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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 2 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

This law is a good one to help many people. My family and I are some of those. No longer will insurance companies be allowed to kick children off their parents plan for their age. No longer will insurance companies be able to deny them for their medical history (my daughter had open heart surgery at the age of two) After she reached 19 she was no longer allowed on my plan and when I tried to get a personal plan for her she was denied for the medical history. She was offered a high risk plan (which she is not...surgery worked), but neither she or I could afford it. Many people are in the same boat where they can't afford these "high risk" plans or Cobra. This is the USA! We should be civilized and caring and this bill will greatly help that.
A Volunteer for Health Insurance Reform

Spanish Fork, Utah

That's ok... Just the beginning. As more states deem the bill unconstitutional, it will fall.

Colorado Springs, CO

This should not be a surprise to anyone. Now that both parties have had their fun, it's time this issue went to the Supreme Court to be settled once and for all, no matter what the outcome. And it needs to be done sooner rather than later so these people who "play" with our lives can get on to other important business.

Cedar Hills, UT

this is ok. The GOP did what the voters back on November 2 asked them to do. Those senate democrat's who are up for re-election in 2012 are now going to have to defend their "no to repeal" vote and based on how un-popular Obamacare was in Nov 2010 I suspect it will be much more unpopular in 2012 once more folks start seeing their premiums increase and their care decrease (as is currently happening). I suspect the senate dem's will see a blood bath in 2012 just like their house counter parts did in 2010. When you arogantly ignore the will of the people there is a heavy political price to pay.

Cedar Hills, UT

A day to celibrate ... is coming when the Supreme Court votes 5-4 (as predicted) to repeal Obamacare. I can't wait. Just to see that smug, arrogant smirk disapear from Obama's face and be replaced with a Jimmy Carter "deer in the head lights" look will be worth it.

Layton, UT

@patriot- If the Republicans did what the voters asked them to do then where's their plan? I do recall them saying something like "Repeal and Replace!". Furthermore, where's the jobs the voters asked to get?... I'll be waiting patiently for an answer.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Wow! Abolute shocker!

Draper, UT

That's weird that the Democrats think that insurance companies should not be able to drop the coverage of Americans and their families just because they get something like cancer and their cancer treatments will negatively affect their bottom line. Good job saying no to the insurance company death panels.

I find it unbelievable that Republicans like Orrin Hatch think that treatment of American families by the health insurance industry is OK. We should all look forward to 2014 when that portion of the health care bill goes into effect.

Layton, UT

This goes to prove the complete arrogance of the Democratic Party. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the will of the people, this has to do with the Democratic Party always knowing what is better for us. Liberals are such a laughing stock.

West Jordan, UT

"J1234" you said "As more states deem the bill unconstitutional, it will fall."

I'm puzzled, because when I took civics in the 7th grade, I learned that the Judicial Branch of the Federal Government is the part of our government that can determine whether a bill is unconstitutional.

Can you please tell me where you learned that states get to "Deem a bill unconstitutional"????

As I read the US Constitution, there is nothing that grants the states the right to deem any bill unconstitutional.

Please show me the statement in the US Constitution that allows what you say to happen.

Provo, UT

Obamacare is like the Deathstar to small business- the backbone of American success

Alpine, UT

Scarey Reed talks like he's read the bill. Very unlikely! Florida federal judge Vinson ruled the bill unconstitutional. It will never get past the Supreme Court. And remember folks, Matheson voted not to repeal this bill.

Cedar City, UT

I don't think that Obamacare is the answer, but it has surely woken America up to seriously look at the problem. We SHOULD NOT go back to where it was. Basically healthcare is out of control. I think that politicians should quit pointing fingers and jumping through hoops to save their political position and make the difference that will help us in the best way.

This is the US for crying out loud, you think we could figure out how to take care of our people.

Miss Piggie
SLC, Utah

@Kimber 4:52 p.m.:

"No longer will insurance companies be allowed to kick children off their parents plan for their age."

Twenty-six year old offspring are not children.

"She was offered a high risk plan (which she is not...surgery worked), but neither she or I could afford it."

Get rid of your cell phone, i-pod, cable TV, stereo, Internet, buy your clothes at second-hand stores, and stop eating out every week, and stop taking vacations and buying new cars and perhaps you can afford the insurance you need. What you want is to have all these niceties and have someone else pay for your health care. Grow up.

SLC, Utah

@patriot 5:06 p.m.: "Those senate democrat's who are up for re-election in 2012 are now going to have to defend their 'no to repeal' vote..."

We need their names so the word can get out leading up to the next election... These guys are history.

SLC, Utah

@pikap1868 5:20 p.m.:

"If the Republicans did what the voters asked them to do then where's their plan?"

Try the Internet. Two issues: Tort reform and more competition by allowing acquiring insurance across state lines.

"Furthermore, where's the jobs the voters asked to get?..."

Taken by the millions of illegal immigrants (and yes, some legal immigrants with work visas).

West Jordan, UT

"patriot", when you say "Those senate democrat's who are up for re-election in 2012 are now going to have to defend their "no to repeal" vote," it raises a question for me.

Can you show me specifically the language where they voted against repealing the Affordable Care Act?

The reality that you miss is that Democrats voted against waiving Senate rules to require any bill that would increase the deficit to be offset by spending cuts to other programs.

They voted against increasing the deficit!!!, something the TEA partiers say they want.

Cedar Hills, UT

Dearest libs
King Harry says that seniors would loose the FREE health checkup. Well now isn't that the problem? NOTHING is for free. Thats what this last election was about.
Also, dearest dems/socialists, why the $600 IRS reporting clause in the health care bill? That should be a separate issue altogether. I guess we had to pass the bill to find out such things????

Salt Lake City, UT

it was a set-up....for 2012!

Now they are on the record....watch the Libs excuses for Voting yes today the next two years as they watch their Senate careers fizzle in failure!

Farmington, UT

Nice job, Republicans, calling out the Democrats that still support this horrible law that was forced down our throats. These Democrats are vulnerable to getting voted out in 2012, especially as people start understanding how this law doesn't help them as much as they wish.

There are some nice features of the law, but the means of funding it are irresponsible and lack any foresight.

It's unfortunate we couldn't repeal. That makes getting specific input on true healthcare reform a little trickier.

But the path forward is good. The law will likely be deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (thanks for wasting so much time and money on something so elementary, Dems). Then, we can get to work addressing medical waste, insurance exchanges, and universal coverage.

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