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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 2 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Honolulu, HI

Cort Dennison, over looked by local teams, and especially by the Utes, is having a very nice career at the University of Washington. I say especially the Utes, because Dennison is not LDS and did not pursue BYU - he was raised a U fan. Guess who his parents will be rooting for next fall when UW comes to Rice-Eccles!

Murray, UT


Aurora, CO


this article echos my feelings EXACTLY! Some much is said and compared and boasted about when it comes to recruiting classes and what not. To me, how many stars a player or has or how much they dominated other high schools means only so much. It really comes down to the system in which they play in and their play on the field. like the article said, walk-ons and 1 or 2 star recruits have out-perfomed the higher ranked guys. With that, thats why i dont cry myself to sleep or rant and gnash my teeth when BYU doesnt have a top recruiting class. I mean, who cares? Some players will come in and contribute right away, others over time, and some wont at all. Thats just how it is.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

I can't agree more with this article. I just laugh at all the people fretting over the stars next to names and proclaiming themselves champions based on recruiting classes.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

If the article is boooooring why are you commenting? I think that is stupid.

That is why you quit on your dreams, you just never know what the new day will bring.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I get tired of articles or opinions like this being aired so heavily out of this state. Obviously he has a point. Recruiting evaluation is no sure thing and they're going to get a lot of them wrong. There are going to be highly-touted players who flop and non-touted players who become stars. But what this article fails to take into account is the inverse. How many players with little or no recruiting hype never hit the field or make it into big-time football? The vast majority. Kevin Curtis and Eric Weddle are unique because their stories are so unheard of. They're 1 in 1,000 situations. Conversely, how many highly recruited or hyped players become stars? Quite a few. Guys like Tebow, Newton, Vince Young, Matthew Stafford, Jimmy Clausen, Matt Barkley, Reggie Bush, Terrell Pryor, Ingram and Richardson at Bama, Julio Jones, AJ Green... it goes on and on. Every one of those guys came out of high school with immense recruiting hype. And guess what? The hype was right! Cherry-picking examples to support his point doesn't make this article correct. Recruiting evaluation is inexact, but inexact doesn't mean inherently wrong

Sandy, UT

Re: Big Hapa

'That is why you quit on your dreams ..'

Really ? Ouch .. thanks for the encouragement. ;-)

Ann Arbor, MI

Once again the PR machine is in full our SPIN.

Let me ask you this, Would the "corporation" allow such a article if they tds had a highly touted class coming in ? Y didn't we see this type of article last year?

Trying to sell the "flock" that a 1&2 star recruit is just as good as a 4&5 star recruit.... deep down you know this arguement is not sustainable.

Ann Arbor, MI

What does the last 20 National Champions have in common?

Stars and lots of lots off STARZZZZ.

Go ahead with your damage control spin, but I promise you an unranked BYU recruiting class will never EVER compete at the highest level.

Sure, the tds might find the "diamond in the rough" long snapper or kicker in this class but so will Idaho St.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Well Mike... having pointed these facts out in a post to Harmon's Jan 30th article on Return Missionaries... I'd like to emphasize the fact that there's more to the equation of how well these so called 5 star players will do. The Peter Principle seemingly more often than not catches up with these 4&5 star players early. It's sort of like trying to build a pyramid. Imperfections and breakdowns in a lot of those sound looking building blocks will occur. You can load up on all the 4's and 5's you want to... which will really look good on paper. But...after the onset of injuries, academic problems, personal problems, and the major factor that the majority of these so called blue chippers cannot perform to the same level as they did in High School you are going to wind up with a majority of your team being the ones and two's and probably several unheard ofs. That's where the role of the coaches comes into play more than anything else. Maturity is one thing. Ability another. But the value of a good coaching staff is...Priceless. Watch what Happens.


Bloomington, IN


Normally I ignore you, sometimes you make insightful comments, today you just showed your infatuation with BYU. I thought you were a U fan, yet you didn't even mention the U, and you completely missed the point of the article. Sure, the SEC teams loaded with talent are more likely to win a championship, but sometimes you never know (i.e. Weddle being a 2 star recruit and Ben Olson being much higher and their respective results).

If your team is so superior, and BYU is so irrelevant, why do you even care? I honestly haven't read an article about Utah since their bowl game, yet you're still gushing over every BYU article you can find. I just don't get it.

Centerville, UT

Its the same thing every year; if your team has a good recruiting class, you pump your chest about it. If your team doesn't have a great recruiting class, and your rival does, you say "let them prove it on the field"

Its true of every team, no matter what.

Old Jake
Salt Lake City, UT

We all have a chance to create our future. Dedication, determination, persistence year after year give you a chance to win.

There are a lot of factors that determine who turns into a starter. How they handle the time freedom of college is hard to predict.
Also, some of these kids were driven so hard by their parents to play football that by the time they get to college they are burned out. It's happening right now all around us.

Everyone thinks they are raising the next Jimmer only to find out that their constant pushing will backfire on them.

Enjoy the journey. It's impossible for everyone to be the starting QB at BYU. Thank goodness there are more important goals in life to chase.

Some people are awesome (5 star) High School players, others dominate college (Ty Detmer) and others make it to the pro bowl. It's ok to celebrate whatever success you have. There are some great people who never played in the Super Bowl.....or college......or even high school.

Withholding your praise because they are not the "best" only means that you are a loser.

Take the high road and cheer for everyone!

Salt Lake City, UT

Notre Dame has as many stars as anyone....stars are all hype as is the ND Program....

Even the DNEWS and SLLIB MVP's in this state are dubbed based on performance of two games, the semis and the finals every year...its all very surface, no real depth of character.....Jim McMahon wasn't highly reguarded at all except by his father coming out of Roy High....but there was only one choice back then and he made it! He had no stars, Today he would be 6 stars!

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

As long as our one star kids continue to beat the u it is all good. I just wish the u had mens vollyball, track & field, soccer, lacrosse and cross country...because we would crush the u in these sports as well.

It's good to be a Coug.

Fresno, CA

Some of my favorite players have been walk-ons, but not all my favorite players. You never know what will happen until they get out there and play the game.

Ann Arbor, MI

A lot of tds using the o'l stars don't make the player spin.

Yes, I understand many highly ranked recurites don't live up to the hype. But no one can disput the correlation between consistently strong recruiting classes and winning on a NATIONAl level.

If BYU wants to achieve the "exposure" the soooo desperatly crave they cannot afford a non ranked recruiting class. just saying.

Keep whistling in the wind but your looking at the future of BYU football ---- Not Ranked.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Jim McMahon wasn't highly reguarded"

ND was intrested in Jim McMahon....

Sandy, UT


Yet Once Again, you have it all wrong..

Jim McMahon often stated that if he had been offered by Notre Dame he would have gone there. It was his Dream school.

His Father was Catholic his Mother is LDS.

On Johnny Carson he stated he would go to BYU all over again, because it's where he met his wife, the daughter of a Stake President.

His book ripping BYU, notwithstanding.

How often does one man have to be wrong.

Do you read and research anything?

So uninformed it defies all reason.

And there was no "star system" when Jimmy Mac played.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Here's the thing with highly ranked recruits and walk-ons

Obviously no one knows how their careers will turn out before either of them play. But. . .for the most part highly recruited players have more success more often than walk ons do. That's just plain facts. You never know what you have in a recruit but highly recruited players at least give you more of an idea of the great potential they have and are more likely to be great players even though they don't always turn out. So there is always good reason to be excited about highly ranked players even though you don't know how they will turn out. With walk ons, you don't really know anything unless you have height/weight/forty time information and what accomplished in high school. Most of the time though, walk ons are walk ons for a reason. More often than not, they simply aren't as good or they would not be walk ons.

The sign that you have a good walk on is hearing about practice performance. If you're starting a walk on when you could start a scholarship player, that's a positive.

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