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Published: Sunday, Jan. 30 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Lehi, UT

Looks like a good class to build upon. Keep up the good recruiting and you'll be just fine in the PAC12.

sandy, UT

they leave out one our other early commits cb ryan henderson and his high school teammate junior pomee both very very good players.. well pomee hasnt decided yet but henderson has given us a verbal commitment the 2 just wanna stay together and pomee might choose usc which might sway henderson to choose usc on signing day .. hope we get em both

Cedar Hills, UT

Nice to see 4 of the top Utah recruits coming to the Utes.

Pomee and Henderson package would be a bonus for sure.

We'll see how it all shakes out on the 2nd.

Aurora, CO

as a BYU fan, its good to see Ute fans praising their own team and recruits and not worrying about how much they hate BYU. I have respect for you guys

Kearns, UT

Scalley says: "I don't know anybody who gets everybody they wanted."

Wrong Morgan. Haven't you heard Bronco speak about recruiting? BYU gets everyone they want. In fact, BYU doesn't recruit, kids recruit BYU to get in. They will never lose an instate recruit that they want. And when someone turns down BYU, Bronco simply pulls their scholly to make it seem like it was his decision!

Salt Lake City, ut

You see what I mean right after your nice classy post you have some guy going off about byu and how superior they are? Who cares buddy this is a Ute article! Congrats to the U, I hope they land some more solid recruits to play for them. We have had some great football players come from California and Texas. I am also glad they are getting in state recruits.


Wait, this is a joke, right? I think it was two years ago when Kyle told everyone their focus was on Texas and California because Utah didn't produce the kind of athletes that could compete at the next level like these states did. Go ahead, someone, look it up. How quickly things change when all you CAN get are kids from Utah! I remember Kyle making taking pot shots at BYU for being stupid in offereing local kids so early and how that wasn't Utah's game, too. Wow. What a bunch of complete morons. What an embarrassment to so brutally condtradict yourself, Kyle. You deserve exactly what you have coming to you in the PAC12.


Wow. I am still just baffled at the contradictions. Really, I am. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. Sorry, Kyle. You have just exposed a lot about yourself and your program in one short article. And, to all of you in-state recruits who signed with Utah, it's because they couldn't get anyone better that you are on the team. Ask Kyle. He said it himself a couple of years ago.

Cedar Hills, UT


"stupid" and "morons" all in the same post? That sure is a deep vocabulary you carry there.

"You deserve exactly what you have coming to you in the PAC12."

What is that exactly? A chance to go to the Rose Bowl every year, NC inclusion, better recruiting in and out of state, a conference champ game that pays $2 Mil each year.

I'm sure Kyle deserves all of that.


re: utahcountyute Good luck making it to that conference champ game in the next century. And the Rose Bowl? "Stupid" and "moron" seem to apply the same to you, when they are the only words that are applicable in either case. I noticed how you didn't even try to argue my point about Kyle contradicting himself because you know it is so very true. Keep rearranging those deck chairs on the Titanic, bro. And good luck to your all of sudden "best athletes in the country" from right here in good old Utah. Yee Haw!

Ann Arbor, MI

"And, to all of you in-state recruits who signed with Utah, it's because they couldn't get anyone better that you are on the team,"


6 of the 8 "utah" recruites had tds offers. But if your saying that couldn't get a better offer I won't agrue with you.

Serenity Now
American Fork, UT

Why do Ute fans like to abbreviate "touchdowns" (TDS) when referring to BYU? That seems like an admission of offensive inadequacy by the Utes....If it's a geographical statement in light of a refusal to pronounce the actual name of Utah's chief rival (similar to scared witches and wizards refusing to say the frightening name of Lord Voldemoord in the Harry Potter movies), the presence of PAC-12 teams farther south like Arizona, ASU, USC and UCLA might make "TDS" a big confusing in the future; so let's muster up the courage to call BYU the only name fitting: "The University Who Must Not Be Named"

Cedar Hills, UT


Seriously, "bro"?! You really need to go take a breather.

Kyle did say he was going to focus on getting athletes from Texas and Cali, I do remember that. Everyone always does, along with Florida and a few other hotspots. It all comes down to % of top athletes that come out of those states each year.

As far as Kyle taking "pot shots" at byU and calling them "stupid"? Give me the name and date of the article the quote was from. Otherwise....

Go Utes!

Alpha Chicken
Orem, UT

I personally am excited about the recruiting class. I think there are always some that get away, but I was worried about the running back situation after the graduations and the injuries to Shakerin. Not any more, that will be filled. I also think the PAC 12 deal will help in state recruiting in a huge way.

Bountiful, UT

Serenity Now -- As a Ute fan, I completely agree. I have no clue why the childish names are used - except that perhaps those using them are in fact children or teens without the maturity to have a grown up conversation. "Yewts" instead of Utes is even more offensive given the lack of respect for the Native American (thank you Fresnogirl) tribe they honor (with the tribe's permission).

TDS is something that should have died when Urban left.

Salt Lake City, ut

Agreed I wont call byu tds anymore, I will just call them byu. We now have bigger fish to to fry, mainly USC, UCLA, and the Arizona schools! Thanks for considering my post classy byu fans. We are grateful for the Ute Tribe allowing us to still have the name.

West Jordan, UT

The U focuses on all of the instate kids that are worth focusing on. You can not fill your college roster with only Utah kids. It's not a secret that California (especially the LA area) is a hotspot for recruiting (just look at the arguing that went on regarding PAC12 conference boundaries because of wanting to be in LA for recruiting) and it's not much of a secret that Texas is a hotspot as well. Utah is just being smart....cherrypicking the top Utah prospects (Langi), and then going to the national hotspots for the rest of their recruiting.

Please ignore all ignorant BYU fans that post here. These people are just looking for a reaction and are mostly just jealous.

American Fork, UT


Jealous of what? Are we supposed to be jealous of a school that has been rejected by every top recruit they have been trying to recruit? Other than lnagi you haven't gotten a single one. Each day brings news of another 2 or 3 that chose somewhere else.

I'm actually wondering if utah is really "recruiting" these kids at all. Sure they tried to make contact with them, then they announced to the press they are recruiting them and competing for them with the big boys. But then somehow not a single one actually ever signs with them.

That is strange result considering utah is now in the pac10 and has norm chow, blah, blah, blah.


Salt Lake City, ut

Your right Duckhunter!!!

Holladay, UT

It's kind of funny that Duckhunter gives Utah crap about struggling to finish the season when Utah beat BYU. In fact, Utah went 3-2 in the last five games of the regular season. If BYU averaged 3-2 during the entire season their record would be better than their 6-6 record in the regular season. This just shows the bias that goes into posting for Duckhunter.
2 out of 3
6 out of 9

P.S. Did BYU really lose to Utah State?

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