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Published: Monday, Jan. 31 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

I'm a true-blue BYU fan; just wanted to get that on record at the outset. But unlike "Y" haters that post on articles regarding BYU football news, I'm not gonna bash the Utes. While I don't care for them a bit, I bear no illwill against them and wish them every success in their new conference.

That said, I don't think this change in the recruiting landscape is going to affect the "U" for at least the next season or two, is it? Do they have a large number of players graduating this year? I don't pay much attention to their roster.

Sure, it'll affect them eventually, but if they have a fair amount of players returning to mostly fill out their depth chart they'll be OK in the short run. If they do as well as they (and their rabid fans) think they'll do (I have to admit, though, I think they're over-estimating), they'll have a couple of seasons in-conference, therefore getting greater exposure, resulting in more players giving them serious consideration - making worries about "poaching" a lesser concern.

Makes sense to me, at least.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Any recruit that goes to any team still has to prove himself on the field. Who is to say that Utah, or any other school is not better off if some of these top rated athletes choose other schools. Boise is a good example of average recruiting class accomplishing above average success. Utah has had a taste of this and so has BYU. I do wish Utah the best Wednesday in getting some of these undecided boys but if they don't, they still have some good athletes. It is fun to make the very few BYU haters look un-intelligent (it's easy too) but I am always pulling for Utah to win when not playing USU or BYU. It will be interesting to see how all the chips fall Wednesday.

Joe Schmoe
Loving life in, UT


7th place in the pac for the next two years.

Then we'll see where recruiting takes them.

Sandy, UT

Scalley said.

"At the same time, we're having to face the fact that these guys that we're recruiting now the caliber of players they're visiting all these other Pac-12 teams. They're visiting all these different facilities.... We're going to have to step up our game."

Which is what we've been telling these Boastful Utes all along.

Utah will NOT have an advantage by "Simply belonging to the Pac-12", anymore than Washington State has.

These young people today are very bright. Why would a top notch athlete turn down an Oregon or SC or Stanford for Utah?

The U's facilities and Overall Athletic Program compares more with WAZU than USC.

The fan support is shallow unless they are winning big. When 6-6 becomes the Norm, then what Chow?

Again, only One Conference Championship for Utah last year, (all sports) 9 for BYU.

Utah will have a harder time recruiting the top athletes once they compare facilities to the Big boys, the Oregons, SC's, Washington's, ASU's and Stanfords in their club.

It's going to be a very bumpy ride Utes. Strap in.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Why would a top notch athlete turn down an Oregon or SC or Stanford for Utah?"


hmm, I don't know, why don't you ask Cullin or Langi.

West Jordan, UT

I think it's a matter of time and winning. If the Utes can win in the next few years in the PAC-12, and I think they can. Then the recruiting will become a little easier, because people want to play for a winner! If not then you have to turn to things like facilities etc. to get the recruites. But winning will be the biggest thing.

Saint George, UT


Answer-- So they can play rather than stand on the sidelines and hope for the chance should one of those other recruits get hurt.

Hope my aggies can pick up some, especially here in Utah, keep the good ones at home. I recall a few from Cache valley name Olsen, Green, Curtis, they did ok in the NFL. Talent will surface whenever and where ever you play.

Go Aggies, basketball is on!!!!

Chris B.
Midvale, UT

Differences in recruiting between the #1 and #3 programs in the state of Utah

Team #1
Shown twice it can go undefeated
Shown twice it can make it to bcs games
Shown twice it can win bcs games
Coach who knows winning is #1
Teammates who are athletes, among the best in nation
No silly rules
Invited to play with big boys

Team #3
Shown it is incapable of ever going undefeated
Shown it is incapable of ever going to bcs game
Shown it is incapable of ever winning bcs game
Coach who thinks winning is 6th most important thing
Teammates who can discuss sunday school lesson
Silly Rules
No big boys want to play with them

The recruiting battle will be dominated in the coming years by one of these teams. U decide.

South Jordan, UT

Perhaps recruits would like to join the rapidly growing list of Utes in the NFL.


hedgehog, I agree with Uteman, there are a ton of Utes playing on Sunday and that's part of what the top recruits want to hear in their living rooms.
There seems to have been a wake-up call for the Utes recruiting on the road, but at the same time they have another good option for kids to choose. Utah has it's share of great draws outside of the practice facilities, but new ones will help a lot.
Go Aggies!

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Joe Schmoe, Bluto et al. and then the trolls came out. Why even come on a story about Utah unless you are a bit jealous. Utah's leaving BYU in the rearview mirror so I don't think Ute fans really care what Yiner fans think. Utah is in the PAC 12 and BYU's a mid major independent. Go focus on your own team and it's "stellar" recruiting class.

American Fork, UT

There are only 2 reasons a "top" recruit would choose utah over one of those schools. In cullens case he is a jc transfer with only 2 years of eligibility and usc is on probation for his 2 years. He also was probably promised immediate playing time at utah while he would have had to compete at usc.

The probabtion of usc probably also factored to langi and he also had the 2nd reason a recruit would choose utah over one of those other schools. He is local.

Other than those 2 reason there is no reason for a recruit to choose utah and that is why very few ever have and very few ever will. The weather is worse, the facilities are inferior, the fanbase is an embarrassment and utah has no real legacy to speak of.

In short nothing is changing and the evidence shows in this years class where exactly none of those kids has chosen to sign with the utes so far. Just the local kid, that is it.

Centerville, UT

But guys! BYU's recruiting class is awesome! They beat out Buffalo and New Mexico State and now have a solid verbal from Adam Pulsipher! They are going to dominate the utes!

South Jordan, UT

If you want to play on Sunday, you have to play on Saturday. Utah will consistently be in top 4 teams in football. They will take their lumps as well. Even in a down year, they will be playing the MWC champion and a better bowl game than BYU. Mark that down!

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

BYU trolls please go away and back to your mid major team.

Sandy, UT

@Chris B

One team has Traditon Honor and Spirit &......

*National Championship (5 seperate organizations)
*17 Top 25 finishes
*23 Conference Championships
*Doak Walker
*Outlands (2)
*Davey O'Brian's (4)
*Sammy Baugh's (7)
*College Hall of Famers (7)
*Consensus All-Americans(16) All-Americans 60+
*NFL MVP and Super Bowl winning QB's

National TV every week with ESPN or BYU-TV.

Big time programs don't play on Fox Regional only.

National Pac-12 games will not include Utah.

Texas, Notre Dame, Miami, Penn State, Texas A&m, Oklahoma, etc. aren't big boys?

BYU has already and will again schedule these teams and many others with ESPN doing the scheduling, and yet, you'll never see them in RES.

Enjoy your 2 BCS games and 2 undefeated seasons, that is your ceiling, it will never happen again.

10 teams play in BCS games every year, that is not the definition of Legacy. (see above)

Now go and feather your bed as a Pac-12 Bottomfeeder.

Sandy, UT

@Rock of the Marne

OK. You are stipulating we will never, ever, see you on a Utah story again? Right?

Didn't think so....

Independents are not Mid-Majors, the only Mid-Major is this discussion are the Utah Utes.

No equal revenue for 5 years. Less of a payout than even Colroado.

Welcome to the World of Wazzu

Ann Arbor, MI


Go ask:
Jarred Norris From Cali ( CAL offer)
Isacc Asiata ( UW USC)
Kieth Mcgill from Cali (USC offer)
Jarred Olive from texas (Michigan offer
V.L Feholko from HI (Uw offer)
Lucky Radely from Cali ( UCLA offer)

Salt Lake City, UT

The only school in the PAC-12 that can really play the facilities card is the University of Nike at Eugene. SC's digs in South Central are nothing to write home about.

Dr. Hill has clearly stated that as the Utes ramp up to the PAC-12 that new facilities (sports medicine, expanded football offices, and the South End Zone at RES) will be built to be on par with the rest of the PAC-12.

Zoobs, keep the UofU & WAZZU comparisons coming. I always enjoy a good laugh in the morning to get my day started off on the right foot.

South Weber, UT

Coach of the Year-- 1

All Americans this year--3

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