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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 1 2011 9:00 a.m. MST

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Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Very good hire! We've got ourselves a pretty awesome staff. I can't say I'm super surprised but I think this was a guy everyone was hoping for. Chad Lewis would have made a good TE coach but he'll still make a good program administrator as far as the marketing goes or whatever he does.

The future is pretty bright for BYU. There are some questions marks but that's why there's faith right?

Go Cougs!

Orem, UT

I love the hire as well as the assignment changes.

I doubt BYU will go undefeated as its only happened once in the program's history, but I do think they will win 10-11 games.

It looks like LOI day is almost a wrap and soon we'll be into Spring ball. It's a good time to be a Cougar.

Cedar City, UT

This is definitely a huge step forward for the program. With the quality of receivers coming into Provo, this is a huge move and will be a great advantage to the passing game. I think we will see crisp precise routes, good blocking downfield, and most importantly no more dropped balls. I have been a fan of Cahoon since I was a kid and am really excited to have him.
I think the impact will be immediate, with receivers like Hoffman, Apo, Ashworth, and Mathews, and a stable of talented TE's, Cahoon will have some top talent to work with.

This is great news.

Go Cougs!

Ann Arbor, MI

wow, sounds like all you sheep "love the hire".


What has he done to show you he can coach? That's right you can't show any proof can you.

Bronko has surrounded himself with a bunch of yes man...not proven coaches.

American Fork, UT

I actually agree with wedgie although he doesn't have a clue why he is correct.

He loved the Brian Johnson hire by the utes last year and that has proved to be disastrous as thier qb's quite litterally sucked this year and showed zero improvement.

You just never know with a hire like this. The guy may be great, and here is hoping that he is, or he may stink like Johnson stinks.

Fresno, CA

Good job, Coach Mendenhall. Good luck next season!

P.S. I hope someone on his staff who DOES read these comments passes on our happiness and excitement to him.

Bountiful, UT

Congrats to BYU for an excellent hire. Good upgrade and a good person.

With Aaron Roderick coaching the wideouts at the U. and Cahoon at the Y, it should make for some outstanding receivers in the state - not that we don't already see that here, but it should improve even more.

Congrats from this Ute to BYU for a great hire.

Football in the state of Utah has never had a brighter future.

Idaho Falls, ID

I wasn't sure about this hire until Hedgehog piped in. Now that we can see that hiring Cahoon adds to Hedgehog's growing insecurity, i know it is a good hire!

Highland, UT

As someone who grew up with Ben, what a positive person. You're getting a WINNER! I hope this young energetic staff has a great run.

Roger Dupaix is the dean of coaching- his son Joe was so fun to watch in college. Best of luck to BYU.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

We certainly got our money's worth out of just wanting a change at the Offensive Coordinator position. And I think Hedgie Doggie must have been the runt of his litter and got wedgied all the time... and the Rubber Duckie Slayer must understand what that's like too since he's so agreeable.

But all in all this is going to become an awesome program...and you can just sense the coming together of something special. Utah's got some good things going for it as well. Nowhere at the end of the season could I have imagined the uniqueness of these changes with everybody landing standing up like they have. Including Robert Anae.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA

ewe should know all about sheep hedgehog

Secretly, we know you're quivering in your little hedgehog hole about the great staff Bronco has assembled.

Lindon, UT

Hello Hedgehog

I have no comment on your posting. It speaks for itself. Only fluff, no substance. A waste of your time and ours. Get a clue, Hedge.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I felt the cold blast coming from the north and here he is. Welcome back Ben!

Spanish Fork, Utah

@Hedgehog - Get a life.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

H-hog @1:16:

That was unprecedented respect - the fact that you capitalized "Y" when you said Y?, instead of y?. Good boy H-hog!

Oh, by the way - how's your basketball team doing?

San Diego, CA

After a game with about 6 dropped passes early last season, in response to a feature article on Ben Cahool, I posted a comment about hoping he would soon retire and that Bronco would hire him as the wide receivers coach. Wish fulfilled. This team will now soar to greater heights with Bronco coaching the D and his new hand-picked coaching staff around him. I predict 11-3 in 2011 (including a Bowl victory), with 2012 being the BCS Busting year.

Cedar City, UT

Excited about the Cahoon hiring; concerned about the DB's coach. DB is traditionally our weakest link on D and I'm not sure how much experience Howell has with DB's. In addition, lumping all of the DB's together seems like a mistake. Corner and safety are very different positions. Back in the day when we had solid defensive backfields there were two coaches.

West Jordan, UT

It was fun watching Ben at BYU and will be great to see what he can bring as WR coach. Only time will tell how his skill and success in the pros translates to teaching and on-field performance of his players. Good Luck!


hedgehog = n. a nocturnal insectivorous Old World mammal with a spiny coat and short legs, able to roll itself into a ball in defense.

I hesitate to use the phrase, but "'nuff said."

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: Wedgehog.

What kind of a professional career has Brian Johnson had? Exactly. . .

Who really knows if he'll be a great coach? I'll tell you one thing though. . .I'd much rather have Ben Cahoon as a WR coach then I would have Brian Johnson as a QB coach.

Cahoon has been around the game for a long time, and every coach has to start somewhere.

Eagle Mountain, UT

This is exciting. If COACH Cahoon can instill half the desire, drive and work ethic to the talented receivers BYU has there should be an immediate improvement this year. These coaches Coach Mendenhall has hired for offense are the types that will inspire the players to give everything they have and want to reach their potential. I can't wait for this Fall.

Some other things about hedgehogs I have personally learned. They stink(especially the opinionated ones), they squeal alot but the noise has no intelligence connected and they tend to make the same predictable mistakes over and over and over.

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