is always the solution. But, the Utes need one who really knows how to coach!!!

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