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Published: Monday, Feb. 7 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

USU is playing great basketball. You will be hard pressed to find a better balanced team. Boise still has no idea what hit them Saturday.

Look for Aggies to keep moving up as they go undefeated in the WAC.

Salt Lake City, UT

Notice wins over 3 of those Top 25: SDSU, UA, & USU. And over 2 others receiving votes: SMC & UNLV! TDS has earned their #1 RPI for sure! Go Kewgs!

Alpine, UT

Congratulations Cougars on another outstanding week!

#7 BYU(22-2), ranked #1 in RPI, has now beaten three ranked teams:

#6 SDSU(23-1) -- co-MWC leader
#15 Arizona(20-4) -- PAC 10 leader
#21 Utah St(22-2) -- WAC leader

plus four "others receiving votes" teams

St Mary's(20-4) -- WCC leader
UTEP(18-4) -- C-USA leader

UNLV(17-6) and CSU(16-7)

and another conference leader

Vermont(19-5) -- America East leader

BYU continues to build a great resume for the Selection Committee.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris_B | 10:41 a.m. Feb. 7, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT

Another imposter. I'm flattered.

Fact is, I hope tds rises as far as they can in the polls. The fall will be that much farther and sweeter. Enjoy the ride, cewgs, because after The Jimmer leaves, you've got nothin'. Be glad you're leaving the conference next year, cause it would not be pretty.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Utah is fortunate to have two such teams to follow in the same season.

Layton, Utah

Chris B.
Even if BYU fell, which I predict and mark down, will not happen. It still wouldn't come close to the monumental and colossal freefall of the overrated Utesie football team. Once again you spout drivel on a legit top ten team and have nothing to back it up but your closet obsession with BYU and Jimmer.

Let's also see how your Utesies fare in the PAC-12 next year. Guaranteed it is going to be ugly and embarrassing.

St.George, Utah


Chris Bryant
Centerville, UT

hi! Im Chris B! My last name is Bryant!

TDS will be lucky to win one game in the tourney. Mark it Down!

American Fork, UT

Actually christina it is you that should be happy that utah will be playing in a much weaker conference next year. I don't think it will result in any more wins for the utes but they probably won't wind up on the wrong end of many 104-79 scores. In a weak basketball conference like the pac10 they will probably only lose by 10-15 points most of the time.

Tooele, UT

I saw the coaches show last night and saw two players that are redshirting this year for the BYU basketball team. They both look outstanding and one was making shots that Jimmer is this year. BYU will be just fine for the forseeable future. BYU will be just fine Chris B.

Humble, TX

Well deserved ranking for the Aggies!!!

Enid, OK


the Cougars are here in the rankings and so are the Aggies.

We seem to be missing someone. Hmmmm......who could THAT be?

Oh, that's right, BYU's little brother, the Utes.

yewties, oh, yewties!!....where are you?.....

(Hee! Hee! And, yes, I did enjoy that a lot!)

Salt Lake City, UT

Go Aggies the best team in Utah

Lowell Chad
Tempe, AZ

How has BYU done in the NCAA tournament over the last 20 years?

Bountiful, Utah

Helloooo, that's an interesting comment, provided that USU lost to BYU this year.

Rock Chalk BYU
Lawrence, KS

News flash, this year's BYU team does not have to play in 20 years worth of tournaments, they only have to play in this year's tournament. Who cares about the last 20 years? I don't. How many people in the program have even been around for six years?, let alone 20.

They got put out by a very good #2 seed K-state last year. Does it reflect poorly on Dave, Jimmer, and the Gang because they didn't pull of an upset? I don't think so.

Layton, Utah

Lowell Chad
Now you Utesies are using the past to talk about the relevant present? Nice.

Remember 1984? When you win an NC come back and we'll talk.

And the Utesies haven't done much of anything in the tourney since 1999, so what's the point again?

Solomon the Wise
Alpine, UT

Lowell Chad:

How has Arizona done against BYU the last two years?


Seriously, past history has very little relevance.

SDSU had never been ranked -- until this year.

SDSU has never won an NCAA tournament game.

So, are you ready to bet the ranch on the Aztecs NOT winning a tournament game this year?

If you're really looking for comparisons to BYU's past history, however, compare how well a sick Jimmer played last year with how well Jimmer is playing this year. Then, compare how BYU did in the tournament the last time the Cougars had a national player of the year.

BYU's three NCAA tournament wins in the last 20 years could easily double THIS YEAR!

Stay tuned!

btw, BYU hasn't lost to a lower seeded team in the tournament since the 70's.

(Just to clarify: An 8/9 matchup is a tossup - the only difference between an 8 and 9 seed, is the 8 seed gets to wear their light-colored home jerseys.)

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

@Lowell Chad:

You obviously can't do your own research. Oh, and you want to go backwards 20 years?

If we go back 20, then we might as well go back 30, right? We might as well talk about 1984.

No, let's just stay in the here and now - where the Mighty Cougars are doing pretty well and the tds little brothers are not doing so well:

24-2 BYU (after this week is over)
10-15 tds (utah) the runnin' red-headed step child (after this week is over)

Things will most likely improve going forward to the conference of champions.

Cedar Hills, UT


The 2 wins the Utes had to get to the sweet 16 in 2005, out numbers the total wins byU has had in the tourney since 1994. INCLUDING LAST YEAR!

Looks like the cougs have done less! lol

That being said, Utah stinks this year. Let's keep all this in perspective though.


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