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Published: Monday, Jan. 31 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

No need to fret too much about not picking up Harvey Langi. Anyone familiar with the system at Bingham would know that the real stud of every Bingham team is actually the fullback/linebacker ie. Minoa Pikula who BYU did pick up.

Alexandria, VA

If BYU can make independence work, they'll have great recruiting years in the future. If they stumble next year, they will suffer.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Two highly touted linebackers have also committed in Austin Heder and Adam Pulsipher...."

Higly touted by who? Broco?

These two star gems only had two offers combined- from such elite programs as Buffalo and New Mexico State.

Bonus question: What is the Buffalo football team name? Don't feel bad I had to look it up as well...


Executive Lee
West Jordan, Utah

With all due respect to Mr. Langi, but with the lack of discipline off the feild that Langi has shown over the past year, I would think BYU knew he would not be able to cut it there in Provo with the honor code and may have written him off.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Were just building up for another national champs. So much talent coming in.

Lehi, UT

ETB might just have something there. Welcome to the Y boys. Enjoy playing before 60,000+ in Provo.

Chris B.
Midvale, UT


Unfortunately for tds good defenses require speed, something tds will never have on defense.

Sunday school boys can be nice and polite, but unfortunately nice and polite don't go a long ways on the football field.

Speed and sunday school boys are two things that just don't go together. So long as the honor code is in place and tds thinks football is the 6th most important thing life you can expect average coaches, average players, and a very average program.

7-6, get used to it

Kaysville, UT

With only 15 scholarships available, BYU signed two more tight ends. WOW! How many tight ends does one need? The Y must have about 10 tight ends on the roster. That is great recruiting. Go COUGS.

Corona, CA

4 & 5 Stars = National Championships
2&3 Stars= New Mexico Bowl/Las Vegas Bowl

Corona, CA

4 & 5 Stars = National Championships
2&3 Stars= New Mexico Bowl/Las Vegas Bowl

Saint George, UT

Chris B.
I don't know if you are Mr. Or Ms B. I am an Aggie, true blue but root for all of Utah schools, U,SUU,Weber, Dixie, all except when they play my Aggies. I wonder what your problem is with the Y players having honor, integrity, and morals. I am sure these traits are present in most of the players in all of the other schools, but you seem to imply because they are honorable etc., all are less of players. I am sure all of the schools excluding the Y appreciate your calling their football players, thugs, criminals, dishonest. It seems you believe these are characteristics that makes them better. I try to follow your comments on the U but you seem to be here all of the time. Oh well, let the players play, you will find they have respect for each other, more than what is on these blogs.

Appleton, WI

Um, is a coach allowed to comment on recruits before they officially sign letters of intent? Just wondering.

American Fork, UT


But of course BYU has a National Championship. utah on the otherhand......LOL

American Fork, UT


I wouldn't worry about that to much as those tight ends are more than likely being signed as athletes as much as tight ends. Much like Vic So'oto was orignally a tight end but was switched to dline and became an all conference player and probably NFL draft pick most of those guys will probably wind up playing d-line, o-line, linebacker, etc. BYU does a great job recruiting that type of athlete i.e. big, tall, good speed, etc. and then finding places for them to play.

Frisco, TX

Coaches can talk in generalities about the recruiting class, they just can't comment on any specific player. The media, on the other hand, can talk about specific players all they want. Notice which comments are in quotes and which ones are not.

Anyone who believes BYU will have another 7-6 season while Heaps is in Provo is only revealing their ignorance(i.e. crowntown1, chris b).

With Hoffman, Jacobsen, and Apo he will shread opposing defenses. Throw in the trio of backs, who will all make their mark again this year, and defenses will not know what hit them.

Cedar Hills, UT

@ i-am-i

Yeah it's really hard to find a slow, big guy who can block. lol

Whatever makes you feel better about losing one of the best back recruits to come of Utah in a while.

Also...."defensive lineman Tayo Fabuluje, opted to transfer to TCU" WHAT?!!

I thought all young men just dreamed of playing in Provo?

South Jordan, UT


Which big slow guy are you talking about Ryker Matthews (All-American)?

You're obviously not familiar with the Bingham High football if you think Minoa is slow.

You're obviously not familiar with football period if you think blockers aren't vitally important.

I guess you're just going to learn these things the hard way.

Go Cougars!

Aurora, CO

Seriously, why do so many Ute fans care what BYU does? Some articles have nothing to do with the Utes, yet you can always find them running around on here bashing others based on their puffed image of themselves. (They should have a segment of "C'mon Man!" for them.) If you hate BYU so much, then dont worry so much about what they do, especially guys they recruit or whos coming back from missions. Doing that just means you're looking behind your shoulder/feel threatened

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

I can't believe they signed so many D-lineman. For multiple reasons. One, that seems like too many. Second, I think that D-lineman are not utilized by BYU. In my opinion, BYU cost Jan Jorgensen millions of dollars. He is an NFL talent that was put into a 3-4 when he was leading the conference the previous year in sacks. He would never say it because he is loyal to BYU, but I think they cost him an NFL career. I thought this might cost them some recruits, but it looks like they are still doing well. I agree with "DC" who said that next year is critical. If they do well (which I think they will), they will continue to be a good team. If they do poorly, things could get pretty ugly for a while.

PS, before you respond by telling me how many NFL teams run a 3-4, I am just saying Jan was more suited to a 4-3 and SHOULD have gone pro.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Spin, spin, spin for a remarkable weak BYU recruiting class.

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