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Published: Friday, Feb. 4 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

Until we can beat LA,SA and Dallas regularly, we are middle of the pack,love my Jazz,but also realistic,NBA title goes through Boston and LA,other than Williams we don`t match up with any of the top teams,Fes vs Shaq,Perkins,J O`Neil,Garnett and Big Baby? Yikes!

Pleasant Grove, UT

Wow Jeremy Evans continues to impress!! The coaches need to play him 15-20 mins a game, every night. Unlike Fesenko I think Evans will benefit greatly from more playing time & the Jazz need to get out & run with a finisher like that. Not sure what got into Raja but I hope he continues to bring his A-game the rest of the season.

Lehi, UT

Gr8 win! D-Will is my favorite player in the league for a reason! Deron shows so much passion, grit, hustle and desire to win, what a baller! When D-Will got in the face of Smith after that hard foul on Bell, that showed me that this guy does care about this team, despite the stupid comments you read from bloggers saying that he is out of here on the first thing smokin', that is not the case, ALL Jazz fans need to realize what a special talent we have and embrace D-WIll as long as he is a Jazz-man, no more speculating on Deron Williams leaving Utah the first chance he gets, because you dont know and until you see a player flat out quit on his team, then you can talk about that player packing his bags, but until then, lets support this Jazz team 100% When there is a D-Will, there is a way!

For only having one shooting guard on this team, Bell held his own last night. I would love to see the Jazz bring in some help at the 2 guard though.

Keep working hard, GO JAZZ!

Sandy, UT

What a great game. I heard Deron admit after the game that his attitude lately has been the worst of all. I'm glad he manned up to that, but he seems to be over it now. The break probably did him good; he started smiling watching them play from the bench when he was out.

They had fun last night and it showed. Great win guys! I'd love to know where the Raja haters are today. He gave us a huge lift last night. He's been in a funk like everyone else but he does a lot of intangible things for us when he's in. We missed the toughness when Harpring retired, and now we've got some of that back at least.

Let's get another win tonight!

West Jordan, Utah

Denver always dishes out cheap shots whenever they play the Jazz. It really irks them when Utah beats them. It's been a great rivalry over the years; however, it always comes at a price whenever these teams are oppositite each other.

Denver Chumpets are thugery at its worst. Sloan would never put up with the cheap stuff with his own team and it didn't surprise me he wantyed a piece of Smith in the end.

NBA Offical, Gary Zielinski, did a fantastic job of preventing things from escalating

Saratoga Springs, UT

I missed this one when i ask my friend who won he looked at his phone and said u wont believe this the jazz won great job boys.

Santa Ana, CA

I rip on the Jazz when they do not play to theyre potential and Sloan makes mistakes in judgments JFFR.

I hope this is the start of something good, like all of us I hope so but the team showed added heart to overcome the refs and Denver and the like it reminded me of Nov/Dec.

That is why I am now hopeful

Murray, UT

One thing I've noticed is that Raja's defense has been superb the last 3 games or so.

Against the Warriors, Monta Ellis was held to his first game of the season without any points at the half.
Against Charlotte, Wallace didn't have a great game either

And this game, he did good against Melo and JR...plus got 20 points

I used to be a Raja hater, but if he can play defense like this consistently, he'll be alright

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks writing back todd.

I feel like after a Jazz win fans are feeling like 10's and then after a loss they are 2's or 3's. I'm pretty much a constant 7 or 8 so I find everyone else annoying :)

At one point in this season I was a 9, these past few weeks I've been a six and a half. But I've always figured Raja would come around and atleast look like someone who could hit an open shot and I've figured Big Al would play better than the has the past few weeks.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

MAtch up . That is tough thing. Jazz matched up with Denver pretty good and Nuggets as Huber said can't find ocean helped lot. With ball pushing Deron Jazz have a chance to win. But without AK hard to match up .

Los Olivos, CA

Even as a Sloanaholic, I am confused that Fes does not play more. I just don't see what all the critics here see. He shuts down the paint, moves well, passes inside well, blocks out well, clearly frustrated Nene. Obviously, I am missing something. I like watching him play, although I have to admit that I am not that knowledgeable.

Salt Lake City, UT

I can't see what you people see in Fes. Nene beat him down the floor and got an easy lay up. If Fes wants minutes, that should NEVER happen.

When he does get minutes, he can't run with the team. He takes goofy shots and has bad hands. Watch closer (I wanted to be a Fes fan this year. Honest. I was impressed that he lost weight and worked hard, but he's still not that good!)

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