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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 9 2011 1:00 p.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

Memo is an injury waiting to happen.

Ivins, UT

It could all be over for Okur. With all that down time from various problems goes the game skills also. sorry about that Mehmet, you are a fine man and we miss yuu. On with the Jazz, you are doing better lately and we have some great bench talent to draw on.

Springville, UT

I love Memo, but his best days are behind him. Now the Jazz are chained to his $9 mil/year contract with little to show for it.

Leesburg, VA

First, I wish Memo all the best. I hope he heals and recovers without too much pain. No one should have to go through this.


Jazz record this season with Memo: 5-8 (.385)

Jazz record this season without Memo: 26-14 (.650)

Without Memo, we lead the division and are 4th in the conference.

With Memo, we're making a serious bid to draft Jimmer.

I think it would be best for Memo AND the team if he took the rest of the season off to heal properly.

Aces in the Hole
West Jordan, UT

And we all complained about Boozer! Wish the Jazz had him now!

Burley, ID

And we all complained about Boozer! Wish the Jazz had him now! - Aces in the Hole

Not me, I'm glad Boozer's gone.

Salt Lake City, UT

And we all complained about Boozer! Wish the Jazz had him now!

No, I'll take Memo who is having 1 injury plagued season while recovering FROM A TORN ACHILLES. Look at the numbers before this season. He played in over 90% of the games every season. The dude is tough, and like some other former Jazz players who will be in the ESA tonight(Boozer) I don't get the feeling that he doesn't want to play.

Salt Lake City, UT

@GaryS- I don't think you can pin that down on Memo.

You must take into consideration that Memo hasn't played at 100% yet. He looks out of shape, which is understandable seeing how he couldn't run for 6 mos (and has probably led to his back problems.) Memo at 100% would definitely help this team out.

On the bright side, if he misses half the season, don't the Jazz get his salary back from their insurance?

Bluffdale, Utah

Seriously, all we have to do tonight is put a bag in front of the visitors tunnel and Boozer is toast for the game.

Viva Los Jazz
Garland, UT

I was afraid we pushed Okur too hard too soon to get back 100 percent. At least we'll have him for the playoffs but its looking like we'll be a 5 to 8 seed. Why aren't we pushing to get Carmello here in Utah? The Lakers are talking about trading Bynum for Carmello. How about AK and CJ for Carmello; both are hot or cold but Carmello would give us a certainty at the shooting guard, plus we have Raja and Hayward. I'm not buying Jerry's post interview "we're not looking to trade anyone." Let's make a deal but we have to keep Jefferson and Williams.

Ogden, UT

Injuries in the NBA are even worse for athletes than the NFL.

And the reason is that the season is twice as long as it should be.

David Stern (and the rest of the league's execs) see only dollar signs and really couldn't care less what's best for the players.

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