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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 1 2011 9:00 a.m. MST

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Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

What do you get when you cross a uou football player with a groundhog? Six more weeks of bad football.

I can see from wedgie's comment he doesn't follow football at the professional level closely. Think it through wedgie...what was Ben doing the last three years in Canada while playing WR? He did more than just play WR...can you guess what other role he had in Canada?

Crickets, Crickets, Crickets

Provo, UT

I'm just as excited about this hire as any other BYU fan, but just because he's an amazing receiver who can catch anything, doesn't mean he will be the one in the game pulling them in from Heaps. Hopefully he can help these young players develop the confidence to catch the ball. Watching dropped balls definitely gets old!

Ann Arbor, MI

"You just never know with a hire like this. The guy may be great, and here is hoping that he is, or he may stink"


I suprized you followed me on this one. Yes Brian Johnson was/is over his skiis as the QB coach for the Utes - enter chow.

Johnson will know have the ability to learn from the master.

Tell me, who will calhoon learn from? Doh!man? Good luck with that.

Barack Obama
Phoenix, AZ

Great pick up.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

The breadth and depth of hedgehog's lack of understanding is truly amazing.

Even the master can't work magic without the necessary raw materials.

Doman has Heaps.

Who will Chow have?

West Jordan, UT

Hey Hedgehog!

Just look at the past and current Ute coaching staff. Look how many BYU past players and alumni there are that are helping make the Utes a very quality program! Go BYU! they know how to produce not only great players, but also great athletes! I guess you can say that the Utah football program is really BYU north!

Provo, UT

Fabulous hire but let's not go overboard up there and say BYU is going 13-0. It will take some time for the fruits of these coaches work to bear out!

Fresno, CA

Cali Coug

That was funny.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Wonderful News ! Cahoon will be terrific in the BYU sytem, he understands what this program represents and he is the perfect example of what an LDS football player is all about.

Bronco talks about the unique and different environment that BYU is and now he has on staff a perfect example of a Return Missionary who did the right thing and it all worked out for him.

This is the Unique environment that is danced around and not spoken openly about.

Bronco last Saturday 1/29/11 at "The Meet The Juniors" recruiting party, he told the 100 plus boy's that BYU is different, it stands for more then just football it has a higher and bigger standard, it is not for everyone, so do not come to BYU if you can't buy in to what we are about here at BYU, good stuff.

My nephew and his 3 teammates all were impressed. However, to bad Bronco has does not fully buy in to the "Unique" difference,case in point the starting QB. So, actually BYU is like all the other programs in the country.

Talk the Talk Bronco.

POLY Cougar Nation

Spanish Fork, UT

Congrats cougs from a Utes fan, it's going to be exciting to see how all this turns out for both teams.

west jordan, ut

Excellent. Proven talent and knowledge. Sure he hasn't coached but you can't dismiss the facts of his work ethic. That alone will help win games. Teach it, instill it, breath it and greatness will follow. Sure even I don't believe BYU will just break out and win all their games next year. Most likely two or three losses maybe even four but, a step in the right direction is a step towards the bigger goal.

Houston, TX

There are numerous reasons to believe that the Ben can teach the current WRs (and maybe TEs) how to run a route and hang on to the ball.

That would solve a lot of problems on offense.

The BYU coaching staff is now stronger. Anae and Higgins were good coaches or they would not have been able to make the moves that they did. However, the new coaches are a better fit for what BYU needs to do going forward.

The only question is the lack of experience at OC. That is both good and bad. At least there should be some much needed change.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Good hire in Cahoon. I am excited to see his success transfer from player coach to young wide recievers on the field. We do not know if he will be a success or not, but then someone took a chance on most of those on this board and hired them for the first time once. Good for those employers that take a chance and good for Bronco on taking a chance with Cahoon.

Go Cougars.

Monsieur le prof
Sandy, UT

Poor Hedgehog: his knowledge and comments are as poor as his spelling, punctuation and grammar. Both Cahoon and Dupaix are excellent hires, skilled in their positions and able to teach and motivate. I can hardly wait until next season!

Murray, UT

Even though the addition of Cahoon comes as no surprise, im still very excited to see it become official. I think he will do a fantastic job coaching the recievers

Provo, UT

Big Hapa, I hope that one of these days you will explain your antipathy toward Bronco Mendenhall. You continue to deride him for playing Jake Heaps, but why? Once Jake got up to speed with the college game he did quite well. It was apparent that Riley Nelson - although a good athlete and even a good quarterback within the right program - was not up to running the program. The competition was open, no one was lied to, no one was denied a chance.

So why the hatred, man?

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Big Hapa must be a personal friend of Riley Nelson and/or his family because he's been on the Riley Nelson bandwagon since before Jake Heaps ever took his snap at center for BYU.

Riley was given a fair opportunity to earn the starting QB position. That's all any player can really expect.

Fresno, CA

Big Hapa

Don't be too harsh on Bronco for respecting that kid's free agency. We did fight a war to have it, you know.

Wiley Old School

Os and Just,

Reread Big Hapa's post again a little more closely. It has nothing to do with who out-performed who athletically. With the constant "this is a special, different kind of program" message pitched to the media and recruits, one can only wonder why the program invests and rewards players who opt out of one of the primary components of what should make it special. The actions don't quite match the words.

Idaho Falls, ID

Hapa and Wiley:
I'm still not quite following you. Are you saying that Nelson should start over Heaps because he went on a mission and Heaps isn't planning on it? Where in the BYU football "policy and procedures" does it state that everyone on the team has to go on a mission or they don't play. Lots of BYU athletic stars have gone on to be great ambassadors for the Church without going on mission (did you see Fredette baring his testimony on ESPN?).

While part of a coach's job is building responsible young men with strong character ( and I think Bronco has done an exceptional job at this) , his primary job is to win and play the players who are going to help the team achieve that goal. Making the kids go on missions is not part of the Honor Code nor is it part of the Football Team culture. Heaps is a good person, leader, and role model, and few would argue against Heaps being the better QB.

If this were the days of McMahan, I would understand your argument. But with Heaps? . . . . ., I just don't see your point.

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