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Trade rumors swirl after game

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 9 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Deron to loose a game. Jazz didn't have any kind of offensive flow. Down stretch did however defensive plays and the end offense wins game.
Deron single handedly lost a game.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

This one's on Deron. Three crucial turnovers in the final minute when we trailed by only a single basket. And allowing Rose to drop 29 on him while scoring just 11 himself.

Also, foul shooting -- especially by Jefferson and Kirilenko -- contributed.

Wonder what the result would have been if Noah had played.

Murray, UT

Kurt Thomas' flagrant on AK was a Jazz turnover because it sent AK to the line....nuff said

Salt Lake City, UT

Awesome, Just simply awesome.. way to go Bulls my new 2nd favorite team :)

sandy, ut

Too D will

Thanks for giving up. Three straight TO'S on THREE straight possessions. I dont want too hear that he had a rough night, that might be so but that shows me that he was playing with his head in the clouds until there was three minutes left when he finally woke up it was too late. Thanks Deron .

BTW he will pull a Lebron and bounce

Holladay, UT

The Jazz looked better than the Bulls minus the free throws and turn overs. The bench really needs to contribute a lot more then they are.

Fort Worth, Texas

We're blaming our only All-Star for losing this game? We have no depth, when DWill has an off night someone has to step up.

Where was the bench? Where was CJ Miles? The bench had 5 total points. Sorry but not even Miami can win games with that kind of bench depth.

Lets face it we're not a good team, without the 13 lucky come-from-behind wins we're easily a lottery team... we still just might be.

Highland, UT

When is it time to change things around? Maybe Greg Miller already has a plan. This team is not very good. Sloan does well with average players. Utah doesn't know how to bring in better talent.

It seems there are very few coaches who know how to win a championship. Sloan has had some great years. He is an amazing coach with what he has been given. The league is changing. We need a different formula for success. Maybe its never going to happen.

Utah has had a good streak of making the playoffs, but always going to the prom and never with the head cheerleader gets cloy.

Miller needs to seriously consider changes and take some chances.

Houston, TX

It is obvious DWill played hurt and not at 100%

Boozer Who? Millsap and AJ played pretty well as did AK. However, poor FT shooting hurt.

The Jazz still have about 28-29 million tied up in AK and Okur. That pays for a lot of quality.

The Jazz have the same problems they have always had. They lack enough quality depth in the bench and they lack sufficient outside shooting. Further the defense is poor.

Those problems doom the Sloan system to mediocrity.

Boozer got blocked a number of times so the interior D was not that bad in some aspects.

The team seemed to play well at times but the D was not sufficient. DWill struggled in the last 2 minutes. Korver and Brewer knew the plays the Jazz would run at the end. Sloan could have called something different.

Lindon, UT

Deron better not blame this loss on "the team". He lost this game for the Jazz.

I was thinking to myself, "what do the players need to do to start winning the games they should win? I decided that need to get back to to the basics - making layups and three throws, making accurate passes, etc.

How can these players justify and even feel good about COLLECTING the millions of $'s when they constantly play so poorly. Notice I did not say EARNING - they are not earning their millions. This is very frustrating!

Mr Miller, Mr O'Conner, and Mr Sloan better do something soon, or the Jazz will lose many of their fans, and therefore $'s to fund this organization.

Santa Ana, CA

The Jazz played heart and it was a good game until the last minute and the turnovers. However, all the missed free throws and t/os are self destructible issues. The Jazz letting Kyle Korver open on a 3 should never have happened to give Chicago the winning points as it turned out.

CJ and AK got too much time and Fes not enough. Fes had changed the game as intimidated couple shots and no paint attempts.

Evans athleticism, length and leaping ability could have been utilized. The Jazz went thru dry stretches in the 2nd and 3rd quarter and he never came in. This could have helped as Bulls had 2nd chance points with too many boards.


Santa Ana, CA

Miles worthless minutes, comes in jacks up 3s. Kirilenko 5-14. Rose outplayed DWIL, then again Rose does that to most.

Maybe the Jazz can package Miles and Elson for someone with length. Someone will take a chance on CJ but frankly I am CJ'd out and tired of waiting for our answer. We need rebounding and length and tough defense

Roosevelt, UT

Good to see Boozer and Brewer again.

I would like to state the obvious, Boozer was a great player for the Jazz.

I would happily trade AK and Okur for 3 Boozers, that is where the salary works out at. That would give the Jazz about 50 to 60 points each night, not the hit and miss they have been working with lately.

This game was winnable, I guess Deron has lots of respect for Boozer and did not want to take away the win. that is probably why he gave up 3 times as many points as he scored.

Tomorrow the fans will not have to hear Deron in the paper say he doesn't know what is wrong with the team. When he shaves he will be able to identify who the problem is.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

This game confirmed what I already thought, DRose is the best point guard in the league.

Dwill is still hurting but those 3 turnovers in the last minute were unacceptable. Horrible.

I'll never understand why people who are paid millions to play basketball can't shoot better percentages from the free throw line.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Was at the game. Milsap and Jefferson out played Boozer. Rose out played everyone else. Fesenko was looking good then Sloan pulled him quick for no reason that I could see. Fesenko could have stopped some of the Rose penetration.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Money doesn't buy happiness. Shooting is nothing to do money. If that in case Shaq Howard must be best FT shooters . Look at % only certain player shoots better. 2nite both team was off.
Doug you are routing wrong team, go lake Michigan find better team. Daydreamer

Louisville, CO

Jazz have NO chance this year against Dallas, San Antonio, or the Lakers in the playoffs. Time to position for the future and not waste time on a unsalvageable year. Desperately needing some roster changes!

D-Will needs to step up. His attitude is contagious and he appears to be moping around feeling sorry for himself. I'm not a Boozer fan; but, he is a very optimistic guy on the floor...the low energy is a direct reflection of Williams! His "threats" of leaving shows lack of commitment and leadership. If he's not going to be here mentally and emotionally, I don't know that we can expect that from the others.

Mount Beauty, VIC

todd, i agree with nost things you say, but i do believe it's time for some trades to take, but is whats available better than what we have!

bobby d
Beaver, UT

What a totally lackluster effort by the Jazz. How long are we going to continue to walk the ball up the floor. Why dont we try something new..like hustleing. Total half court effort. No free throw shooting. AK throw them up there with this new found flick of the wrist stuff, where that came from I dont know. Its time to shake things up. How loud would Larry be screaming right now? And at everyone! Earn your salaries guys. The fans dont owe you anything. Show up to work like all the rest of us have to do. THEN WORK!

Santa Monica, CA

So now we find our scapegoat in Dwill, eh? Predictable Utah fans--take your all-star, who has done more than anyone to help bring this team along, and then throw him under the bus when you don't get exactly what you want and when you want it. This is such a good example of why other cities journalists and announcers, while admitting that Jazz fans can be the "loudest," rarely mention anything about them being the "smartest."

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