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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 1 2011 9:00 a.m. MST

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Fresno, CA

Making kids go on a mission or punishing them for not going infringes on their free agency. Free agency is a basic tenet of the gospel. Infringing on it is definitely not "representing well".

Let's just remember who's plan it was to compel others to obey....

American Fork, UT

It is no one elses business if an individual goes on a mission or not. Going on a mission is not a requirement to go to heaven, attend church, hold meaningful church callings, attend BYU, have a temple recomend or participate in anything the church has to offer.

Frankly Big Hapa probably means well but it is simply none of his business.

Danbury, CT

Everyone's in love with Cahoon and he is totally unproven as a receiver's coach. There is a big transition from doing it well yourself to teaching and leading others to do it. Anae failed in part because of his lack of experience. Everyone remember how excited we were to have him? Ty or Steve Young would be no different. Seems we lose our heads over some 'star' getting a position leading the team.

Here's a new idea: let's look at which programs have what we like in terms of coaching style, culture, outcomes and hire from those programs. Businesses do it, other teams do it to BYU; let's think like a real top tier program!!!

And while we're at it, if Bronco really wants to coach the D so bad, let's make him the D coordinator and go find a real HEAD COACH!!!

Hank Pym

re: Just the FAX | 5:33 p.m. Feb. 1, 2011

What happens when the BYU offense stalls and all you optimists are calling for Brandon's & Jake's head on a pike?

re: Sportfanatic | 5:44 p.m. Feb. 1, 2011

"Look how many BYU past players and alumni there are that are helping make the Utes a very quality program! Go BYU! they know how to produce not only great players, but also great athletes!"

The operative word is BYU *had* great players & *knew* how to produce... But that was all thanks to the OC LaVell had. What was his name? Oh yeah, Norm Chow!

Insert Nelson Muntz catch phease here!

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