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Published: Monday, Feb. 7 2011 2:00 p.m. MST

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Good Will
Indio, CA

South Park Episode 712 ("All About The Mormons") is hilarious satire. A devout Mormon would have to lack a funny bone not to see the delicious humor in it.

But is there really that big of an audience (of disaffected or thick-skinned Mormons) on Broadway to sustain this project? I'm surprised.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

This was the best response possible. Any direct criticism of the work will just give it more attraction and cause some people to go to it out of a solidarity against what would be construed as "censorship".

Salt Lake City, UT

If the Book of Mormon is the outrageous fruad many purport it to be, shouldn't it be a simple task for someone to write a book like it, put that book into circulation, and create a result something like the result brought by the Book of Mormon?

Where is such a book? After all the years of naysayers proclaiming every vile, pernnicious, and derogatory thing about the Book of Mormon, why haven't they undertaken the simple task of exposing the fraud by replicating it, or something like it?

Could it be because of the futility sure to accompany such an effort? Remember, within a few years, the newly-written book needs to convince hundreds of spiritually sensitive and thoughtful men and women that it is indeed divine. It has to change the hearts of many doubters touch the souls of, eventually, millions of people in dozens of countries.

Oh, and the author, a person with little formal education, must dictate the book from scratch.

And, many influenced by it must make monumental changes in their lives--not just think the book is interesting.

I could go on, but you get the idea--where is such a book?

Aurora, CO

@ Jiggle.

When did wards and stakes get discontinued, where, by who? Being an active member I guess I missed that Memorandum since I attended church Sunday when Wards and Stakes were still part of the excellent organization of the LDS church. I think some of the research you are reading came from an incorrect source. Not Surprising.

Whos Life RU Living?
Ogden, UT

Why is it ok to say that the church is true, when in actuality you really don't KNOW that it is?
Why is it not ok to even think that the church is false if you have an idea that it might be? Are members allowed to even question what they believe? I question what I believe all the time. There is no sin in questioning? Is there? Oh yeah, if you do ask yourself questions, that means you lack faith right? Keep the faith strong dont ask questions!

I believe the church responded in a correct manner by the way.

Clearfield, UT

I wrote a long reply to Mayfair last night, but it didn't get posted. I ran into the 200 word limit, so maybe it was deemed too long.

In short, while my knowledge of this show is based on a blog entry and attendant comments, I would venture to say that yes, the show will probably be very offensive to Ugandans, people of African descent, or anyone who finds crude stereotypes offensive.

To clarify for others who may have been thrown off by the title, the show is not a satirical telling of the Book of Mormon itself. It does not feature stories or characters from the Book of Mormon. It is about 2 American missionaries sent to Uganda. My understanding is that the show is really about the "silliness and zeal" of the missionaries. They come into contact with native Africans who sing the most offensively awful thing about God you can imagine, and come to the conclusion that there is peace in living in a lie as long as you believe it strongly enough.

And after Prop 8, I can assure you that many in the Broadway community are stoked to see it.

Clearfield, UT

@boiseblue and others here

Attitudes like yours are just another reason to dismiss the LDS Church as well as any church. Members of any church who make accusations of being a LDS/Catholic/Baptist etc. hater, anti-Mormon, being a puppet of Satan, and insinuations of lying when you simply have an opposing opinion is not debate and certainly discredits the opinion. Ad hominem arguments concerning a differing opinion are irrelevant to the argument here. That being said...I would expect opposing opinions to mine, and along with that I expect support of the opposing opinion with reasonable arguments and facts when necessary. Sarcasm happens in debate however it is very apparent that cultural perspectives on sarcasm vary widely with groups finding it offensive to varying degrees. Perhaps we can all do better on that one....including myself!

boiseblue...Saying people are Satans's puppets requires evidence to support that argument! Do you have any evidence that people commenting here are Satan's puppets?

LDS shouldn't take this play so seriously that they become insulted by disagreement concerning the Churches concern about it. Lighten up! I wouldn't go either since I don't even like South Park!

A Wise Guy
Spokane, WA

Just a couple of months ago, an LDS missionary returned from Europe in our Stake and commented that one young man he taught and who converted in the Netherlands was first exposed to the Church by watching a Mormon-themed episode of South Park. Seemed odd to me, but I think someone who watches South Park recognizes that it satitizes about everything and takes that into account. There is a difference between mean spirited critism and just finding something funny, and I think this will be the latter.

Provo, UT


You wrote:

"If the Book of Mormon is the outrageous fruad many purport it to be, shouldn't it be a simple task for someone to write a book like it, put that book into circulation, and create a result something like the result brought by the Book of Mormon? Where is such a book?"

Do you sincerely want answers? Others HAVE written books comparable to the Book of Mormon and circulated them, with amazing results.

Ever heard of the Qu'ran? Do you think it is "true" (the word of God)? If so, you must convert to Islam. If not, it was created just as you challenge, and has lasted longer and gathered more adherents than the BOM. Around 1.65 Billion people today believe the Quran is the word of God.

Heard of the Tripitaka or Dhammapada? As many as 1.5 Billion people today believe it is true.

How about the Bhagavad-gita? Upwards of 1 Billion people today believe it is the word of God.

Not to mention the Tao Te Ching, Analects, Kojiki & Nihongi, Adi Granth, Kitab-i-Aqdas, and many more.

Have you read them?

All frauds, according to Joseph Smith.

Holladay, UT


It's true that retaining new members can be a problem for lots of reasons. It's a lot to ask most people to give up their Sunday and serve in callings, etc. The church believe it or not is still growing a lot faster then people are falling away from it though. Even if the opposite was true, I don't think it would matter much, because it's not about how many members there are.

Clearfield, UT

Dear Vanka,

Check out the "little known" Urantia Book for your list! The Urantia Book, first published by Urantia Foundation in 1955, claims to have been presented by celestial beings as a revelation to our planet, Urantia. It does not consider itself to be a religion and has no churches. Its main focus though is also correcting the Gospel of Jesus from the Bible.

So many books claiming they are the truth!

Do I believe the Urantia Book? No!

Mesa, AZ

Listen up folks! I think this kind of stuff is just terrific for the Church long term, although it surely is uncomfortable for us members intially. We believe what we believe and understand not everyone else does. In fact some think it is downright foolish. Truth be told I think they are the ones that are foolish and one day we will all know who was right and who was wrong. Until then, let's just be kind to each other and not make light of other's deeply held beliefs.
Fools mock, but they shall mourn. When the day comes that these South Park guys are mourning their dumb choice to make this play I am sure a faithful Mormon will come along with a plate of cookies and put their arm around them and have a good laugh about the whole thing. Until then, we ought to thank them for bringing attention to the Church we love and for the honest in heart that will be spurred on to look into that book of Books. El Libro De Mormon! Seacrest.... Out!

Provo, UT


Thank you for the reference. I had not heard of the Urantia Book before. I will be sure not to make fun of it ;)

On a similar note, have you heard of the book "Oahspe: A New Bible" (1882)?

The Title Page reads:

"A New Bible in the Words of Jehovih and His Angel Ambassadors. A Sacred History of the Dominions of the Higher and Lower Heavens on the Earth for the Past Twenty-Four Thousand Years together with a Synopsis of the Cosmogony of the Universe; the Creation of Planets; the Creation of Man; the Unseen Worlds; the Labor and Glory of Gods and Goddesses in the Etherean Heavens; with the New Commandments of Jehovih to Man of the Present Day."

Angelic beings used the hands of John Ballou Newbrough (18281891) to write the book.

The manuscript contained hieroglyphs, whose resemblance to real Egyptian hieroglyphs was attested to by Prof. Thomas A.M. Ward, who claimed to have deciphered the hieroglyphics on the Cleopatra's Needle obelisk in Central Park. Ward was present at Oahspe's first presentation, as was Dr. Cetliniski, an Oriental scholar, who attested to its authenticity.

Pocatello, ID

I do not live in the state of Utah.. though I have off and on in the past,and we have new members here. I also went on a mission outside of Utah and had the blessing of seeing people I taught get baptised. I have had my own "MIRACLE" in my life.. some big ones.. but most small ones that still affect my life.
Joseph Smith knew way back in his lifetime that his name would be made fun of so why should we be surprised by this? He also knew and told the saints in his day that the church would not be a "BIG" church as far as the world population but that it would be a worldwide church as meaning that it would be all over the world.. which is something we are still working on. The first I heard about this play was during the time of the hoopla with the gay marriage in Calif. so I think it is a back lash of that. Most of the contention on this board is not from the LDS but from those who seem drawn to be here to put the church down in some way. SAD

Clearfield, UT

Dear Jan San

Do you not realize that their is contention from the LDS? Look at the rather objectionable (to be kind) remarks or assumptions put forth simply for disagreeing. There is no innocence here by some of your brethren....not all! Contention goes both ways perhaps, but many times that is what happens with debate. It's too bad some don't realize that and refraain from accusations and untrue character assumptions!

Stay the Course
Provo, Utah

Your lightning fast response to any comment directed your way shows your the extra sensitive one!!!!!!
How do you know I am even Mormon? your assumption only
Yes I will continue to maintain your comments of others
reflect the person you really are

Stay the Course
Provo, Utah

Joggle and Vanka
Great minds think alike?

Clearfield, UT

@Stay the course

Yes, I agree that my comments reflect myself, but whether you have interpreted them correctly is another story! Whether I have interpreted you correctly may also be incorrect, but if you are unwilling to debate the subject with more support for your argument I have no other choice than to assume things from what you present.

You might be a good person to debate here, but the restrictions prevent that from happening. I can not really present all my thoughts here, so I'm not surprised that you misinterpret me. That is possibly a problem for me as well. Oh well....it is what it is!

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Vanka 2:39 p.m.

How kind of you to consider the Book of Mormon along with the other sacred texts you mention. This is certainly a step-up from the typical approach of the Book of Mormon naysayers. And, yes, I have read parts of many of the books you list and own a copy of one or two. I don't know just what you mean by asserting that Joseph Smith called each of these books frauds. I doubt it.

But, back to my question. Let's try it a different way. Where is a book such such as the Book of Mormon written by an American? A fair question, I think, since most Book of Mormon critics are Americans. And, why can't they duplicate the book today?

Provo, UT

I have read Joggle's comments and, frankly, I am honored to be categorized in the same company. But it is a long way from Provo to Clearfield.

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