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Published: Monday, Feb. 7 2011 2:00 p.m. MST

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Draper, utah

Neither of the creators were ever Mormons.
They grew up with a few Mormon friends in Colorado.
Most of their satires have been based in accurate facts from LDS history.
The same is true for their satires of similar organizations such as Scientology.
I would guess the production will have some crude humor, but I doubt it will be based in lies.
That the Book of Mormon is not historical is quickly and clearly established by anyone with access to a computer and Google, but most who join the LDS Church don't seriously look into the book's historicity, so you members can relax.

Provo, UT

The BOM deserves to be made fun of. It is really a joke.

As storytelling, it is extremely boring.

As literature, it is extremely boring.

As religious doctrine, it is extremely boring.

As history, it is extremely boring.

As inspirational writing, it is extremely boring.

And did I mention that it is boring?

Fort Knox, KY

I don't care much for South Park, but maybe this will be a way to get some people to read the Book of Mormon.

Sylmar, CA

re - MoJules | 4:52 p.m

"I believe that satire against any person or belief is out of line."

so do muslims. they kill cartoonists...

and most jokes make fun of someone. where's your sense of humor, MoJules?

"I do not agree with gay marriage, but single people are permitted to adopt. So how would we feel if a very rude play were to be about this kind of situation?"

well, the problem is the play would make fun of those against gay marriage. you know why? because gay people are the ones that write the plays and perform in the plays.

by the way - you haven't seen the play so you don't even know if it is "rude". for all you know, it makes fun of the mormon religion in a manner that you all probably do too. It's like with the catholics - any joke about priests and babysitting young boys is always good for a laugh. Jokes can be both funny and true, you know.

Salt Lake City, UT

um i think all of us members are relaxed. im laughing at why the south park creators even created the show-shows how insenstive and low they have to be to try and get "laughs". How is it not historically accurate? Based on several searches in south america, they have found many similar landmarks as described in the book of mormon. i dont like preaching my religion over the internet for various reasons but obviously youre not lds, that's cool we don't force our religion down anyone's throat as people think we do, but do realize google is not the answer to everything....and that im going off on blindfaith becuase i have read the book and i believe it to be historically accurate.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

and you are extremely boring

Sandy, UT

Vanka = Boring

"Brevity is the soul of Wit"

Sandy, UT

When Lawrence O'Donnell went on an emotional tirade against the Mormons, Joseph Smith et al....

He was interviewed later by Hugh Hewitt...

Hewitt asked:

"Why don't you go after Muslims the same way?"

O'Donnell answered:

"Because they will kill me..."

Hewitt responded:

"Yea the Mormons? They'll just bake you a Strudel"

South Jordan, UT

I think the gospel needs to be brought forth to all the world, and there are some groups of the population that can only be taught by guys like these. The South Park "mormon" episode helped make my friend curious about the church, and he joined, then brought in his family.
I think the oft quoted "I don't care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right." applies to the promotion of religion as much as it does the promotion of individuals.

City, Ut

I'd like to ask ourtime99 who knows something about this production if it is also critical of/and potentially offensive to the Ugandan people.

Provo, Utah

Vanka do you have strong opinions? It seems so

Florida Brad
Saint Petersburg, FL

Clearly the creators of South Park have some exposure to LDS doctorine and culture. How Funny !
When you go out and tell the world that you are the TRUE Church, be prepared for disagreement. I personally will fly from Florida to NYC to Laugh by you know what off !. Get Over it Folks ! BTW, Brother Hinds, I remember you.

Clearfield, UT

The Church should not even bother to comment because most people outside Utah (except members) don't really care about what LDS Church has to say because....they never hear or read it. The only thing the Church has done is warn its own members mostly (and perhaps a few others) plus given the entertainment industry some free advertising. Most other people will decide for themselves. Go ahead and be offended if you want...we all can be offended...but remember perhaps others are offended by you as well. Some get offended because they see life as having a certain set of rules. They have a hard time tolerating that other people do not agree with them because they feel their "way" is being devalued if it isn't whole-heartedly embraced and become over-sensitive. Don't take yourselves so seriously...afterall you don't have to go to the show! You've been warned afterall!

Twin Falls, ID

As a BYU student and a Mormon, I couldn't care less about this. I know what I know. As the saying goes "Haters gonna hate."

Logan, UT

My guess is that this will be largely forgotten in a few weeks. Remember President Hicnkley's story about the man who was furious about some falsehood written about him in the newspaper? The man's friend told him: "Half the people don't get the newspaper anyway. Of the half that do, only half even noticed the article. Of those people only half read it. Of those that read it, only half believed it and they are of no account anyway!"

The creators of South Park are fairly insignificant in the big picture. I don't know too many people who even watch the show and of those that do, I haven't been terribly impressed.

Vince here
San Diego, CA

To Vanka

I couldn't disagree with you more, Vanka.

On all counts ---

On other issues, attacking other people's beliefs using The Book of Mormon is uncouth and it is unthoughtful.

Cedar City, UT

If Mormons want to be brought in the public square to discuss their ideas and beliefs, they are going to have to deal with stuff like this... just like everybody else who brings their own ideas and beliefs, it comes with the territory.

Just because it is a religion doesnt give it, "automatic" respect.

Herriman, UT

Well Vanka:

I guess the millions of people who read the Book of Mormon don't find it boring in any sense of the word.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Nothing new here, we have thick skin's and have been down this road many times and will continue to take all the cheap shots and back handed humor in stride.

Vanka your blog is boring.

Provo, UT

Vanka, I have no idea what brought you to Provo, but you certainly would not be living here without the Book of Mormon. Religious issues aside, I dare say much of western US history would be different if it were not for the Book of Mormon- think about it before snarking back people

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