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Published: Monday, Feb. 7 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Snowflake, AZ

I am sorry Dick, but Dave Rose may be a great coach, but I am pretty sure that he doesn't or can't control whether his LDS players go on missions or not. He has had some good luck. If he persuaded Jimmer and Davies not to go on missions, then he will be held responsible rather than be given credit. Please don't start attributing things to him that he isn't responsible for!

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Coach Rose has a hard job. It gives me a headache just thinking about all those options Jackson Emery came up with at the end of the article.

Emery and the team have the right attitude. Do your best with what you have and don't worry about what you don't have. It's hard for us fans to not think about the what ifs but I'm glad the players aren't thinking about it.

Gilbert, AZ

Of course coach Roses can't and doesn't decide who goes on missions or who stays, which adds to the incredible juggling act he has to perform. And I agree with Harmon that he's done that juggling act quite well.

What a pleasure Jackson Emery has been on and off the court. As the interviewee, Jackson was insightful, articulate and very relevant, so unlike the cliche-ridden drivel that comes out of too many athletes these days. Jackson, you take a back seat to no one in my book. Thank you for your class act and an inspiring career at BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT


He (Rose) didn't;
and he's (Harmon) not.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Dave Rose is simply the best coach at BYU; probably in the mountain west conference - for any sport! Give the BYU constraints (honor code, missionaries, required classroom attendance, etc.) to any other coach in America and they would not take it. If Rose wins 20 games next year, then he'll become a legend in my mind, given that we'll probably be playing with freshman gaurds.

Salt Lake City, UT

The player "carousel" exists at most D1 schools, but in different ways. Top tier college programs have to deal with players leaving after their freshman and sophomore years for the NBA. Kentucky had FIVE players from last year's roster go in the first round of the NBA draft! All of them underclassmen!

If BYU can get quality athletes to commit to four year college careers, they can be very competitive.

Dave Rose is not only a very good coach, he's like-able and courageous. He's very easy to cheer for..

The program's next step is to have success in March. Until then, the respect level will remain moderate to good.

Spanish Fork, UT

Does anyone else think Jackson Emery sounds like a future D-1 coach?

Salt Lake City, UT

By-the-way, where did Mike Loyd end up? Is he playing somewhere?

Having Mike Loyd would probably be a huge asset right now.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

BYU is lucky to have Coach Rose. BYU has some build in advantages and some built in disadvantages when it comes to winning. We often seem to always be just 1 or 2 players away from a final four. It is difficult to manage, but he is doing quite well. He is correct to consider the character of the players because that makes a good organization in industry as well as basketball.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks Dick for a great article. Coach Rose has won at every level. What he has done at BYU to be consistently in the tournament and competitive for a conference championship is amazing.

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Syracuse, UT

RockOn--you took the words right out of my mouth. That was my exact thought when I read the article. I believe he would make a wonderful coach!

@USAlover--Mike is playing at Mid-Western State Univ. (MSU) in Wichita Falls, TX (sorry for the spelling)

Thanks Coach Rose for all your hard work. You are a great coach AND person. A guy all the players and fans can look up to.

Payson, UTAH

Michael Loyd has been missed, but the deeper issue has been depth in the frontcourt, with the injury to Collinsworth.

I am pleased to hear that Kyle is going on his mission. Good for him.

Payson, UTAH


It would appear that your comments imply he makes the mission service decision for the players. No, but Rose has to manage around the decisions of his LDS players regarding missions.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Obviously Coach Rose and others in the program involved in recruiting have some knowledge about the recruits as to what their intentions are about missions...make no mistake about it. You can't tell me players coming into the program don't state their intentions upfront. Rose has done well as have other coaches by managing the cards dealt to them regarding university requirements and standards. Then there is the issue of all teams that pile up victories at the beginning of the season by playing a bunch of irrelevant teams with maybe one or two possibly marginal teams. But this does not justify the ranking they have at the present time. This will change as the season winds down, and the playoffs begin. Coach Rose is to be commended for what he is doing, but let us keep things in perspective about how good this team is until we get to the end of the season. It would be interesting to see what BYU could do if they played in the Big East, Big 10/11/12, SEC, ACC and some of the more storied conferences in the east. Regardless of the convoluted rankings, BYU can be commended.

Bountiful, UT

One of the young men in my ward asked me if Jimmer served a mission, then he asked me is Davies served a mission, then asked me if Jake Heaps served a mission. (All loaeded questions for a kid who is 50/50 on serving a mission). Tough conversation followed. He really looks up to BYU athletes. I turned the conversation to Jackson Emery. Always helps to have a good example to turn to.

Orem, UT

Anonymous Infinity

It would also be interesting to see how Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, Georgetown and some of the other storied programs would do playing a complete MWC schedule.

I'm sure they'd do very well, but do you really think they'd go undefeated every year playing in the Pit, the Marriott Center, the Thomas & Mack, and Viejas Arena?

Would undefeated Ohio State be undefeated this year playing in the MWC?

Fortunately in basketball, unlike football, even teams not in the "more storied conferences" get an opportunity to prove themselves on the big stage.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

The MWC is one of the hardest conferences to win on the road period. It is very diverse in location, fan base and altitude. I can't remember any team running the table in the MWC.

Provo, UT

With the proper seed and a little luck BYU could make a run to the elite 8 this year but not past that unless they get a lot of luck. If they get a 2 seed they would play a 14 and then the winner of the 7 - 10 game after which they probably get a 3 or a 6. They could win that one to get into the elite 8 but then they face a number one seed, barring upsets (which happen quite regularly)to get into the final four. The key is to be the hot team in the tournament like Butler was last year. If you aren't hitting your stride in March you are out in the first or second round.

Fairborn, OH

I think Coach Rose has been the best--his numbers prove it!! Now, if only the players will do their part each and every game. Here's my take on the numbers:
PossibleReality (apprx)
Player NamePoints
Hartsock10+ 6
Abouo10+ 7
Collingsworth10+ 8
Rogers 8+ 6
Anderson 4+ 2
Martineau 2+ 0
Zylstra 4+ 0
Magnassun 6+ 3
Current Ave game is: 83.4

Snowflake, AZ

No, I am not implying that he is making the decisions for his players. That is my point! He doesn't make their decisions for them, and Dick said that "The Rose formula has been simple: Build a foundation built on four-year LDS players who didn't take mission breaks, sprinkle in LDS players who leave and return from LDS missions". When he says he has a formula, it sounds as if there is some mathematical equation that he can plug variables into. These young men are not variables. I believe to a certain extent he has been very fortunate, that he hasn't had more injuries and use of agency that could weaken his team.

I think Dave Rose is a great coach! Just don't deify him. He is juggling, not formulizing, and he has had some good fortune, call it blessed, whatever.

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