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Published: Monday, Jan. 31 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Houston, TX

The team played D tonight. They would not have won without holding the BCats to .36% shooting.

I hate to rag on Price. I know he does the best he can but the Jazz offense just does not run when Price plays PG. Price did have 4 rebounds which did help.

CJ could do a better job running the team, however his shooting was needed badly tonight. Cross train Hayward at PG?

Watson can't shoot but he sure can run a team.

CJ had a great game tonight including good D. AK, Millsap and AJ with double doubles. Bell's 2 point shooting is better, no 3 attempts which is wise until he heals.

Price going 1 for 9 nearly killed the team. 19 TOs did not help.

Millsap saved this with last minute offensive rebounds and FTs.

A win is a win. But the D was good.

Murray, UT

AK almost had a triple double!

Lindon, UT

Wow! Watson had a 21 -/+ differential. Price was the opposite. Does that tell us who the Jazz need to replace before next year. When or if they trade Kirilenko, they need to deal Price with him, & pick up a nice combo guard, who can play PG, SG, and score points. Greg, do it. This team just needs a little tweeking. But that said, who do we get to replace Kirilenko? If he were more consistant, we would not want to trade him. But he is on his way down - not the Kirilenko of old. Anyone have any ideas?

Murray, UT

Need a densive shooting guard with hieght who can really shoot the ball well.

I'd like Andre Iguadala...that would be awesome...but not sure if that's likely

Captain L
Provo, UT

When CJ plays well, he is invaluable and I'm always glad when he does but he inconsistency is maddening.
I hope he comes ready to play Wed.
When AK plays aggressive he's the second best player on the team and definitely someone the Jazz need to resign at a reasonable salary.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Panama you are the one have no clue about basketball. Jazz wins because of AK. Just think about that before open mouth. Watson pushes Jazz plays better up tempo game.
Game almost lost because of terrible jump shots AL. I guess without AL Jazz could win big. Bobcats is worst than Twolves.
Once AL gets ball every others player freezes( they knows AL shoots 100%)He shoots so soft cannot rebound offensively if misses all boxed out.
One thing about Price he plays hard sometimes overaggressive but he doesn't get those precious playing minutes to check intake. Price plays better when AL not in court.
Good win

Houston, TX

AK has played pretty well the last 3 games or so. If he is healthy and contributing his expiring contract is worth more to the Jazz (in the lux tax) than it is to most teams.

Price is expiring but I am not sure he can be moved. He is also useful in some situations.

KOC can find a shooting guard on the cheap. Someone who can spot up and bust a zone when needed or unpack the paint.

Gaines may be available if his 10 day contract is not renewed. He can both play point and shoot enough to open up a zone. He knows the system. Gaines is a band aid and not a long term solution.

I doubt if the Jazz will go get a decent much less expensive SG this year.

Trading Bell, Okur or Elson would be problematic as they are not expiring contracts. It might be possible to trade Fes to HOU but for what?

The Jazz will not trade Hayward and should not. Ditto for AJ. Trading Millsap does not make sense. Especially if Okur is not 100%. Keeping CJ and Evans makes sense.

Get a cheap SG/PG who can shoot.

Salt Lake City, UT

+26 for Watson and -21 for Price. Yikes.

I didn't see the game, so I won't comment too much. I don't think its a wise idea to trade a player (or give up on him) for only one game. Price has been a stud this entire year bringing energy and heart. Unfortunately he doesn't bring much height or consistency in his shooting. But a Ronnie Price steal and dunk is worth WAY more than a Kyle Korver three or anything else that could happen. He changes the momentum better than anyone else on this team (just ask Lamar Odom and the Lakers.)

If we lost Ronnie, I'm sure we'd recover. He really isn't tall enough to play the 2, and the Jazz really really need another good 2 guard. But I LOVE Ronnie Price and he brings a great dimension to this team.

Houston, TX

Send Hayward to D League for 4 or 5 games with instructions to score 20+ every night.

Not a demotion, but a change (chance) to get used to scoring so the Jazz can bring him in for 5-15 minutes and score when CJ/AK are having an off night or play him at SG (but he has to score like Mathews did).

If Hayward will (can) score then there is no need to add an SG.

However, he is not going to learn to pull the trigger just playing spot practice and garbage game minutes.

He has to get into a scoring mentality. A few games in D league could do that.

Sloan has played him and even started him but he does not solve the problems because he does not shoot.

Even if Hayward bricked them he would be no worse than playing Price at 1-9 shooting.

Hayward is smart enough to play PG and passes reasonably well. He needs to be cross trained at PG for next year.

If he can run a team he will not bust even if he is not a great scorer.

Get Gaines send Hayward to D League (cheap fix).

Captain L
Provo, UT

Bugoff: I like the idea of sending Hayward to D League to get PT and build confidence but I'm not that high on Gaines. I think there are other bigger 2's that can shoot out there that KOC could bring in.
I'd like to see Evans go down to the D League too, and instruct him to shoot it every time he gets it. He supposedly shoots OK in practice but he needs to get to the point he's not afraid to pull the trigger in a game. He needs to show he can hit a 15 to 18 foot jumper.

Santa Ana, CA

Bugoff, I like Sundiata. However this mentality of sticking with familiar faces has to stop. It is getting so so tiresome worrying what Sloan the master wants as he has total control like Coach, GM and President. Spare me who does not agree.

Tonight, AJ had a good game, Watson was effective not laden with fouls. The Jazz for one fo the few times recognized the corner 3. Even though Charlotte did not use this much part of theyr'e offense. Only Jackson 3 with 4:19 left and a poor 3 point shooter Wallace's 2 at end, were the only open corner 3s all night. So hats off to the boys.

Raja did the job for sometime on Jackson, AK had the turnovers, played D though, ran floor well and made a big shot. Millsap was excellent. His 2 offensive board in protecting 81-78 lead huge.

Fes did a good job in his 5 minutes got picked on with bogus foul calls as usual. Protected the paint and intimidated on a shot.

If DWIL played we win likely fairly easily. The good news is Denver lost so we are now #6 and out of Laker Bracket

Santa Ana, CA

When CJ is on like tonight it helps us win obviously, however, no consistency. Still if we are ever going to get some more defensive help such as shot blocker in front court, CJ is one of the few tradable components.

CJ was good tonight, Raja is making shots so positives came out of this ugly 83-78 win.

Defense though can solve lots of issues. The Jazz have to start focusing nightly on defense.

Defense and Boards means Rings

As Riley said "No rebounds no Rings"

Lindon, UT

To AK FAN: The only reason I advocate trading AK is to save lux. tax $'s. Otherwise, he is one of best players - but somewhat inconsistant. If we do trade him, we need to pick up some talent in return.
I like the idea of sending Heyward and Evans to the D league for awhile and getting a combo guard on the cheap for the rest of the season. Maybe KOC can find another one like Matthews. Not likely, though.

Humble, TX

Jimmer in the crowd? I smell NCAA violations. Is there a suspension coming? ;)

Roosevelt, UT

Man oh man I like the idea of picking up cheap combo guards. Sounds like they are to be had at Walmart, tell KOC to take his shopping cart and get a dozen of them as I know 28 other teams who would take a few as well.

At the same time have Santa drop off a shot for Ronnie so he can stop embarassing the team with the one he doesn't have.

The other part of this reality scenario is that AK is a $3-$ M player who is getting $17M which is a huge discrepancy. Bigger than the Jazz can afford.
For less money we can have David Lee step in and actually shoot and hit and not turnover the ball.

Jazz need to fire Hornacek as there are few worse shooting teams in the league. He may hae been a good player but like Kevin McHale they have proven they are incapable of coaching others.

Bring back Malone to coach the bigs on the team.

This is way too many words to write after beating a team like the Bobcats.

Hugh G. Hater

Better, but not out of the woods yet.

More CJ and Evans, less Bell.

Notice how early running by Watson enabled the Jazz to win the first quarter.

I would've like to have seen Evans play more. I think CJ needs more time to be more consistent. Raja plays good D but I'm tired of seeing brick after brick after brick. CJ would be publicly flogged by Sloan if he had a bad stretch like Raja.

Sandy, UT

Good defense tonight. High turnovers, but at least some of those came from the refs being whistle happy on the Jazz last night. Watch those turnovers & MORE OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS. Few more assists would have been nice, but Earl does a great job running this offense.

If AK keeps playing well that will help us tremendously. He's so good cutting to the basket. Al and Millsap can both play inside-out, and it really helps that they can both hit those short jumpers because opponents know they can't leave them open even from 10-15 feet.

Keep improving & building and the slump will be history.

Sandy, UT

If Hayward would be more of a shooter that could solve the need for another SG. Remember that pre-season game where he scored 26? He's capable, just needs a little time to develop. I think he could be a great contributor next year. Maybe some D-league time would be helpful...at least he'd get minutes. Evans too.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

Good play from our front line again,Millsap is a warrior,can you imagine cj playing with dislocated fingers? the guy sits out when he has the sniffles or a hang-nail,trade the bum

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

I have been one of the biggest critics of the Jazz this past month or so I admit. But, if this team and the players on it would play with the heart, desire, and effort like last night even if they lose I would shut my mouth. Nice effort team!

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