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Published: Sunday, Jan. 30 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

My comment is: The Jazz can not shoot the ball. Most of their shots were not even close. Long and to the right. AK can not shoot. Bell can not shoot. Jefferson is a ball hog who can not shoot. Millsap not a very good shooter. Price and Watson horrible. CJ was on the rim all night but they wouldn't fall. Jerry doesn't understand his need to play CJ more in order to score points. The Jazz are a horrible team right now. This team needs scorers.

Millsap can't do anything against bigger players. Even Amundson was blocking his shot. Jefferson is a black hole who can't shoot either. I was so bored watching the game.

Murray, UT

Ah puke.
I don't know about this team anymore....when you look at Portland, OKC, Denver, etc. They all have talented players or at least a good amount of length.
Jazz don't have a or length or talent right now, let alone any heart.

American Fork, UT

Paging Jimmer.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

For all you Hayward fans- Did you see him get rejected by the rim AND the Warrior defender late in the fourth quarter on what he thought was a breakaway dunk? NICE. Guy is AWFUL.

Santa Ana, CA

Cj Miles was the worst player on the court tonight I agree with Houdini, he stinks.,Williams hit 5-5 on him, you would defend him. He is like Linus sucking his thumb

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

This very winnable game was. This lose on Sloan. Why the world he playing AL Jefferson that long he is single handily killed a game. Every time he touches ball shoots no matter what and misses. He becomes poor man Boozer everybody going around over him. If Jazz played trough AK and Millsap like Minnesota game could win. Today every ball went to AL and Jazz lost...

Mount Beauty, VIC

blow this team up!

we really need a sg that can actually score & Millsap even if he does work hard- just does not cut it - too small to be the main pf

Evanston, WY

I don't even care to watch this anymore. Could you tell me one player who even cares out there? Wow, blow it up. Trade anyone and everyone for young talent. Time to rebuild.

Salt Lake City, UT

I would LOVE to see the Jazz make a trade for somebody that can hit the 3 but then Sloan doesn't like that.

I think D-Will is gonna bolt. Let's make some trades here; AK for Rip Hamilton, Raja Bell for anyone on the Laker bench (or the actual bench itself), Al Jefferson and K-Fes and Memo for Carmello and start winning some games.

Santa Ana, CA

No life or enthusiasm. Millsap in game too long after hot start. Bell holds Ellis to 2 and scores 12 himself and that should be enough to still beat that team.

Golden State allows 47 percent shooting and 107 ppg on the season. Ak still cannot shoot well. neither did AJ or play D.

Evans was needed for athleticism and length and energy and not used until garbage time.

CJ awful and played even worse defense. Earl shows why he cannot play starters minutes, exposed huge by Curry.

Fes not given a fair chance should be dealt for his advancement somewhere he is appreciated. The Jazz still should have had enough to beat Golden State.

This team is in shambles, No energy or enthusiasm on the court and poor body language.

The Jazz increasingly are becoming the talk of the National Media for what has happened. This is NOT JUST A LITTLE SLUMP.

3 teams ahaed of them lose and they fail to take advantage. You got a tough Charlotte team tomorrow.

Even a minor deal should be considered, the chemistry and the waters are getting choppy

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Todd...That is interesting since in the highlights, Bell was guarding him on at least two of his shots. Glad you pay attention before you make a comment. CJ was in his face on another shot. The other two, he was having to help off his man because no one on the team can guard anyone.

No doubt CJ shot bad but he was desperate to try and score tonight as everyone was awful. Jerry is horrible at coaching games that are not going well. He did not adapt at all in the game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jimmie will not help this team.. The only thing that will help this team is a new coach.. How long must this go on for? Phil Jackson has been coaching almost as long as Sloan.. Nuff said.

Mount Beauty, VIC

Gerald Wallace from Charlotte would be good a fit and Xavier Henry from the Grizz as they have extra SG's , I wonder what we would have to give up for them?
Wallace for Okur - works on the trade machine
Henry for Hayward - works as well

AK for Dalembert & Thompson - works as well

Starting five then - 2nd Unit
1. DWill Watson / Price
2. Henry Bell / Miles
3. Wallace Miles / Evans
4. Jefferson Milsap / Elson
5. Dalembert Thompson / Fes

This is just some thoughts, this does add length, but there are most likley some better trades out there, but are they able to be done - or is KOC / Sloan going to be in denial again!

Northport, NY

a coaching change would make a world of difference. what is Mr. Miller waiting for- falling into the ninth spot ? Pull the trigger now when there is the possibility of still grabbing the 3rd spot & homecourt in the 1st round ! If sloan stays, Utah gets the 8th or 9th spot & 4 games to 1, one in out if it's the 8th spot !!! Everytime the camera goes on sloans face, he always has this dumb founded look....

Roosevelt, UT

ARe you sure these were the Clippers and not the Lakers? Somebody tell the Jazz that before they play them next time.

Jazz seemed to be looking for a car to lay down in front of.

Jazz need to return to style of old, even though that does not mean playing with old players. It does however mean teaching Jefferson how to pick and roll and defend the same.

It means pasing the ball until someone who is open can hit the shot. Gettting everyone involved and feeding off the energy created can be a boost to the team and players.

Sloan recognized it and called it as it was street ball. Not that entertaining to watch a bunch of professional millionaires go and play street ball.

If it is going to be that boring then allow fighting and yelling at the ref and call it church ball.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

This experiment didn't work and O Conner needs to get to work on the telephone and find us a 2 guard and a center. Big Al is not a center and stops the offensive flow of our team. Jerry can't coach this bunch and needs to retire to the farm, his time has come and gone. Small ball and Don Nelson like coaching doesn't work in todays NBA. Just ask Golden State.

Cedar Hills, UT

Utah is a mystery team this year. I really thought they would be a contender in the west but as it turns out they are a fading has been. They seem completely intimidated by the big teams and they seem to be heartless on the road.

Salt Lake City, UT

@CJ Miles, Paul Millsap certainly can shoot. He's in the top 10 in the league for field goal percentage.

@1984, ya, Hayward got blocked. So what? It happens, its called basketball.

Sorry guys, I'm still optimistic. I don't think we're good enough to beat the Lakers or Spurs, but this team is better than they've been the past few weeks. Lets just claw our way to All-Star break and regroup after that. You'll see. (This week could be another rough one though!)

Hugh G. Hater

Nothing will change.

The miller/sloan (or johnson) love affair will continue for another generation.

I would still support the team if they moved provided the owners focused on winning a championship, not playing a scheme.

Mesa, AZ

This team is not playing like they want to win. It seems they lack intensity and effort. Why? I don't know. I was so excited the first 30 games of this season I thought we could get better with okur coming back. It has gone completley the other way. There is no question management needs to look to get back under the cap trade A.K.s expiring contract and for sure look for some shooters and somehow get this team to play defense and rebound. Easier said then done I know. This season to me is over as far having any hopes of fighting for a championship. Too bad. The late 90's of great keep fading and fading farther away. What a bummer!

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