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Published: Monday, Feb. 7 2011 2:00 p.m. MST

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Sylmar, CA

re - Utes21 | 9:13 a.m
"I served a mission back in Boston not to long ago and saw many miracles start from the strangest things."

see - here's one problem with your religion. you use words incorrectly.

tell us, Utes21 - what miracles did you witness? did a cripple get up and walk? was water turned to wine? did the sea part?

you didn't see miracles. you saw regular things and decided they were "special events" or something. and now you call them miracles.

Jesus would be greatly disturbed that you think a minor incident is the equivelant to a miracle as written in the bible.

"miracles" isn't a word you should just be throwing around.

"People were curious about poligamy and ended up letting us come back to teach them"

I'm guessing it was mostly middle-aged white men, and when you said you don't have multiple wives anymore, they were no longer interested...

re - U of U Fan | 10:15 a.m
"If the book is not historical, I, for one would like to know where it came from."

some guys got together and wrote it. just like the bible. not rocket science...

Salt Lake City, ut

@ Jiggle
Right? Thats why hundreds of thousands people join the church every year because they arent curious. Thats why hundreds of people back east, invited me and my companions to teach them because they werent curious. Thats why the Church has grown to 14 million members worldwide because people arent curious. Thats why they made this stupid satire musical because people arent curious.
Dude I think you havent lived outside of your house let alone Utah.

Bountiful Democrat
Bountiful, UT

For years I've wished that someone would create a musical for the broadway and/or global stage based on Book of Mormon stories. Mormon's are such fans of Les Miserables - because of the theme of forgiveness and starting a new - I wished I had the talent or resource to launch a non satirical show on Nephi and his family...So here is my call to those more talented than I - what are you waiting for? Same goes for the Movies - the Church has produced great movies recently - but Someone needs to tell the story of the Book of Mormon in "Laurence of Arabia" style and distribution.

Eugene, OR

Re: fairenough4U

Your statement is internally inconsistent. You first state that you know "hundreds of non-Mormons that have had the same 'testimony-confirming' experiences about there religions..." but then you go on to ridicule and question the method. It appears then that those "hundreds" of non-Mormons that you know have the same issue with you as do believing LDS. Assuming you are Christian, what do you think James 1:5 means? Assuming you are not, how else can you possibly independantly verify the truth of a religous belief? As far as I know, the LDS Church is the only Christian religion that asks people to independantly verify the truth of what we preach - I am unaware of any other Christian demomination that encouranges independant verification from God.

U of U Fan
Salt Lake City, UT


"some guys got together and wrote it. just like the bible."

What guys? Where did their information come from? When? How? Why? And, where is the historical information that shows that "some guys wrote it"?

These questions may not be important to you, but they are to me.

"not rocket science..."

Humans figured out and published rocket science before they figured out where the BOM came from. Ironic isn't it?

w bountiful, ut

Interesting comments today.
Class and dignity are hallmarks of a civilized and progressing society. Defamation of others, vile sophistry and persecution of what is of good report or praiseworthy - the harbinger of a society in decay. Make your own observations, but mud thrown is still and always will be ground lost.

Salt Lake City, ut

@ charlie
I am glad you can tell me what miracles are and how they occur. Are you the miracle man who gets to tell everyone what miracles are? Did Jesus give you the power to tell others they cant perform miracles unless it means healing crippled people or splitting the sea? I am pretty sure people back in day saw many miracles performed by Christ or prophets, and just said after that it wasnt a miracle. It was a trick or the devil gave him that power or a lucky coincidence . How many miracles did Christ perform right in front of the Pharisees and they still claimed him a fraud and ultimately crucified him?
I saw things that may be normal to person like you but again being normal seems to be how you look at life. My mission was a testament to me that miracles are real and they do occur on a daily basis. I dont cast my pearls before swine. Keep hating the Church buddy and see how your life turns out.

Florissant, MO

To charlie91342
First of all, I would find great offense if a satire were made about the Catholic Priests, I have a great respect for the Catholic church and do not base my opinion by a few men in that church.

Second, you seem to like to tear apart other peoples comments, the snarky side of me would wonder if you are not capable of making your own comments, or afraid of having someone else tear them apart. But I won't say that ;) You question someone talking about miracles and how they use the word, I question that you assume that a miracle didn't happen? You came to a conclusion without getting the facts. I googled the word miracle, and bye some miracle, this was the very first definition that was listed. "any amazing or wonderful occurrence". Isn't that amazing, that the first thing I found, showed that there are different layers of a miracle. As for my sense of humor, I had to have a lot of that when I had a dying bed ridden husband at the age of 37, his was the best. But we were laughing at ourselves not at others.

Clearfield, UT


Wow....assumptions abound with the LDS! It amazes me every time it happens. First of all...you are perpetuating the myth that the Church is growing. The Church counts inactive people as well as many others who don't practice or believe in the religion anymore. Most former members don't bother to remove themselves from Church rolls. Reliable sources say that convert retention is a problem. Based on actual activity rates....the count of 14 million is much lower.

Sure people are curious but not for the reasons you prefer or think! Out of the billions of people on earth your religion is wholely insignificant in the scheme of life to most people.

Oh...and by the way...I'm NOT a dude! As far as where I've lived....I came here from a different state, lived in more than one, as well as Europe. Polygamy is the main thing of curiosity! Of course, there are exceptions, but I bet there are more doors closed on Mormonism than opened. Facts are facts!

Now will DS News post my rebuttal. They seems to dislike people disputing the membership numbers! Thank you in advance!

Ogden, UT

And when they showed what was Mohammed in a bear costume, they were basically threatened to end up like a dead Dutch director. Turns out it was only Santa Claus.

Great response from the Church. Very Classy. Sounds like something Pres. Monson would have come up with himself!

U of U Fan
Salt Lake City, UT


By the way, the lack of historical evidence for how the BOM came to be isn't enough to convince anybody. That comes from a spiritual experience only. I don't expect historical information alone to convince anybody. Only God and His Holy Spirit can do that.

I don't mind mild satire against Mormon beliefs. Sometimes it is funny. However, maybe that satire isn't as deserved as people think. There are compelling reasons why Mormons believe.

Salt Lake City, UT

South Park has frequently made fun of other targets, including Muslims. They made fun of Scientology only after Penn & Teller were told they could not on their own Showtime television series. Telling these guys, "You can't." is the quickest way to incite them. This is why the church has chosen to be prudent in its response.

In fact, the first South Park Episode that featured Joseph Smith was titled "Super Best Friends". This same episode also feature Lao Tze, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad. As the episode first aired in early 2001, before 9/11 and the Danish Cartoon Controversy, the depiction of Muhammad was not censored.

However, when South Park decided in two later episodes, one was actually a two parter so it was three altogether, to comment on the ludicrousness of the media's fear of depicting Muhammad after the Danish incident, Comedy Central censored them in both cases.

While I can understand the reasons many of you do not watch South Park, or other movies produced by the same creators, I would encourage you to at least research the subject more thoroughly before you comment.

This post is purely informational. Please let it through.

Salt Lake City, ut

@ Jiggle
You also keep records of church attendance on every member of the LDS church throughout the world? How do you do that with your busy schedule hating the Church everyday. I mean 14 million was reported as a fact but you keep tabs on our converts so the Church will just come to you before stating true facts.
No actually more people were far more curious about Jesus Christ, The Plan of Salvation, our Temple in Boston, Family History, Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon, Missionary Work, Mormon Neighbors, BYU, Brigham Young, Mitt Romney, Danny Ainge, etc... Granted we were rejected at many doors but most of those people would say how they respected our Church and our beliefs but they werent interested or not religious. They didnt go off on a tangent of Church membership and how insignificant the church was.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Stone and Parker remind me of clowns in class that comment on anything and everything. Occasionally they are funny, even poignant. However, like attention addicted children, they take it to far. Let them be. Most people understand that their humor, for the most part, is very low brow and aims for the lowest common denominator. And Jiggle, I'll believe you when I see the church quit building churches and splitting wards and stakes on a daily basis. Until then, I'll go by what I see. How's that for irony?

Aurora, CO

Very classy and correct response from the LDS church. When you are led by a true Prophet and Apostles you realize nothing else is possible.

Incidentally this is not the first try for Stone and Parker. They also tried a satirical movie about a Mormon Missionary which flopped horribly. Other than South Park I think their success in other realms has been extremely limited.

I have found some of their humor very funny on some instances but it becomes difficult and tediously low-brow too often.

I have had some good "missionary" discussions based off of a few South Park episodes and from "Big Love" followers. Just another way for me to be able to talk and answer questions about the LDS Church (which I know to be true) and an opportunity to highlight the good the LDS church does worldwide.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT


A group of people with their pants in a twist for having their most sacred beliefs attacked in a play.

Of course never mind the majority of the group being attacked will continually attack our President, Gay's, other Religions, Mormons who don't attend Church and the list goes on! Oh the Irony!

And the play? Even though I am a huge South Park fan I wouldnt waist my time seeing it. It sounds stupid, looks stupid and will probably be shut down in a week.

For those of you highly offended by this act of jocularity you should:

A. Let it be a tool to reaffirm your faith

and you should:

B. Be more like our Father In Heaven and love your brother no matter what his beliefs are.


This is a non issue folks. Get over it!

South Jordan, UT

LOL at some of these comments. The defensiveness that shows through is quite astounding. The creators LIKE mormons you guys. If you've seen the south park episode it paints mormons in a very good light! I imagine their broadway production will as well. You don't have anything to fear or be defensive about. If you want a quote from Parker and Stone about mormonism:

Parker: I've been fascinated with the Mormons for a long time. They are the nicest people in the world. If a religion's going to take over the world, and the one that really believes "just be super nice to everyone" takes over, that's all right with me.

Layton, UT

Arguing about religious beliefs is foolish. It's a waste of time and effort. People will choose to believe or not to believe a particular religion,or parts of it. It is never appropriate to "argue" about truth, as the truth never needs a defense. Only the week and feeble seem to need to argue about truth or what is, is.

Clearfield, UT

@Utes21 and coach Biff

I don't come to my assertions and rebuttals lightly. They include research from many sources including the LDS Church and other sources such as the Cumorah project. You believe what's in front of you. Your Church does not encourage you to read sources that don't support the Church. I read all sources. Accusations of hating the Church does this debate no good and are false. People just take challenging the status quo way too personal and resort to saying a person hates the Church instead of supporting their argument. I had an open mind concerning the LDS Church when I came here and I learned about it. My conclusions are based on many facts that many LDS simply ignore. Wards and stakes have also been discontinued, but that gets ignored. The erection of buildings doesn't prove membership.

From Cumorah: Because official LDS membership statistics have no obligatory relationship to member activity or participation, official membership data offer relatively little insight into the growth and strength of the Church.

Believe what you want, but there is data that disputes what you believe to be true. I and many others can't ignore it.

Eagle, ID

NO ONE...not even Parker and Stone will stop the Lords work. Try as they may for what ever reasons it will go on. Just some MORE of Satan's puppets!

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