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Published: Friday, Feb. 4 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Beverly Hills, CA

Going after the poly pipeline.

Chow is already telling Kyle what to do. Seems Chow has all his coaches where he wants them

Question is, how long will it take until Kyle decides to be HC again?

Riverton, UT

I love the BYU flavor that is the U of U coaching staff. It's nice to see that the Utah administration values the BYU background of these men; at least the administration recognizes quality and talent when they see it. They might have not been good enough for BYU's "raise-the-bar" standards, but they certainly are and will be top notch contributors for the Utes program. Go Utes.

Ann Arbor, MI


U might have a point. BYU is a great "feeder" school for coaches. A lot of coaches learn the ropes against less stressfull, watered down competition. The very few that cut the mustered will move on the BCS programs.

Kinda like going to Junior College to learn the basics.

American Fork, UT


Looks like a staff in disarray to me. Guys getting demoted and re-assigned. After the disastrous finish to the utah season it was obvious that a poor job of coaching was occuring and that the recruiting, especially at the qb position, has been sub par. Sadly all the qb's utah pursued this recruiting year rejected them with one going to Washington, one going to ASU and one going to BYU. That's 3 direct rivals taking qb's they probably don't even need. Funny that all of those kids would prefer to go to schools with upperclassmen qb's in place and no immediate chance to play rather than utah with a terrible qb, who is injured on top of that, and the legendary qb maker norm chow on staff. That's very telling and let's us know exactly what qb's think about going to utah.

Pocatello, Id

That's a funny spin, Duck. Go ahead and think that if you like, and it makes you feel better. Not quite sure why you spend so much time posting on Utah articles. You seem a little obsessed with making sure we know youre opinion.

Cedar Hills, UT

"Looks like a staff in disarray to me"

You know you are on a Utah Football article, right Ducky?

The only program in coaching "disarray" would be byU. The only coaching staff that does not have a DC and has an inexperienced OC is byU.

Bag on Wynn all you want, his numbers were better than Heaps even with an injured shoulder.

btw...2 out of 3 and BLOCKED!


Riverton, UT

Wedgie - Really? Hey, how did the Utes do against that watered down, feeder school in football this year? Oh...had to come from behind, on a hope and a prayer, to win on a botched BYU FG attempt. And last year? Now, against that BCS competition...I see a Vegas Bowl appearance streak coming!

Pocatello, Id

btw, UCute

About Loyd, Duck wanted you to back up your assertion regarding his run ins with the law.

There is a great article from the trib that says Loyd was busted in south Jordan for possession of marijuana over a year prior to his being dismissed. So, you were right.

Duck, you asked for proof, and you have been given it.

American Fork, UT

@pocy and utahcountyute

Was something in my post incorrect? Did utah not demote all of their offensive coordinators? Did the 3 qb's they offered scholarships to not opt to go to 3 of their direct rivals? Did utah not end the season with a thud losing 3 out of there last 5 and barely scoring any points in the process? Did these kids not reject utah knowing full well that norm chow is now on the staff?

I don't know if that is "spin" or not but certainly all of things are facts.

American Fork, UT


How bout a link? Your word isn't really credible. But even if that is true he was obviously dismissed so it catches up to all of them eventually.

Pocatello, Id

Duck, your "facts" are off:

"Sadly all the qb's utah pursued this recruiting year rejected them with one going to Washington, one going to ASU and one going to BYU"

-Per Scout and Rivals Kuresa was not offered a schollie at Utah.

Now if you had stated some factual information like you did in your 2nd post, I wouldn't consider it spin, but your first post is all spin:

"Looks like a staff in disarray to me" -Not a fact your opinion=spin

"disastrous finish"--your opinion=spin

"rather than utah with a terrible qb" - You're opinion=spin.

"That's very telling and let's us know exactly what qb's think about going to utah." So you think just because they chose another school you know exactly what a 17 or 18 year old boy thinks--again your opinion=spin

Realistically Duck, you had two facts in your whole post-2 of the QBs that Utah recruited went to other schools, but even that you stretched too. I don't consider ASU and Wash rivals, just in the same conference, but that's just my opinon.

Pocatello, Id


Sl trib: Sep 15, 2010 Paragraph 4 and 5

A few points here:

1. you called UCUte a liar, and he was 100% correct.

2. Plenty of BYU fans who have insinuated that Langi didn't go to BYU because of the run in with the law or his unwillingness to live by the honor code. What is that insinuation based on? Because of his run-in with the law?
That is a ridiculous notion because as the FACTS show, BYU is willing to work with kids if the make mistakes before (Kyle Van Noy) or after (Loyd) they enter school.

It's true that Loyd ultimately was dismissed, but it was a year and half later, indicating Rose probably knew about it, and was working with him to keep him in school, which I absolutely applaud.

As a BYU grad and member of the LDS church I think it is a ridiculous notion that LDS kids don't chose BYU only because they aren't worthy.

How judgemental and arrogant does one have to be to think the only reason a player doesn't chose the school is because they aren't worthy to go?

Pocatello, Id

excuse me choose, not chose

Murray, UT


"Question is, how long will it take until Kyle decides to be HC again?"

Being from California maybe you haven't read and followed all the Utah information lately. Kyle made it clear in interviews before and after the Las Vegas bowl that he had studied Boise State's offense in detail during the season and he wanted to structure a Utah offense more like the Boise State offense. When Chow was hired by Kyle and Chow spoke to the media he stated flatly that he works for Kyle and that he is going to implement what Kyle wants which is a QB more under center, more play action passes, and more of a down hill running game. Sounds to me like the changes being made by Kyle to bring in Tim Davis as the offensive line coach (he was with Chow at USC) and from how Chow has been describing what they will do with the offense is right in line with what Kyle has been saying since early December 2010.

Does all this sound like Kyle is not the head man and in charge? Do you know anything about a guy named LaVelle Edwards?

Cedar Hills, UT


Well said on all accounts!

I don't expect Ducky to respond though.

American Fork, UT


Yes Kuresa was recruited by the utes. Whether or not they offered him a scholarship I suppose I dont know but once he accepted the offer from BYU I am sure the utes no longer wanted to give him an offer and save the embarrassment of a rejection. But they absolutely recruited him and pursued him and it has been well documented in both local newspapers.

As far as my other comments go it is apparent the utah coaching staff was/is in disarray. You don't demote your offensive coordinators if everything is hunky dory. You do not re-assign coaches that are performing at a top level.

utahs finish was terrible. That is not my opinion that is fact. Getting annihilated on national tv 3 times in the last 5 games is certainly not a good finish is it? Maybe that is the sort of performance that satisfies you and other ute "fans"?

I suppose it is my opinion that wynn is "terrible" but not just mine alone. Actually if you care to go back and check these forums from the end of the season you'll see most ute "fans" agree on that one.

Napolean Dynamite
Magna, UT

Be careful with Ducky, guys. He has really had a rough time with mean Ute fans. It has caused this obsession you see daily on Utah articles. So please be gentle. He's a tender hearted little guy.

Miami, Florida

If my team went 7-6 with a shalacking at the hands of utah state I would keep my comments to myself. You seem awfully confident in Heaps and the coaching staff. What did heaps do this year that Jordan wynn didnt do as a freshmen? So heaps leads his team to a 6 and 6 record and beats the mighty utep in a bowl game and now hes Joe Montana. Before you look at Utah why dont you take a look at your own team. Theyve got enough problems.
Love, utah and utah state lol

American Fork, UT


So once again where is the evidence that Michael Lloyds problems were known by the coaches at BYU? I read your article and it says right in it that the coaches and administrators at BYU all claimed to know nothing about those things and that Lloyd did not report them to them at anytime. Is your assertion that Dave Rose and the rest of the BYU administration lying about that? As a self proclaimed "BYU Grad and LDS member" do you really think that is how the people in authority positions at your claimed churches university behave?

But then you make another false claim that BYU "worked" with Lloyd despite his legal issues even though BYU claims to have known nothing about them until after he was dismissed.

Van Noy was another issue. He was required to sit out an entire year before he could enroll. My guess is the same thing would have been required of langi and he simply didn't want to do that. Just like Unga was told he could return to school after a year. So of course BYU will "work" with students but if they don't want to be worked with....

American Fork, UT

...if they don't want to be worked with then there isn't much you can do about it. BYU will never say what they told langi after his pot bust. You don't know and neither do I. What we do know is that they quit recruiting him shortly after it occured and based on the way they have dealt with previous similar situations, THAT THEY ACTUALLY KNEW ABOUT, we can surmise they probably told langi he would have to do something similar to what was required of Van Noy and that he didn't want to have to do it.

That is fine. He will be a good back for utah but BYU has alot of good backs in their system so it is not a huge loss for them. Frankly it is a bigger get for utah than it is a loss for BYU given their respective rb situations.

Not surprised to see other ute "fans" on here like utahcountyute be quick to try and agree with you either. That certainly doesn't lend any credibility to your opinions. LOL

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