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Published: Friday, Feb. 4 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

Just waitin' for hedgie or chrisie b to come on here and predict how BYU is going to lose. And they'll be wrong for the 22nd time this year. Something tells me Jackson is going to get back on track against UNLV on Saturday.

I can't wait to watch Jimmer on ESPN Game Day Saturday morning! He's getting well deserved publicity.

springville, UT

There will be just as many ute fans watching as there will be BYU fans. oh how they love to hate the Y.....

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

I am with you CougFaninTX. Cougars will win their 22nd game this year and some will predict a loss for the 24th time this year. I guess the record says alot to some, nothing to others.

Fredette is really fun to watch. Cool head he simply goes out, works hard and shoots when and where no one else thinks he can make a shot. Way to go Fredette, make all Cougar fans proud in the game with UNLV as they collect loss #2 from BYU this year.

Go Cougars.

Hayden, ID

The team that makes the most baskets will win this game! Now you know the "secret" of winning basketball games! Now lets talk about football, a real man's sport!

Richmond, VA

Beware folks, lest we counted our chickens before they hatch! Competition is fierce that even home court advantage don't mean much these days. Let's hope the Cougs rocks as they go into the 2nd round! Go Jimmer! Go Cougs!

Rexburg, ID

My observation is it takes 5 players to make a team. If the other 4 critical players do well, so will "the other guy."

Salt lake city, Ut

I'm worried about this game. The Cougs haven't been playing their best basketball over the last few games. They needs to get back in their pre-New Mexico groove!

Come On
Salt Lake City, UT

It always cracks me up when fans complain about another teams fans commenting on their stories, then invite them to do so and are the first to comment about it!

Ann Arbor, MI

Well well well,

Looks like the tds is once again a Versus ( wow! two weeks in a row).

I don't need to tell you what the tds record is on Versus - do I?

Salt Lake City, UT

Congrats on a good win

Salt Lake City, UT

Hegie, TSD didn't play on Versus. UNLV played BYU. I guess you were looking for another game. And today the BYU record on VERSUS is 1 win and 0 losses.

For the Record, I hope Utah can take Air Force tonight at huntsman. I really hope the Utes can get back on track soon.

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