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Published: Monday, Jan. 31 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Iowa City, IA

Wow - how often do you see a non-BCS team lose a game and still advance in the Top 10?

It's nice to have some national respect!

Beverly Hills, CA

Apparently the demise of BYU basketball was exaggerated.

Columbus, Ohio

Go Aggies!

Humble, TX

What played into byu's favor is the other teams around them lost as well. duke gets respect, they got hammered and are still at #5, notre dame got respect cuz they jumped 6 spots from 14 to 8 (in the coaches poll).

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Well done Aggies. Nice to have some national love.

Go Big Blue!!!

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

BYU got lucky because every top ten team lost except Pitt, Kansas and OSU and those three all barely won against weak teams. It was a wild weak for the top 25.

I'm glad the Aggies and Cougars are getting the respect they deserve!

Humble, TX

This is probably as high as byu will be ranked all season (unless they go on some crazy run come tourney time). It's not because they couldn't get ranked higher but it's because the MWC is not that great. Same with the Aggies. Top 15 is probably where the Aggies will top out if they win out the conference plus the WAC tourney.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

What I can't figure it out - how did Syracuse stayed in top 25 after losing 4 straight? And of couse Notre Dame is ND - woopie doo, wait, maybe we will face ND and see another length of Jimmer lookalike Danny Ainge replay. That would be cool.

Ogden Aggie
Ogden, UT

Keep on winning and keep on climbing the polls Aggies. Can't wait for this week's ESPN against Nevada. It is going to be epic! Go State!!!

Omaha, NE

Yeah, loads of top 15 teams lost this week. No one was really moving up. BYU beat a top 5 team...that helped them stay in the top 10. Their only true tough game should be at SDSU. BYU has played all their tough road games already.

The MWC is not that great? Do you know anything about basketball? SDSU is ranked, UNLV has been ranked or getting votes all year. CSU is great, UNM is not as good as last year, but still good, and AFA has a winning record. Compare that to other mid-majors...you won't find that. They have 2 teams in the top 10. The WAC has one team in the top 25 and none getting votes.

the boonies, mexico

These polls are a "COMPLETE" farce! BYU gets hammered and still gains a spot and the team doing the hammering is "nothing" this year. Wow!

Eagle Mountain, UT

Vince, Your opinion is a "COMPLETE" joke inspired by jealousy, obsession and blind hate. Too bad you don't have a vote. The people who count and whose opinions matter say that BYU is the #8 team in the country and USU is 21st. The polls are as fair as they can be without all of these teams playing each other.
These two teams are really alot of fun to watch this year. I wish the Aggies were on TV more.
Go Aggies, Go Cougars, and to the jealous haters; GO AWAY!

Old Gregg
Alpine, UT

@ Vince,

As others have already stated, BYU's win over previously ranked #4 and the fact that a lot of other top 10 teams lost, helped BYU move up one spot. BYU could say the same thing you just did since SDSU is still ranked ahead of them. As emberassing as this sounds, UNM doesn't even have a winning conference record so ya, they are "nothing" YET this year. Maybe a few more quality wins especially on the road would help their case. I think they have a lot of talent but they are no where close to a top 25 team. Sorry.

Rexburg, ID

Apparently the MWC and USU have all earned some respect....great for the state and region.

As a BYU fan I am still pulling for Utah to continue the good progress too...I just can't understand why so many partisans can't enjoy the success of all and not take it so personally when a favorite struggles or loses.....

Reality is, you win some / you lose some. Life goes on.....

New Haven, CT

Vince: The pollsters recognized the UNM loss for what it was, a trap game in a hard-to-play arena after a physically and mentally exhausting win over a top 5 team. UNM is mediocre, but they were able to get on a pretty good run to end the game.

They have some good players, and can get much better in the next few years. It actually helps UNM when they are actually good next year for BYU to stay well ranked this year.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Don't need to hang your head about losing in the Pit.

How about Duke losing to a nobody? Stuff happens.

West Jordan, UT

re: Striker Yes it is true...the mountain west is not that great! They can be ranked as high as 7 or 8 but if you really know anything about basketball you would know that in the NCAA tournament the BIG teams across the country usually beat the MW teams. I don't care if Jimmer is on the team or not, they get beat by the better teams. It happens every year!

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

No complaints here. Actually moving up a spot was something I wasn't expecting but in reality the rankings are not as significant as they are sometimes made to be...almost 50% of the top 25 had losses this week with 7 of the top 10 being part of that group. Syracuse still remained in the top 10 despite 3 straight losses but now with their 4th they finally dropped out. The seedings will still be the ultimate measurement and right now Both San Diego State and BYU are still looking at least as #3's at this point in time.


West Jordan, Utah

Just as there was no shame for SDSU to lose at BYU, there is no shame in losing at the Pit. The pollsters recongize that and voted accordingly.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@ Tom in Cal
I agree UNM is still the reigning MWC champions for the last two years and they've got a top notch Coach. This year is not over for the Lobos yet...they may still be a spoiler and pull off some other big games yet...as well.

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