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Published: Saturday, Feb. 5 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Pleasant Grove, UT

The Jazz aren't getting to the free throw line enough. OKC is better than the Jazz at almost every position.

Santa Ana, CA

We need to ask ourselves all an honest question?

Are the Jazz really better than last year?


Jefferson to replace Boozer was a no brainer. The rest of the moves have not panned out. Matthews scored 31 tonight on 5-7 3s. If anyone says Raja is better I will laugh.

Korver gave the Jazz instant offense off the bench. Elson is a non factor.

Last night now means nothing. The Jazz are only 2 1.2 ahead of Portland back in 7th and only 3 games into a playoff spot.

Maybe losing to the Lakers the last 3 years was misleading. Maybe the Jazz were closer last year on a par with everyone else once La starts to slide.

Now I wonder if we are not further away than ever.

Tonight the Thunder make adjustments slowing AJ down after hot start, Sloan makes no adjustments as again too much cushion, horrible paint defense and the Thunder still outscored the Jazz by 30 points from 3 point line.

Sloan pulled Fes and tells him off after a bogus foul call. In the 3rd quarter when the Thunder are rolling, little changes as Evans was needed.

Nothing ventured. nothing gained

Los Olivos, CA

Westbrook: All Star

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Back to earth.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

And the yo-yo ride continues,oh, nice game miles

Salt Lake City, UT


I agree but you are forgetting Earl Watson. He was the only good move. Playing Price limited minutes at the 2 has also kind of worked out (but we were better off with Matthews and Korver playing the 2.)

Plain and simple:

Elson>Koufus (but who cares?)

It's gonna take Jefferson a while to learn to play the Jazz offense really well. I still hold out hope for next year (if there is a next year.) If he can really start to click in the offense, learn the pick and roll, stop relying on his stupid hook shot and start attacking the rim (nice dunk tonight!) then maybe, just maybe Deron Williams and the Jazz can make an all-star out of him. But he's got a long ways to go before he beats out Blake, Duncan, Randolph, Lee, etc.

the boonies, mexico

It's Valentines time Jazz fans, please send your cards full of hearts to these Jazz players because the good lord and everyone they play knows they need one. Also apparently the Jazz team can't afford any video equipment, because if they could you would think that they would watch the better defending teams in this league and see how "they" play defense. I guess when you have 3 players making $200,000 per game it's tough to scrape up the necessary funds to buy any equipment. Just imagine making that kind of money to play a "GAME"? Unbelievable.

Tokyo, Japan

we were set with the lineup we had last year....the inclusion of Hayward and Evans would've been an upgrade...with regards to the depth that we have...Millsap...he is good...but...he is just too short...and he needs to be the sixth man...korver even without defense...is a shooter...that's what we were lacking...Matthews may or may not produce as much...here in utah...but the way he defended a taller melo during the playoffs...we could have traded AK...to accomodate both boozer and matthews...the reason why boozer is so good on our system...its because he has range...think about it...even Karl Malone can shoot with range...and can finish...and has one of the fastest hands at his position...we wont be able to get what we had during the stockton-malone era...and with how today's NBA is being played...we need new staff...and players...to compete and be contenders...the only thing constant in this world...are death...taxes...and change...

Doctor J
Manti, UT

Jazz will battle for the 8 seed again...wow they could actually win the 8 seed as nd a chance for a meaningless first round serier yet again (where they will be bounced in 5 games.

cj...Matthews, Korver, Brewer...ouch!

Aces in the Hole
West Jordan, UT

We all need to take a step back and relize that Boozer was a big piece to this puzzle. The Jazz need his offense, now the Jazz will end 7th and lose in 5. The Jazz have gone away from the pick and roll. Its going to be a long rest of the season

Mike in Texas
Allen, TX

Still can't defend the 3. That is what is killing the jazz on defense.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

Kakashi,you and others keep saying Millsap is too short.Too short for what? to play against the bigger 4`s? was Barkley too short,Rodman? Move him to the 3 or better yet just adjust his defensive assignment.No he can`t check Gasol or KG or Dirk or Duncan,but who can? He` a solid 18/8 guy,whether he starts or not

louisiana jazz man
Dubach, LA

milsap plays good def but he cain't def the whole team jefferson's man role around him has to be picked up by sap williams man goes around him who has to pick him up sap opey's man goes around . if only two players play def not to hard to drive on sap and pass to a opean man. kirlinko plays good help def just not 17 mil worth

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Sloans is amazing. Last night Fesenko had 4 rebounds and 2 pts in only 5 minutes play and Sloan jerks him out of the lineup after a bush league bogus foul call on Fes. By comparison Elson had 0 rebounds and 2 pts. in 10 minutes of playing time. The night before it was the same thing. Fes 3 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, 2 pts. and some great passing in 5 minutes of play. Elson 1 rebound and 2 pts. in 9 minutes of playing time.

I believe if Fes were allowed to play more last night he could have helped even out the rebounding and their pick and roll would have been much less effective going to the basket limiting that option.

Fesenko in 3 years has been developed into nothing more than Sloans whipping boy. I guess that is why they keep him around because Sloan has done nothing to develop him. He has not had a fair chance and is that too much to ask for?

If Miles had a real job in the real world he would have been fired last night for his poor performance at work.

Saratoga Springs, UT

We had enough offense last night. But no D. are pick and roll D is bad real bad. Boozer pick and roll D was bad also. So lets look some place else. Matthews is doing great so i would have to say 2 guard is the key.

Saint Louis, MO

The previous commenter states how good Boozer was. That is true when his "head was screwed on tight". He faked injuries and tore apart the team with his prima donna airs. Williams appears to be the "air apparent". The team has no chemistry and it's the same story night after night. "We had no energy" from 200K per night players. It is also handy to use Fez as a "whipping boy". He has immense potential and "plays his heart out". He is just a "puppy" and wants to do well. So then, why is he constantly the focus of blame for a squad which "can't shoot straight".

Rexburg, ID

Not much you can do when the Thunder shoot the ball like that. I wish the Jazz would have flown around on defense a little more just to at least get the Thunder irritated but they shot lights out. It stinks when Utah had a solid offensive game that the opponent just one ups you.

I really hope KOC isn't at least THINKING about making a move, this team needs a spark of new life.

Cedar Hills, UT

Fire O'Conner already!!!

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

Evans plays 5/12 minutes, did he get injured Jerry? How about Fess and just under 5 minutes, another injury? What did your favorite son, from your favorite state do to earn plus 24 minutes? We are like Egyptians here, we also need change! Right from ownership on down if necessary! This is ridiculous.

Orem, UT

Oh come on, people! Let's be realistic: The Jazz lost to a very good Thunder team that most experts picked to finish 2nd in the West when all is said and done. The Jazz were coming off a very emotional Denver game the night before, they struggled to maintain defensive intensity throughout the night, and they missed some easy scoring opportunities on wide-open shots.

But I think this game was more about what the Thunder did right than what the Jazz did wrong. They were incredible!

On a brighter note, just remember that AK's HUGE contract expires at the end of this season, which will give the Jazz a great deal of money to work with!

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